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Edinesis - Edinburgh, Scotland 2E setting

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    Doing slowly some research for the setting, I uncover that local graveyards are crucial to Geist games - yeah, I know, shocking idea in game about unrest dead.

    So Edinburgh, as famous 'Ghost Capital of Europe', has about 30 various cemeteries around it's area. With so many of graveyards, it will be logical that most are not even connected to Sin-Eaters krews, as are simply not enough Bound to take them all.

    Most famous are those most old, as always, so here is list of most important cemeteries of Edi. I will expand them slowly with setting material in couple of weeks. I will add one or two packs of Bone Shadows werewolves as they are natural crossover for this concepts. I will also use idea of Church Grimes - dogs sacrificed in funding of cemetery - as local geists also, even if it's partially non-canon to Geist. ( Read linked topic for more info on this. )
    • Greyfriars Kirkyard
    • Old Calton Burial Ground
    • Edinburgh Castle Dog Cemetery
    • New Calton Graveyard
    • Canongate Kirk
    • ​St Cuthbert’s
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      Edinburgh Castle Dog Cemetery

      Created in 1840 this doggy cemetery perfectly manicured grass and wee tombstones set the scene. This soldiers’ dog graveyard was created for regimental officers to give their companions the burial they deserve. And now is watched over by best companions of humanity – werewolves.

      The Castle Dogs pack is Bone Shadows lead Uratha cult/ghost watch, revering as Totem first dog laid here to rest that become Barghest Geist of this place – Loyal Companion. Group started in 1840 with dog cemetery creation, when veterans officers of 1830’s conflicts in Africa, India and Canada returned to city, being wary from fighting for the Great Britain. When few of them become Uratha, they understood that Edi’s Castle needs more watch than other locations of this city. Bonding with Loyal Companion placed Castle on their care. As Bone Shadows they much more watch over ghosts population of the complex than actively destroy it – but if some new ghost is very dangerous they are not afraid to make their claws wet with ectoplasm.
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      My stuff for Scion 2E, CoD Contagion, Dark Eras, VtR 2E, WtF 2E, MtAw 2E & BtP
      LGBT+ in CoD games