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    I'm having some trouble coming up with Laws for a Dead Domain I'm working on. It's based on New Orleans during hurricane Katrina. What do Dead Domain Laws usually look like? Are they thematic to the Domain, do they make sense for how the Domain is supposed to operate, are they just random nonsense, or are they something else?

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    Well, whenever I came up some Old Laws I always thought about them as reinforcing the theme of the Dominion, like, I created a Dominion that was a deathly opera theater where all the ghosts had to watch the singing Kerberos of the Dominion and all the Old Laws supported that basic premise, like "All must clap whenever a performance ends"; "The show must always go on" and "All speech must be singing".

    But I suppose that really depends on what's your objectve when you introduce a Dominion in your story. Like, if you want to stablish that a Dominon abuses its ghost residents you create harsh old laws that forces the dead not to resist to some kind of violence, or forces them to engage with said violence; if you want to stablish that a certain Krewe has usurped a Dominion for themselves, then all the Old Laws will be the Krewe doctrine; If you want to stablish a Dominion as an actual safe haven for ghosts, use Old Laws that reinforce virtuous and civil behaviour (though such a place appearing in the Underworld would be quite odd and certainly attract some attention from a lot of partis) and so on.

    Really, I think Old Laws could be all you described on your question (thematic, gibberish, essential to maintain the dominion, etc.), it all depends on what you wish to stablish and reinforce on your chronicle through the introduction of said Dominion, the part it plays on your narrative.