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A Fright of Ghosts (2e)

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    Originally posted by Dataweaver View Post

    Virtue is normally the harder one to recover, and Vice the easier one. For ghosts, that's reversed.
    Yes, thank you for restating the obvious and not actually engaging with what I was saying about it.


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      More Ghosts!

      Blackheart Jean-Philippe
      “Blackheart” Jean-Philippe is the ghost of a notorious pirate that lived during what is considered the Golden Age of Piracy. Once a slave, Jean-Philippe took to piracy and raided the waters surrounding Haiti in the early 1700’s before being slain in battle. Even as a ghost, Jean-Philippe retains a sense of adventure and taste for the pleasures of wine, song, and sensuality. He is pragmatically ruthless, and thinks little of permanently dispatching enemies.
      Jean-Philippe appears by turn either a handsome Haitian man with an athletic build, or a moldering skeletal corpse. He is anchored to his cutlass blade, which remains in excellent condition, with a bright polish and fresh leather wrapping on its hilt. The blade has moved through various museum collections, but was stolen 10 years ago. It’s current whereabouts are unknown.

      Rank 2[Ghost]
      Power 4 Finesse 6 Resistance 4, Willpower 10, Essence 15
      Corpus 9, Size 5, Initiative 10, Defense 4, Speed 15
      Virtue Adventurous, Vice Ruthless
      Aspiration: To seek adventure and fortune
      Key Skills: Streetwise, Weaponry
      Key Merits: Professional Training (Pirate)
      Influence: Anchor (Cutlass) 2
      Ban: Must honor a declaration of truce; Bane: rum mixed with sea water
      Manifestation: Fetter, Twilight Form, Unfetter
      Numina: Awe, Blast (Pistol), Firestarter, Pathfinder, Telekinesis

      Cassandra Silver
      Cassandra Silver (given name Anne Griswold) was a talented up and coming actress cast the femme fatale in a noir detective film titled Midnight Heart in 1946. During the final week of filming, Cassandra was found dead in her Malibu home. Despite evidence of violence and sexual assault, the city coroner ruled her death “suicide” and the case closed with little fanfare.
      Midnight Heart was never released, despite the director’s efforts to edit the film to account for the un-shot scenes.
      During the filming the production of an earlier film, Cassandra began an affair with the director which continued on into the production of Midnight Heart. All of this was kept hidden by the studio, as the director was a married man and the scandal would have been disastrous. When she broke off the affair the director flew into a rage and murdered her. The situation was quickly covered up by Solomon Studios and a heavily bribed police force. As most of the people involved are long dead, it is unlikely the truth about Cassandra Silvers death will ever be known.
      Her ghost remains anchored to the last known copy of the film.
      Cassandra is still a stunning beauty, with blue eyes, porcelain skin, an hourglass figure and silver-blond hair. Although those she sought her revenge against are all dead, Cassandra lingers on.

      Rank 2[Ghost]
      Power 5 Finesse 5, Resistance 4, Willpower 9, Essence 15
      Corpus 9, Size 5, Initiative 9, Defense 4, Speed 15
      Virtue Ambitious, Vice Bitter
      Aspiration: Recapture her fame
      Key Skills: Expression, Socialize
      Key Merits: Striking Looks 2
      Influence: Anchor (Midnight Heart) 2
      Ban: Cannot manifest where a non-digital filming device is running Bane: Silver
      Manifestation: Fetter, Image, Twilight Form
      Numina: Blast (Telekinetic Thrust), Hallucination, Rapture, Sign, Telekinesis

      Sexton Darwin
      Sexton Darwin was the lead vocalist of a 5 member black metal band named “Wound”, and was known for a hard-partying lifestyle and dabbling in the occult. The entire band was found dead in late 1990 in what appeared to be a ritualistic murder/suicide. His ghost remains anchored to an unlabeled black cassette that contains the only known copy of Wound's final album.
      Sexton still looks the part of a late 80’s rocker in the black metal scene; black leather pants, black t-shirt, long dark hair and arms covered in satanic and occult tattoos and fists adorned with menacing silver jewelry. Death has made his pale flesh almost white and turned his eyes into smoldering red pinpoints.

      Rank 2[Ghost]
      Power 6 Finesse 4, Resistance 4, Willpower 8, Essence 15
      Corpus 9, Size 5, Initiative 8, Defense 4, Speed 15
      Virtue Artistic, Vice Hatred
      Aspiration: Promote Nihilism and Self Destructive behavior
      Key Skills: Expression, Occult
      Key Merits: Inspiring
      Influence: Anchor (Black Cassette) 2, Nihilism 1
      Ban: Cannot harm a person wearing a “Wound” t-shirt or patch. Bane: Consecrated Salt
      Manifestation: Fetter, Unfetter, Twilight Form
      Numina: Blast (Death Metal Scream), Dement, Implant Mission, Sign

      The Artificer's Workshop - A collection of Exalted Artifacts
      Curios, Relics, and Tomes - A collection of Relics (Cursed and Otherwise)
      The Horror Lab - A collection of Beasts, Monsters and less definable things.
      Strange Places - A collection of Dark, Mysterious, and Wondrous Locations
      Twilight Menagerie - A collection of Ephemeral Entities


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        Still On Patrol
        In 1963, the US nuclear submarine Blackjack left port to conduct diving tests off the coast of Massachusetts. It has just come off a longer-than-expected retrofit, and the Navy was eager to get it through a shakedown and back into service. The Blackjack commenced a dive test at 8 o’clock in the morning on April 9; its last, garbled communication was heard two hours later, followed shortly by the distinctive sound of an implosion. After two days of fruitless searching, the Blackjack was declared lost with all hands.
        A subsequent investigation came to no definite conclusions about the ship’s loss. Engineers floated theories about ruptured pipes and reactor meltdowns, while a few intelligence operatives whispered about top-secret Soviet weapons projects. A deep-sea submersible deployed in the 80s finally located the debris field; radioactivity levels were too high, and the individual pieces too small, for any sort of recovery to be feasible.
        The Blackjack now exists as perhaps the largest and most inaccessible Castoff in the world. The ghost ship circles the debris field over eight thousand feet below the surface, unable to move away. Other ships, particularly military vessels, sometimes receive staticky, distorted radio transmissions when near the Blackjack’s wreckage, or see the ship surface briefly in the distance.
        If someone were to successfully board the ship, they would find it empty except for a few Rank 1 ghosts of the crew, re-enacting the fatal dive test in perpetuity. The submarine itself, however, has a certain basic intelligence; it tries to draw in the living, in hopes that the truth of its destruction will become known, and it can finally finish its mission
        The USS Blackjack
        Rank: 2
        Durability: 5
        Structure: 55
        Speed: 30
        Size: 50
        Power 5 Finesse 2 Resistance 7
        Essence: 15
        Numina:Implant Mission, Emotional Aura, Sign, Hallucination
        Bane: Enriched uranium
        Ban: Must attempt to surface at the sound of a bell (will put the sub outside the Anchor condition)
        Influences: Anchor (wreckage) 1, Sea 2
        Manifestations: Twilight Form, Image, Materialize

        Blackjack Crew Member
        Rank: 1
        Size: 5
        Corpus: 8
        Willpower: 6
        Initiative: 6
        Defense: 3
        Speed: 11
        Power 3 Finesse 3 Resistance 3
        Essence: 10
        Numina:Blast (radiation)
        Integrity: 7
        Influences: Anchor (wreckage) 1
        Ban: Must stop to return a salute
        Bane: Salt water
        Manifestations: Twilight Form, Image

        Plot Hooks

        *Someone who saw the Blackjack surface or heard one of its phantom transmissions is now obsessed with uncovering the truth behind its sinking. They ask the krewe for help gathering information.

        *Owing to environmental concerns, the Navy has decided to raise the Blackjack's nuclear reactor in order to seal it off and move it to a more secure storage facility. The Blackjack and its ghostly crew now have two Anchors - the reactor, and the rest of the debris field. Will this help them communicate with the living? What happens when a 278-foot submarine Materializes on dry land?

        *The krewe has an idea for how to explore the Rivers of the Underworld (or possibly the Ocean of Fragments itself). They just have to get aboard the Castoff sub, and figure out how to get it into the Underworld. Oh, and how to steer....
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