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    Originally posted by Warpwind View Post

    ​this is very good. does he have any other plot ideas?
    Perhaps? His various posts are centered on Ascension, so they're usually fit for Awakening, but the one I quoted up there just screamed Geist to me.

    MtAw Homebrew: Even more Legacies, updated to 2E


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      63) Something has been drawing the Bereft to it, offering salvation. It's an Angel/Exile filling the gap with other Angels or Imperatives.

      64) A Geist claiming to be from the future is offering new Keys (or just "updating" the Industrial key to have no Anachrontech penalties with even cutting edge tech).

      65) The Krewe encounters a procession of lantern-bearing ghosts - whose flames reek of the Divine Fire.

      66) You encounter a dog/cat/animal... With a Geist. An animal Sin-Eater. How did a non-sentient creature make the Bargain?

      67) Another Sin-Eater has discovered a method of negating the Synergy loss caused by dying and is teaching it to others. Then they end up murdered by the amalgamated ghosts of those who died in their place. And at least some of your Krewe learned their methods and employed them...

      68) Mediums are whispering about something (they don't know what, they can just feel it) coming. Spirits in the Shadow are going absent, starved of Essence. Those with connections to the Astral speak of a whole realm forming... or reforming. Ghosts have been behaving abnormally, engaging in rituals they never have before. It's as if they've converted to some strange cult. An occultist comes to the Krewe with what they think is the answer: Even dead Gods dream... especially when they are close to Waking Up.
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        I'm not sure the number is right, but I'm gonna keep it going for some semblance of order.

        69) Your favourite grandparent died last month.
        They died again a fortnight ago. And again two days ago. It happened yet again this morning.
        You're not sad that they're managing to avoid staying dead (after all, they are your favourite grandparent), but why & how is this happening? You know they haven't become a Bound/sin-eater.


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          70) A colleague has been acting weird(er than normal).
          When investigating you discover that they have become possessed by a set of Old Laws & are starting to turn into a kerberoi.
          You've never heard of anything like this happening before, so you have absolutely no idea what to do.


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            Heads up: trigger warnings on this one.

            71) There has been a sudden spike in suicides recently, with every suicide producing a ghost.
            This spike coincided with the local history museum getting a new artefact to show off.


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              72) A small area (rural town, small neighborhood, etc.) has started to overlap with a Dead Dominion.
              Note: I imagine the living place & the Dead Dominion as being roughly the same size.


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                73) Ghosts in the area are showing signs of being stronger than they used to be. And the ghosts are still growing in strength.


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                  74) There's a mass Native American grave in the area. From this mass grave rises a "conglomerate ghost" made from the souls of every Native American in that grave. They rise to take revenge on the white man.
                  Note: as they have risen to take revenge on the white man, they specifically target white people. Anyone not white is ignored if possible.


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                    75) A powerful geist is bound to a whole krewe of sin-eaters. The krewe work in concert towards disturbing goals that make little sense to other sin-eaters.
                    They claim that they are working towards fixing the Underworld.


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                      76) One of the Rivers of the Underworld has started appearing in the living world. Not just the waters of the River, the actual River itself.
                      Ghost activity where this River has started appearing has skyrocketed.


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                        77) A posse of Reapers has been spotted around a hospital that had had a sudden rash of DOA cases. When confronted by the Krewe it’s revealed that these Reapers aren’t collecting the ghosts of these unfortunate souls but destroying them, lest the strange infection carried by these specters spread to others. The sin-eaters are caught in a dilemma: do they help the Reapers try to contain this Contagion, or do they attempt to free the ghosts and attempt to cure them their own way?


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                          78.The Labyrinth
                          Labyrinths were used in the Eluesiniam Mysteries for centuries throughout Greece, used in rites only barely understand by modern archaeology.

                          Several of these labyrinths are of no occult value, but a very rare few of them are Avernian Gates guarded by geists millennia old, older even than the Greeks who built the material world side of the labyrinth. Many of these geists are swollen, obese monsters, strange amalgams of ghost and wild beast, rendered feral and mute over the creeping passage of eons.

                          But one labyrinth, as yet known only to Greek Sin-Eaters, is more than just an Avernian Gate, as it opens to a grim place of death somehow both Resonant with and yet distinct from the Underworld. In this strange pocket reality, the labyrinth goes much deeper into the earth. Mute shades herein hunger for blood, and burn in the touch of the sun, but are somehow neither vampires or ghosts.

                          If you feed the shades blood, they can briefly speak, and what tales they tell! If fed enough blood, the shades'll teveal the existence of s heavenly graveyard. Here, the corpses of gods and mem alike lie side by side in repose. The shades claim the labyrinth once led to this necropolis, this "Stygia", but that the way is now lost...
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