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    Hey ! I don't think there was a thread dedicated to this, so there we go ^^

    Here's my take on adapting two of my favourite Ceremonies from 1E: Cigarette Dawn and Call to Huginn

    Cigarette Dawn (•)

    adapted from BotD p.70-71

    For all universal that it is, grief is something one has to cope with alone. Why would you share it, anyways? It's all about you. It's all the joys you'd give everything to revive, all the doubts you fear you'll never have the answers to, all the guilt and anger you can't unburden yourself from. There's only one other person who could get what you feel - one which is, quite conveniently, gone forever. Grief, no matter how public or shared, is unresolved and solitary. Grief goes unsaid.

    This Ceremony ensures it doesn't.

    Subject: A consumable good, whose offering equates an invitation to share time and a chat. A cigarette/cigar/pipe/joint is the most common option, but a glass of a stiff drink, or a warm cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate can prove just as effective.

    Symbols: Honey of opium poppies, mixed with the crushed and grinded remains of the savage bees who produced it. A tobacco pouch sewn with the hair of a mortal feeling grateful towards the ritualist. A tea service, reconstituted from porcelaine fragments found in a sunken shipwreck..

    Ritual Examples:
    • Spend an evening in 1930s garb, listening to an original phonograph record while smoking an amount of the substance on a cigarette holder.
    • Do a bar crawl of your region’s most haunted pubs, pouring a sample of each of your orders in a small silver flask engraved with a burning heart.
    • Cut onions with a butcher knife in a dimly-lit basement and bathe the substance with your tears.
    Roll: Presence + Empathy

    The Ceremony takes effect the next time the ritualist partakes of the substance with a living mortal in a context of relative isolation and intimacy brought by the proximity of death. Although the most rigorist Krewes insist upon the neessity of proceeding at either sunset or sunrise, liminal moments par excellence, being in the vicinity of an Avernian Gate, or in a place naturally Resonant to Death-Twilight, is enough.

    Dramatic Failure: Unbeknownst to you, the Ceremony turned the drink or smoke supernaturally sour: as the target consumes it, it tastes of her own denial, rancor and grief. The bitterness she feels quenches any inkling of trust she started to feel for her interlocutor, and she gains the Defensive Condition towards him and any people affiliated to him.

    Condition: Defensive
    Effect: Your character has been rubbed the wrong way by a nosy or pushy inquirer, and is now particularly distrustful : he gains +2 when defending against any Empathy, Subterfuge or Intimidation actions.
    Resolution: Cause lasting and significant harm to the inquirer (social, physical or otherwise), in an attempt to drive him off-

    Failure: The Ceremony fails to imbue the substance: consuming it will have no impact on the target’s sincerity or the willingness to talk.

    Success: You can ask one question related to death or the dead, plus one per success on the roll: the subject will answer you truthfully and at length. Alternatively, you can abstain from interrogations, simply smoke or drink with him silently or making small talk: if you do so, your target's Attitude towards you and your krewemates rise by two steps for a number of scenes equal to the number of successes rolled (this effect first taking place after the end of your current interaction). If the subject is under a supernatural compulsion or benefits from a protection against mental effects, this is ground for a Clash of Wills.

    Exceptional Success: The mortal projects his loss and longing onto the ritualist's attentive and understanding figure: a natural post-traumatic reaction which his grieving brain can easily mistake for genuine affection. The target gains the Swooned Condition towards you.

    Necromantic Envoy (•)

    adapted from DA p.170

    Our ancestors used to recoil from certain animals, labelling them as harbingers of Death. Indeed, there are beasts in this world – scavengers, raptors, or simply nocturnal – whose habits make them especially able to notice and seek out the deathly energies affiliated to the Underworld. As these energies then linger in their bodies, forming an easily deciphered Resonance, some Sin-Eaters take advantage of this and use them as couriers.

    Subject: A live, vertebrate beast, with a clear cultural association to deathly omens, corpse-feeding or psychopompic powers (ravens, vultures, jackals, hyenas, etc.)

    Symbols: A collar of human leather, with a hook-shaped pendant fashioned out of a talon or fang. A bowl of grains or chunks of gamey meat, spilled counter-clockwise on a hallowed ground to form a circle. Handmade costumes or body paint imitating the animal.

    Ritual Examples:
    • Ritually breastfeed the animal by slicing one’s chest with the collar’s hook and letting it lap the blood.
    • Coax or cage the beast into the food circle and pass a green candle rubbed with nightshade and oak moss before its eyes, wax dripping on the item to be transferred.
    • Reenact the animal's mating call at midnight in the woods, clad in the animalistic garb and shaking a rattle full of your and the other participants’ milk teeth.
    Roll: Intelligence + Animal Ken.

    Dramatic Failure: A beast’s sixth sense is keener than the average man’s, it’s true: and it that case, it turns out to be quite a problem. Be it an embarrassing misunderstanding or an actual revelation slipping up, the beast doesn’t understand the request, but picks up a far more… interesting fact about the Krewe. Offended or amused, it leaves to the wild, spreading its juicy gossip wherever he goes. All participants gain the Notoriety Condition amongst local ghosts and Bound.

    Failure: The beast is too guarded or disinterested to properly listen to the message. Another attempt can be made, with a cumulative -1 modifier.

    Success: You impart an object, of maximum Size of (beast's size minus 1) if it's ephemeral in nature, and (beasts size minus 2) if it's a non-ephemeral object put in a state of Twilight. It then sets off, traveling through strange paths and shortcuts only they known, born from the proximity of the Earth and the Underworld. No one can interrupt or intercept the message, neither in the living world, Twilight or the Underworld. They will take the same time to reach their destination as if they travelled in a straight line towards it without pause, with a speed depending on the animal species they belong to:

    Greet the Sentinels of Anpu: Small and/or semi-domesticated animals (e.g. jackal, black cat…). Small animals need to be cautious as they advance so close to the Great Below. They travel at a speed of 10 miles per hour.

    Whistle the Hounds of Hecate: Bigger or savage beasts (e.g. hyenas, big felines). Such predators have an extreme celerity, both in the living world and as psychopomps, but they won't deign use their full potential before the ritualist proves himself worthy via the Ceremony's show of power. Their base speed is 10 miles per hour, but they gain 5 mph for each success on the Ceremony Roll.

    Call upon Huginn and Muninn: Flying beasts (e.g. vulture, raven, owls). Raptors and corvid beasts are hands down the most efficient psychopomps of the lot, but they're notoriously distracted by anything that shines in the Upper Reaches. (That's why ravens are black, by the way. Never heard about the thing with Apollo?). Their speed is 30 miles per hour, but they require a Instinct Navigation Roll from the ritualist. If it fails, they get distracted along the way, and their speed is halved for the purpose of that Ceremony.

    Exceptional Success: Your Plasm imbued the animal with much more than your delivery: a little piece of your soul has attached to the animal. As soon as your courier arrives, you get a brief glimpse of its reception: the recipient can answer you with the same amount of words you spoke, and the words will carry to your ears, wherever your are.
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