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How do you kill a Sin-Eater?

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  • How do you kill a Sin-Eater?

    The topic says it all. What are ways to keep a sin-eater permanently dead?

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    Kill him enough times or sever his connection to his Geist.

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      Originally posted by atamajakki View Post
      Kill him enough times or sever his connection to his Geist.
      Not really with the first as you would tend to get the split personality thing going.

      I think this is the main thing that was centrally missing on Mortal Remains.

      I'm tempted to combine the Effigy tactic with Giest. When the Sin-Eater goes down, The Giest can be summoned via the Effigy tactic and be proceeded to be beaten the shit out of, and either dumped into the Underworld or put into cursed items/relics the same way Werewolves treat spirits.
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        Find a Dead Domain with a Law that prevents Sin-Eaters from leaving, toss them in.

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          Flush their ashes down the toilet.


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            Damage the host badly enough that the Geist abandons the flesh to its fate. A comatose Sin-eater can't be regenerated, and if memory serves, is as restricted as any other mortal.


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              Originally posted by Shock View Post
              Not really with the first as you would tend to get the split personality thing going.
              Being that my rereading treadmill literally got to the third chapter of Geist Core yesterday

              Originally posted by Geist: the Sin-Eaters Core Rulebook, page 173, sidebar, "The Wretched"
              The soul of a Sin-Eater is stretched and torn by the abrupt return to life forced upon him by his geist. With too many deaths and returns, the soul can be reduced to tatters. Sin-Eaters that have their maximum potential Synergy reduced to zero become nothing more than human-shaped meat-suits for the geist inside them. At this point most geists reluctantly allow the body to die, rather than share it with the sobbing remnants of the Sin-Eater’s soul. Some geists hold on for too long, though, and eventually the shattered soul drives it insane. The Sin-Eaters call these unfortunates the Wretched.
              The Wretched are a risk, not an inevitability…

              Originally posted by Geist: the Sin-Eaters Core Rulebook, page 177, The Art of Necromancy - Eaters of the Dead
              This particular form of cannibalism is taboo within Sin-Eater culture: Not only does it place geists at risk, but the only real way to devour a geist that has bonded to a host is to slay the host.
              …and the geist being most separate from its Bound while the latter is dead is in line with the fiction:

              Originally posted by Book of the Dead, page 6, Ascent
              Pain exploded in her head. The pain in her head subsided, and with it all memory… no! She forced herself to remember.
              ​“You shot me,” she whispered.
              ​​Reese turned his head and in the florescent light of the dig she saw he was wearing a deathmask. A patrician nose jutted out of the deathmask, grotesquely overstated, over a bushy mustache made of bristling steel wool. Long streaks of crimson ran down from the eyeholes and over the paunchy cheeks.
              ​“Mr. White.” [Her geist.]

              ​“He kept you from me,” Reese said. The Harridan cackled under his words.
              Also, the timer on Sin-Eater resurrection remains "next dawn/dusk," so any means of permanently killing a Sin-Eater is going to by necessity involve, y'know, killing the character.

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                My vote comes down to slaying the Sin-Eater, then performing an exorcism over the remains to banish the Geist back to the Underworld. This is roughly similar to how the ritual for one of the ex-Sin-Eaters to steal a Geist works.

                The main reason that exorcisms don't work on Sin-Eaters is because, well, removing a major template is a bad thing. But slaying one of the Bound and keeping it dead? No reason that shouldn't work.


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                  The limit to the number of times they can resurrect is five with wretched being a possibility but it's GM fiat, and the resurrection bit isn't really all that it's cracked up to be without the rest of their powers. It's figuring out how to deal with their other powers that should be the priority, then you can just shoot 'em until they stay dead, or they pretend their permanently dead.

                  +1 for MCN's idea though, I also recommend Mortal Remains rules which makes willpower their power source instead of plasm cause that way willpower affecting abilities cripple them. Plus more limited bulwarking if that's a deal breaker for you.

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                    Chain them up and starve them out. If the Geist wants to revive them, well, they're still chained up. Eventually it'll give up.
                    Although you probably shouldn't be around when they come back.


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                      The same way you teach krogans of compassion. You will need many bullets.


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                        Or you know, do something to them that it doesn't matter whether they're resurrected or not. Bury them in concrete and build a building on top of them, lock them in a trunk and compact the car, stuff like that. Just because the geist can resurrect the sin-eater doesn't mean it can get the sin-eater out of the situation that killed them.


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                          The problem with that sort of strategy (and several others presented here) is that when a Geist resurrects a sin-eater, they aren't limited to restoring life to the original body. (Unlike what happens during the Bargain.) If you chop up their corpse and spread it across the woods, they'll just show up at the next dawn or dusk with a functional body, albeit one that's mostly full of agg damage.

                          Similarly, you can't keep a sin-eater in a comatose state, because the only times they actually lose consciousness is when they're asleep or dead.


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                            I don't remember that tidbit, is that part of the updated geist book are am I just having a senior moment at the ripe old age of 37?


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                              Sin Eaters are so in tune with death that until they die they cannot lose consciousness outside of sleep. It's on pages 172 onward in the "Symbiosis" sub-chapter of the Geist Corebook. Cliff notes:

                              - They also can spend Plasm to absorb a certain amount of damage and turn it into Bashing at the end of the scene
                              - Taking the same damage from a gunshot to the head or disembowelment
                              - They can also pillage Mementos for health, destroying them in the process

                              Killing them for good is hard and if they have Mementos I feel sorry for those that try. And I'm not even going to touch Synergy drops...