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1001 Geist plot hooks!

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    Originally posted by Warpwind View Post

    ‚Äčthis is very good. does he have any other plot ideas?
    Perhaps? His various posts are centered on Ascension, so they're usually fit for Awakening, but the one I quoted up there just screamed Geist to me.

    MtAw Homebrew: Even more Legacies, updated to 2E


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      63) Something has been drawing the Bereft to it, offering salvation. It's an Angel/Exile filling the gap with other Angels or Imperatives.

      64) A Geist claiming to be from the future is offering new Keys (or just "updating" the Industrial key to have no Anachrontech penalties with even cutting edge tech).

      65) The Krewe encounters a procession of lantern-bearing ghosts - whose flames reek of the Divine Fire.

      66) You encounter a dog/cat/animal... With a Geist. An animal Sin-Eater. How did a non-sentient creature make the Bargain?

      67) Another Sin-Eater has discovered a method of negating the Synergy loss caused by dying and is teaching it to others. Then they end up murdered by the amalgamated ghosts of those who died in their place. And at least some of your Krewe learned their methods and employed them...

      68) Mediums are whispering about something (they don't know what, they can just feel it) coming. Spirits in the Shadow are going absent, starved of Essence. Those with connections to the Astral speak of a whole realm forming... or reforming. Ghosts have been behaving abnormally, engaging in rituals they never have before. It's as if they've converted to some strange cult. An occultist comes to the Krewe with what they think is the answer: Even dead Gods dream... especially when they are close to Waking Up.
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