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  • GTS (2nd Ed.) questions

    I just started reading GTS 2nd Edition. At the moment I have a very small group, where two players play mortals (homicide detectives). Maybe later one or both could become Sin-Eaters. (Or maybe one Sin-Eater and a Vampire.) Therefore I have a few questions:

    1) At what point does an NPC become a celebrant?
    I understand that celebrants are part of the Krewe, but “how” do they become that in the first place? Do they just need to know that the player character is a Sin-Eater? Do they need to want to become part of a “cult”?

    2) Can you play without celebrants and Krewes, or are there any disadvantages?

    3) How do Sin-Eaters “see” ghosts or their geist? Do they look solid? (Page references?)
    I know they are in twilight, but does a ghost in twilight appear solid to another ghost? They are seeing them, because their Geist can, right?

    Waiting for new Chronicles of Darkness Dice! 🤗 🎲

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    A character becomes a member of a krewe when they participate in the Krewe Binding ceremony on pp 125-126. Sin-Eaters can always perform this ceremony, they don't need to spend dots on it.

    You can play Geist without krewes and the game won't break in any way, but you are giving up one of its major thematic focuses.

    Sin-Eaters can see ghosts in Twilight as detailed under Physical Medium on p. 96. I don't think it's ever explicitly stated whether they appear translucent or not, but I assume that it is an "overlay" of sorts that does not obscure the Sin-Eater's vision of non-Twilit things, given that when a Twilit ghost possesses a living person by hovering within/"on top" of them, the Sin-Eater can explicitly see both.


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      Thank you! That was very helpful. 🤗

      Waiting for new Chronicles of Darkness Dice! 🤗 🎲