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When is Giest 2e comming out?

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  • When is Giest 2e comming out?

    Not a kickstarter backer, but I noticed the kickstarter started way back in 2019, and you still cant buy it on Amazon or Drivethrurpg. When I look at the updates it has seemed about a week from release for months. When is it comming out for general purchase?

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    When it’s ready. Books have been shipping to bakers though, so I suspect the general public will see it once those are all in the mail.

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      I got my book last week but I tend to get them pretty quick. There's likely people across the world who still need theirs. Then it'll be on DriveThruRPG and in the stores of some places that sell them.


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        The book itself has been finalized and the electronic version is at DrivethruRPG going through test prints to make sure it's compatible with their print-on-demand service. I believe that is the last step before the PDF is released for general purchase by non-backers (and backers like me get the post-errata finalized version; for now only hardcover prestige edition backers have that).


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          I received an email informing me that my Kickstarter hardcopy will be shipping soon.
          I'm in Australia, so it might just being heading to a distribution centre.

          The point is, it should be out soon.

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            The pdf core book final version is out for backers, plus 3 interactive character sheets.


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              Hahaha, I'm tempted of getting this, but I'm not sure if I'll like this one or Wraith better (probably Geist), or maybe I should abstain and get it later when I can actually play it... UNLESS...