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    Yes, another character ideas compilation topic. Let's talk about Bound characters here, not only Sin-Eaters - as we know it's not the same.

    Only one note - I would let the small setting hack and make possible for Bound with Archetypes without Krewes here. So you can have Bounds without Krewes, as singular persons. You can read all about it in this topic.

    I start with Dark Eras stuff then...

    1. Aristocrat
    Burden: Vengeful Archetype: Necropolitan

    He was middle level noble in kingdoms hierarchy. He was young leader, playing politics for good of this house and linage. He was having loving wife and child. And then bandits took it all from him - and his life. He come back to settle those scores. He got them killed and dissolve their company in area, using his pulls. However, he also saw it. Killing one bandits party not solves greater problem. Changes need to come from ruling authority - from kingdom itself. He will then fix the system, both on Earth and in Underworld.

    My stuff for Realms of Pugmire, Scion 2E, CoD Contagion, Dark Eras, VtR 2E, WtF 2E, MtAw 2E, MtC 2E & BtP
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    Burden: The Bereaved

    She used to be a medium. Not a real one, not by a long shot, she was a fraud through and through, but damn was she good at it. Made a real killing from all those fools who thought there was actually something on the other side. At her height she was a local celebrity, even had her own show with a studio audience. That is, until her foster sister, the person she loved most in the world, got sick and died. Watching her waste away was heartbreaking, and she fell into a stupor. Started drinking just to take the pain away. She went on stage one day blind drunk and told everyone what a shame it all was and told them how stupid she thought they were. She isn't truly sure, but she thinks she wanted what happened next. She certainly didn't put up a fight when an outraged client came up to her in the street and shot her dead. But it was as she lay bleeding out that her constant companion found her. The Long-Tongued Liar staunched her wound and pulled her back from the edge of the River, and now she wanders from town to town, acting as a true medium, never taking more for her services than what she needs to keep going. She lives with regret for what she did to people, but more than that, she hopes with every ghost she lays to rest and every every seance she performs, she's coming one step closer to finally reuniting with her sister.