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What do Reapers do in the Underworld?

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  • What do Reapers do in the Underworld?

    Like I say in the topic, what do Reapers do in the Underworld. There's mention of them sweeping over River Cities in the Underworld section and it's implied they get up to bad stuff, but later in their section it seems like they are relatively benevolent. I was just reading the Geist style guide and they are described as harassing the dead in the Underworld. I'm pretty sure its not really ever explained in the book, but has there been any discussion from developers or writers that sheds more light on it?

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    As they are individuals i suppose it depends on their take about the chtonic mythology.
    Sone could take on a priest role and perform religious rites, other could torment the sinful souls or comfort them


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      Yeah I mean, one of the main benefits of doning a death mask and becoming a Reaper it's because you become an insanely powerful ghost, much stronger than most ghosts that exist in the great below, so it really comes in a certain point to the Reaper's own motives and goals that they probably coudln't reach as a common ghost. Maybe the Reaper wants to get revenge on a merchant king of some river city that abused her when she was weaker, maybe she wants to search for more death masks to create some sort of reaper guild, etc.

      I get this feeling that whatever malicious intelligence rules the Underworld chooses really well which ghosts might encounter a death mask and become a Reaper, like, there's not explicitly said, but whenever the book describes a ghost finding a death mask "by chance", to me there's always this vibe of something calculated. My point is that it seems that ghosts who are really desperate or who don't see the underworld as all that bad are the ones more likely to come across a death mask, and that means that they're already more or less likely to abuse other ghosts, the death mask just gives them the final push in that direction giving them ghostly superpowers.

      Also what Neos01 said makes total sense, most Reapers will also have something to say on the cthonic gods who rule the great below, and how all ghosts belong down there, it's an obsession that really consumes them, and the way other ghosts react to this preaching might say a lot about a Reaper and what they do in the Underrworld to expand the cthonic mythos. Maybe the reaper lash out and destroy ghosts blaspheming agaisn't the cthonic gods ir who scheme together with Sin-Eater Krewes; maybe she's a genuinely charismatic Reaper and really convince other ghosts of the "true" doctrine of the cthonic gods (they sound way more dangerous when other ghosts actually believe and support them), she might act as some force of nature keeping track of some river cities and wrecking things up whenever some river city starts to get more confortable and stable or when they openly help Sin-Eaters and so on