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    Hey all, Korogra here once again to stimulate the creative synapses with yet another “ Share your antagonist “ thread. I’ve been running a play-by-post game and though the players haven’t encountered them yet, I do have three separate Reapers that I have written out: a main antagonist, a sort of intermediary “boss” antagonist , and a sort of morally ambiguous maybe-friend-maybe-enemy Type Reaper.

    I won’t be giving a full write up of them, but I will give a basic description of the Reapers in their normal and Reaper forms, as well as a quick description of their personality. But since I have work in a few hours, I’ll put up one of them and add the others later.

    They are a Doppleganger, more specifically they are a Doppleganger of one of the main two protagonists. As they are essentially that person, they possess all the same personality quirks and memories ( up until the event which spawned them), and the same general disposition ( In this case, they are a bit of a dour, glass half empty young man who has a great deal of self loathing over certain.. habits they had in life.). The main difference is that they are torn in what exactly they want to do about their Sin-eater self. On one hand, they are pissed that they are stuck as a ghost while the “ true “ half got to come back, so they became a Reaper more or less out of a misguided sense of “ Anything you can be, I can be greater.”

    On the other hand, they see just how hard the sin-eater is trying to be a better person.. and it makes them want to see if he can pull it off, and subconsciously wants him to better himself, to truly succeed where the both of them originally failed. This has them stuck between wanting to destroy their Bound self, and wanting to work with them... leaving them unsure of what to do. In the meantime, they occasionally Reap as their instincts dictate; usually choosing the ghosts of people who have died of overdoses as their victims, echoing their own death.

    Alter’s Deathmask is the Cackling Last Breath, a Nebuliser mask that is burnt and warped; resembling a blackened, screaming mouth. Once donned, Alter’s corpus bursts like a withered ballon, a vast cloud of toxic gas, narcotic smoke , and vaporized blood escaping and forming a humanoid shape cloud with the mask now acting as its “head” - becoming the Reaper known as The Laughing Death. When it Engulfs a target, the gas cloud envelops the target ghost, the mask affixing itself over the victim’s face, sucking the “ breath” from the ghost and leaving behind a withered ephemeral husk That crumbles away.


    And there you have it, the first of three! As always, I would love to see your Reapers as well! Don’t be shy!
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