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  • Bound Character Concepts 2ed

    Murdered several times? Religious teacher with a spin? 'Supernatural' abilities? Check, check, and check. This random thought occured, and now I want a Geist World War I Dark Era in Russia...

    He'd been beaten to death, poisoned, shot, drowned, stabbed, and burned. None of that stopped Григо́рий Ефи́мович Распу́тин (Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin) from trying to save Russia. Originally beaten to death as a charlatan, the Hungry did everything in his power to enjoy his existence to the limit by providing the royal family with hard-to-get-by intel, indebting not only the family, but the whole country (or so he thought), to himself. By doing so, he also fulfilled The Sickly Prince's desires, who longed to learn more about his still living self and their mother. It didn't take long for them to become part of Grigori's Krewe, a Cult taking a spin on Russian Orthodox Christianity.
    Grigori realized that he made powerful enemies, but overestimated his influence and power as he deemed himself untouchable. Finally, he was killed repeatedly, and finally died to being beaten to death by an angry mob - the same death that lead to his Bargain. Outside of his Geist's grasp, he breathed his last. The next year, the Sickly Prince was seen again, bound to a girl going by Anna...
    However, among Russian Bound there is a rumour of a Geist, called the Hollow Preacher, who makes a Bargain with potential candidates any chance he gets, and sees a lot of activity. He is considered to be descending of the original Rasputin, and bent on taking revenge - be it on the dead or living. While powerful, the Bound abhorr him for his greedy, vicious nature and his unusually skilled manipulations.

    Any Bound Character Concepts that come to mind? Feel free to share!

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    I don't have someone as famous, but here's someone I'm eager to do:

    Samuel "Slua" O'Malley, the Wild Tracker

    Sam's always been a hunter. From the moment he could walk, his pa trained him how to shoot, in middle school he was tagging along on hunts, by college he was the talk of the bar. Part of the reason he got into environmental science, in fact, was to preserve the forests he loved, and to keep the game afoot and healthy. So, naturally, when he noticed strange pustules on some of the deer, grey, pustulant growths that seemed to actively resist his attempts to examine them, becoming a hunter of monsters wasn't much of a shift. He didn't like hurting prey who walked on two legs, not really, but matching his wits against the most dangerous game times supernatual powers awoke something in him, something primal, untamed, and pure. More and more of his life was dedicated to tracking the cult corrupting his woodlands and its seemingly immortal masters, until one day he realized the weakness of its high priest required true self-sacrifice; not having much to return to by now, and realizing he would never feel the rush of hunting sentient prey again without becoming a monster for someone else to hunt, he happily supplied himself to permanently break the high priest's connection with the demon that gave him his powers, regretting many things, but most of all that he wasn't able to nurture the woods back to health.

    That mournful respect for the source of his sport is what Provider For The Kin, still shaking off the pain his permanently-deceased master put him through, was drawn to. In that moment of communion, Sam understood that while there was a deal with the devil here, the furs-covered man with lupine eyes and arms ideal for keeping others close wasn't the devil in this situation. In a conversation without words, a bargain was struck; the Provider would help Sam build a new life and purify the forest, in return for Sam not being a power-hungry dick. And so Slua dusted himself off and began his hunts anew; he has friends to help him steer away from hunting sentients for pleasure alone, but he no longer feels ashamed he has that thrill. Nobody should feel guilty for killing man-eaters, even if those man-eaters talk and technically eat the sentient remains of men. Occasionally, he takes trophies too, bits of aberrant organs from truly dead Eaters, plasm from dissolving Chthonians, bits of Deathmask that his Memento sniper rifle knocked off when scaring off a Reaper. He doesn't keep these as bragging rights (well, for more than a week, anyway), he buries them in his woods, and the decay gives nutrients to the still-living, and his grove flourishes. It's also haunted as all hell, and there's at least two Avernian Gates that formed there, but that's hardly his problem; the dead ecology is just as important.