So as can probably be inferred from the title I missed the Kicksarter. It just completely flew under my radar because I was so busy at the time. I think I did probably see something about it at the time but I didn't give it much thought as for years I'd been unable to get my group to even try Geist, so despite my love of it I didn't think I'd get much use out of it. But as it turns out that was just the result of one particularly loud naysayer, and after he left the rest of the group was down for it, and loved it. So now I'm really kicking myself for not getting in when the getting was good.

And well I want to know if through backerkit, or any other means, it is possible to acquire the manuscript previews at this point. Cause my group is really keen on upgrading editions. Geist 1e is lots of fun but has some problems and we've been liking everything we've been hearing about 2e.