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Ghosts are People- thoughts and criticism

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    Originally posted by SunlessNick View Post
    Hm. The geist may not be able to control things on a metaphysical level, but the host could become psychologically broken down to the point where they no longer have the will to resist the geist's impulses. Could a geist accomplish that, or would it take outside circumstances?
    That's difficult to say. 2nd Bound seem somewhat psychologically bolstered due to their status as Dead. (they get the "Tolerance for Biology" merit for free but that doesn't mean they don't feel fear. Just that not much "squicks" them out). But I do see that as a possibility, that a Bound may just do what the Geist wishes, though a lot of the benefit for a Geist to enter a Bargain is that the new Ghost has a lot more humanity and memories left where Geists are marked by how much they've forgotten about their own identities. So the Bound usually need to take an active role in helping their Geist.

    idk, it's difficult to say.

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      I will echo the idea that this is likely the reason why Sineaters aren't a uniform culture, and is instead still divided. I think the Krewes, even with the internet and the discovery of potential "archetypes" of Krewe, can't agree. I can see the Furies finding "dunking" an adequate solution to living or dead people that simply won't be redeemable, but still arguing over what that means (does the ghost/Geist refuse help, or is it okay to do if it it's just not to your morals or even if it's just too much work), even as some furious Krewes do evangelical work to the very ghosts they Send Down. I see some Pilgrim Krewes picking and choosing who to save from the Below, and others dead set on even rescuing the Dead Gods themselves. I can see some Undertakers trying to reform a heinous criminal, while others agree with dunking him with the Furies.

      Ask one of the Kindly if they believe you can save Hitler's ghost, he is likely to say yes, but even he might say no (unless Hitler is living in South America as a Kindly himself with a LOOOOOOT of work to do).

      As a Vengeful is a serial rapist can be saved, t heyre likely to say no, but might say yes.

      That is the beauty and complexity of sin Eater society. It's so human. So yes, I believe ghosts are people. This is less a question of what Sineaters believe they should do with bad or dangerous ghosts, and more a question of how does one person treat another, good or bad, or whatever they view each other as. While Living Privelage is a thing, the dead function by similar rules. The dead judge each other one by one. Their societies create trends to follow or struggle against, and every person justifies themselves and what they do. Even the Cthonic gods and the Underworld, probably.

      Except the bottom, deep beneath the Ocean, where She Whose Teeth Are As Mountains awaits, aloof, hungry, patient. Oblivion is inhuman, and not only that, it is beyond human understanding. Ammut has qualities some try to describe in human ways, but t heyre just anthropomorphization. The Iremites even attempted to deal with her as a human to a human, though. Humans can forgive, and accept. They can judge and reject. They can mix and match. And even accept that they could be wrong.

      I'm sure many sin eaters have to swallow their own guilt, regret, second guessing, every once in a while. Killed the wrong person, saved the wrong person. It's a lot of indigestion to become a Sineater. It's why not everybody (ghosts and geists included with the Bound) does it.