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    Because we have them for ghosts and geists already, I decided to create a thread for posting your Eaters of the Dead as well. Especially given how much variance there is in Cuisine rituals. So, I'll start off with full pulp:

    Professor Lemniscate: Alvin Sherman is his real name, Assistant Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of Florida, circa 1924. The entirety of his term there, as Dr. Sherman was also what the academic world likes to politely call eccentric, honestly a complete crank. An avid spiritualist who seemingly belonged more in the heyday of Theosophy, it was Dr. Sherman's belief that the post-mortem echos of the soul could be distilled into a compound that could support the ailing souls of the aged and mad, extending life considerably and revolutionizing treatment of mental aberrations. What got him fired, however, was his claim to build a machine, the Pneumaic Still, that could actually do so, and publicly advertising its existence and unveiling to the public. Without actually getting a chance to unveil it, mind; unfortunately for him (and a great deal of ghosts), the problem was that his crank behavior was more due to his poor abilities with interpersonal relations than anything resembling incompetence as occultist or inventor; Task Force VALKYRIE discovered how close he was to publishing the existence of non-physical ENEs and framed him for being a fraud. They did not, however, realize how familiar the man was with the early Thanatologists of his day, and that they could tell him the real reason he lost his credibility. What happened from there was perdictable; he grew wroth with the living who ruined his good name and condemned him to be forever viewed as mad, declared that if the world would not allow him to share his inventions he would hoard them and their fruits to himself, and made himself immortal with the power of the Still and the miraculous medicines made from the reprocessed dead, the fiendish, brilliant criminal mastermind known only as...THE ETERNAL PROFESSOR LEMNISCATE!! (thunder crackles)

    These days, he's still trying to introduce the idea of the dead existing to the world, if only so he can become his own grandson and get the fame and fortune he believes are rightfully his. As far as Eaters go, he's fairly weak...but what he lacks in power, he more than makes up for in his abilities as an inventor of both Ceremonies and necro-technological devices. A lot of very powerful people owe the Professor a lot of favors, and whatever his other faults, he never dishonors a deal-which means those same people don't need to be prompted to protect their immortal golden goose.
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    Because I don't want to be the only poster:

    Description: There are two faces to Professor Lemniscate. The first is the one he was born with, a well-shaven, generically distinguished middle-aged white man who often seems a bit younger than he actually is due to his passionate intensity belaying his apparent age. He outright bounces when talking about his favorite subjects, the occult and medicine, and asking about the occult as it applies to medicine is liable to send him into an hours-long ramble explaining all of his theories and the finer points on them. He's okay with being ignored when he gets like this, but showing doubt causes his energetic demeanor to suddenly turn frigid, and he icily asks his newest enemy to leave unless they somehow convince him (usually by paying him for the privilege of proving he's no crank) to let it go. When he dons his persona, and with it, relative anonymity, Dr. Sherman appears to be a haunting, intimidating white-suited figure in an archaic gas-mask painted with a glow-in-the dark infinity symbol superimposed over a phoenix, his trademark. He's just as intense and energetic, but there's a darker edge to it; being at the mercy of a literal supervillain who loves his monologuing isn't nearly as funny when it's in the middle of a wailing, half-melted pile of partially distilled ghosts.

    Storytelling Hints: It should have been you. What "it" is doesn't matter, if it ever did. Every time you read about a new scientific advancement, you feel the aching hole in your chest where you feel you should have the small feeling of pride whenever people talk about new fields in the exciting and unbelievable new world you found. Every time you learn something new about the strange echoes of post-mortem consciousness your immortality is powered by, your joy at discovery is tainted by the fact that publishing your findings is apparently something so horrifying they send literal men in black to stop you. Every time you complete an invention, the fact that each is effectively one-of-a-kind to avoid upsetting your clients that their rivals may have the same advantages ranckles you. Many of them didn't even work for their powers, and yet they outshine your ability to store and manipulate Plasm by two-to-one! You are an extremely bitter, angry, and vicious person, but you never let that show; you never lost your love of discovery or, let's face it, your affection for your deliberately penny dreadful-esque persona, and you, quite simply, have a great deal of fun being the villain; while you have not cracked the secrets of Abmortality yet, you have learned to immunize yourself to types of death similar to your most recent infusion, and there are few better joys than the look on your enemies' faces as you casually shake out the shrapnel from heave ordinance and quip about the brand chosen as casually as possible. But playing the villain is exactly that; play, and you know when to get serious. You actually came up with the Professor Lemniscate identity as a way to seem silly, and it is silly. That way, people don't realize how many strands of favors you're sitting on, and how easily you can pull them into a noose fit for those who wish to stop your latest Great Work.


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      Give us time. I'm still trying to iron out a few non-obvious methods for ghost eating before developing further.

      Malkydel: "And the Machine dictated; let there be adequate illumination."
      Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."


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        Originally posted by Vent0 View Post
        Give us time. I'm still trying to iron out a few non-obvious methods for ghost eating before developing further.

        Good point. Lemniscate here is allergic to subtlety (he's a literal supervillain!), so it's not as much a problem for me, but yeah, good call.


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          Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
          Mary Elizabeth Woolard looks like a friendly PTA mom, and her garden is her pride and joy. It flourishes in every weather, immune to drought, floods, and pests; her neighbors a dying for her secret. It would be convenient for Mary if they'd hurry up and do it, though.

          The neighbors know she's into antiques, too -- she ranges far and wide for estate sales and thrift stores. They don't know what she does with some of those antiques at night, though: she buries them in her garden under the new moon, following a careful pattern she learned from her mentor before she killed him. These buried Anchors trap ghosts in the soil, where the worms and roots break them down for Plasm. All those flourishing plants are infused with it -- and when Mary sleeps on her literal bed of roses, so is she.

          Unfortunately for Mary, this Cuisine makes her less mobile than most of her peers; it takes time to cultivate the right plants, to accumulate enough Anchors in the right positions, and so on. Thus she's also taken to cultivating friends in high (or low) places, for the protection they offer. Cuttings and herbs from her garden fetch a high price from Thanatologist krewes, the Ordo Dracul, and certain Left-Handed mages, as do the Underworld secrets she absorbs in her dreams. The neighbors know Mary has a yappy Pomeranian she dotes on; they don't know about the Akita Barghest that can Manifest wherever the Pom is. And the rusted dagger she carries in her purse is a Memento that can cut into Twilight, just in case.

          But mostly, Mary keeps a low profile as a respectable middle-class white woman, a nice lady who loves gardening and antiques. The neighbors don't ask rude questions about her finances or her personal life; they just want to know how she gets such amazing azaleas.

          Appearance: Mary appears to be in her mid-forties, with bottle-blonde hair and meticulous make-up. She dresses in stylish but unassuming clothes, and projects a friendly-but-assertive demeanor. You just know she'll ask to speak to the manager. Krewes might tolerate her presence for information gathering or her skill at locating Mementos and Anchors. even if they know what she does. However, her garden needs new "fertilizer" once a month, and if she's hard up she won't hesitate to target any Anchors she can lay hands on.


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            [STUB- Fill in actual details via editing later]

            Something, something, Loan Shark that uses notes of debt to take everything a person has, even after death...

            Round 2: Maybe a fiddler whose solos entrance and consume ghosts like some kind of morbid pied piper?

            Classic (feel free to steal this, anyone): A "black widow" who consumes the ghosts of their spouses. May need to expand prey selection due to long gaps.

            Bonus Round: One who hangs around Slashers, consuming the Ghosts of their victims. And eggs the Slashers on like some diabolical muse.

            Malkydel: "And the Machine dictated; let there be adequate illumination."
            Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."