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1001 Geist plot hooks!

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  • 1001 Geist plot hooks!

    Hey guys, I don't see one, so I figured I'd start a thread for this and see what pops up!

    Just to get us started:

    So, My Krewe was in the down below the other day and we stumbled onto a big fight going on. At first we thought it was some sort of warzone when we realized the guys fighting were other bound! They looked like they'd been down there for a while too... We skedaddled back to the surface, but not before I got a few pictures... they're all wearing insignias of some of the global krewes that are supposed to have existed in the 60's...

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    Ghosts starts disappearing all across town, with no discernable cause. After much research and many grueling nights, the Krewe finally track the cause of the disappearances to a mortal Necromancer. This Necromancer claims he is merely trying to help the shades depart a tormentet existance, useing a spell he has created, which he says sends them to the Abode of Shades, a place he calls Stygia. Can the Necromancer be trusted? What is this Stygia and is the Necromancer in his right to forceibly banish the shades, even if this "Stygia" is a better existance than the Twillight?
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      A handful of interconnected ones:

      Practically overnight, sharp objects across town become Lightning-Struck Charms with relatively little provocation.

      The Knights of Damocles, an up-and-coming krewe, rise in prominence in a matter of weeks, growing to control most of the local assets on the strength of their bargains and the awful curses that befall those who betray them.

      The Kerberos known as Madam Guillotine has made all manner of overtures on the Knights' behalf, and in the moonlit skies above the city the unquiet dead say they can see the curve of a vast blade descending at an immortal's pace.

      Meanwhile, Roland, one of the successors of the Damocles channel, returns to town. He bears a heavily wrapped parcel that screams with poisonous entropy; word on the Twilight Network is sparse, but one thing manages to trickle through: the package was found on the banks of the River of Hate.
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        Unrelated posts on the Twilight Network are noting previously tranquil ghosts have turned hostile, seemingly overnight.
        Six cities in as many days with no connection between the Krewes.

        Following the cities on a map and starting with the first post, the cities are lining up to form an infinity symbol. Can Krewes
        in the next six cities figure out what's coming before the symbol is complete?

        This is just my bright, shiny two cents.

        Here's the thing. I try not to argue in forums. It's like pouring concrete in a river. It doesn't get you anywhere in the short term and it poisons the environment long term.


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          The local community is spooked. The ghosts in the city - even the incoherent ones - seem to be humming a tune at 2am every night. Every night. In sync. It's not just weird either: it's getting louder by the night and no one is able to get a good nights rest because of it. Word on the TN is that the tune has been heard before - in an underworld Dominion nicknamed 'the unending wedding'

          Someone's dumped what looks like old circus equipment in a field outside of town. Local authorities are investigating during the day, but a couple of Krewes have decided to hold a flesh fair there tonight! Funny thing though, no one knows who went to the trouble of actually setting up the tents, fun houses and rides.

          Something's not right with the weather lately. Freak storms keep popping up overnight, seemingly centred around a park in the center of the city. People are going missing, and a few of them have come back - as incoherent ghosts muttering about biblical plagues - waves of locusts, a stream turning from water to blood, diseased animals and other crazy stuff.


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            Something big is going down. Every one of the Bound in the nearby area has gained access to a key no one has heard of before, and that is almost addictive to use. Someone better figure out what's going on before things get ugly.

            Whelp, it was only a matter of time. One of the Bound has thrown his hat in the ring for the up coming Senate Elections, and he's not exactly being quiet about the whole "set things on fire with my mind" shtick. If you want to take him down, you better do it before even the Quick catch on to the fact it isn't CGI...(Twist: He's one of the Sancrosact, and plans to put as many resources as possible into wiping other Bound off the face of the Earth... Even if he has to start a war to do it.)


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              Somebody posts a map to the Pearly Gates on the Twilight Network. It's only six Rivers deep.

              Sin-Eaters are starting to be haunted by the ghosts of themselves.

              The Stricken have divided themselves into two factions. Half bearing Momentos and colours honouring the White Horseman. The other half dedicate themselves to King Rat, a mythological figure who served a similar role to the White Horseman during the Black Death. Nobody seems to know why, not even the Stricken themselves.

              Some brilliant Necromancer has managed to twist ghosts into a fortress. Then he started cutting anchors, starting from the west. It doesn't quite exist in both the sunlit lands and the Underworld, but it's close. He's already planning the next one, and this time he's not cutting anchors - he's going to have the west Pass On.

              Something big is coming from the bottom of the Underworld. It's the sort of event Sin-Eaters worldwide turn up to help fight it back, but the word is that this one is a Geist and all it wants is somebody to bargan with.

              Ghosts who had Passed On start turning up in the Underworld looking traumatised. You're not getting much out of them, but they all claim something attacked heaven (or valhalla, or the Elysum Fields)
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                This is shamlessly ripped off from a book called Johannes Cabal the Detective. It's a great book that I just finished, and this story could work well for a group of Bound. I guess for mages or hunters too, but I like Geist lol

                There are rumors of a river, deep in the forest outside of the city. Where the river flows, nothing grows. Ghosts avoid the area and whisper the whole thing is cursed. The Krewe decised to investigate. When they get there, they realize that the river is flowing with unholy water. Following the river, they come to the source: a cave. Inside the cave the Krewe finds a group of mercenaries led buy a Bound. They seem intent on performing some sort of ritual. The inside of the cave is carved with strange, evil looking script. At the center of the cave is a deep lagoon, almost a cenote, and lying within is an ornate tomb. The lake is full of holy water, and when it flows over whatever evil lies beneath it is corrupted. The Bound and his/her mercenaries seem intent on corrupting the holy water and raising whatever is trapped at the bottom of the lagoon. If the Krewe can't stop them, a powerful sorceror of an unnamed bygone empire, eyes black as the Abyss, rises from the churning, bubbling, bloody waters. This is not good.


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                  Awefully clichéd, this one is, but here you are:

                  At first, everyone was excited for the new exhibit at the museum, Bound and Mortal alike. For the Mortals, it was a quaint look at a bygone civilisation while for the Bound, it promised a queer look, into the ancient buried secrets of the ancient Pharaohs themselves. What should've been a joyous time for all, quickly turned sour, when the newspapers ran a story of a break-in at the museum. Only thing stolen was the mummified remains of King Sekhmet The Great. Strangest thing too. The sarkophagos almost seemed to have been split open from the inside.


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                    The Krewe isn't doing anything special but has traveled to a neighboring city or town to take care of a newly haunted house. Things seem to be going well when a black SUV shows up. The official seeming people inside (if questioned) claim to be investigating a dangerous gas leak, and have paperwork to back it up. If the Krewe just observes, the rival team starts unloading a bunch of strange looking devices, including a structure that resembles a gate. What to do?

                    So, it's TFV trying to power up one of it's technological Avernian Gates.


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                      Bring the Orpheus Group in from oWoD and have them start stealing work from the krewe with their projection tech.

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                        The local Krewes have found a ceremony that allows them to form massive golems out of dead flesh and plasm at cenotes. They've taken to having events where two sin eaters will take control of these golems and duke it out for entertainment and to settle disputes - leading to an interestingly morbid new take on gladiator arenas. Problem is, a powerful Geist has snuck through and grabbed control of one mid fight and intends to take its revenge on one of the spectators... (Internet points to anyone who spots where I stole the idea from!)


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                          The Krewe begins finding bugs. Little, identical, caterpillar like things, throughout the house and town. The city seems to have a plague of them, but they quickly find that only the supernatural community can see them. Also: they're getting bigger, and it's getting harder to find plasm...


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                            I have always thought Grandmother from Orpheus, or the Malfeans, make excellent bad guys.


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                              An estate sale is announced, auctioning off the property of a reclusive eccentric who left no heirs. Sin-eaters who hear the name recognize him as one of their own, and an infamous one at that.

                              Decades ago, the sin-eater spent much of his time obsessively studying and mapping the underworld, and his knowledge of its geography and structure were reputed to be unmatched. The auction manifest hints at documents, charts, works of arts, antiques of unknown's a veritable treasure trove.

                              Every krewe in town (and a few beyond) want a slice of the pie, and it's a mad dash to claim the prize by any means necessary.