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  • Good Equivalent of Bonepickers

    I had an idea for a krewe of Sin-Eaters who look at the methods of the Bonepickers and decide to try to put them to good use. They profit from their powers and connection to the dead, but then take those profits and buy up tons of items which hold essence and ship them to the underworld to feed starving ghosts.

    They would probably be buying up things from estate sales, giving any anchors to other sin-eaters to help the ghosts, then taking anything else with essence and carrying it into the underworld to distribute to ghosts in need. Any items they acquire without any essence value would just be resold to the living.

    Perhaps they set aside some items to sell to powerful ghosts in exchange for something that has way more value to the living, for example giving a mobster's ghost who is still mobster-ing in the Underworld a few dozen points of essence worth of objects in exchange for the location where he hid all his money before he died, which could then be spent buying hundreds of essence worth of objects to distribute to poor ghosts.

    Basically running and funding a ghost charity.

    Is something like this mentioned in the book and I missed it? Has anyone used something like this in a game?

    Also I'm not sure what happens to normal items carried into the underworld, but if you can take equipment and supplies there, maybe build houses and anti-reaper fortifications for ghosts.

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    Necropolitans or Mourners.

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