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Should I Begin With Mortals or GTS???

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  • Should I Begin With Mortals or GTS???

    So, it's been a long time since I've run any WOD, but it looks like that might be changing. However, some of my players are kind of new, and I really want to introduce them to the ghost rules of WOD. But time is something of an issue, and, well, should I try to do a mortal game first, or should I just drop them into GTS, and introduce the ghost rules through that? How good is GTS as an intro game?

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    I often create a little "tutorial" as mortals for new players, it helps them to learn first the basic rules of the system, then you add the splat rules.
    I never played geist, but to me it seem less complex than other splats like mage, werewolf or demon, mostly because the mindset of a sineaters is not too different from the human perspective.
    For learning the ghost rules you could add a ghost NPC of a deceased relative that they start to see after the transformation, it could be a kind of mentor for them


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      Maybe a very long and adventurous prelude in G:tSE should work well...


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        Run mortals for 2-3 session - and then 'kill' PCs, so they become Sin-Eaters. It's probably best way to run introductions for new players in CoD games, on general.

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