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  • Time of Death?

    So I'm going to be running into a bit of a weird situation soon with a Geist game, and I don't know how much there really was in the books about this: Time of death. And hospitals.
    So here's the questions I'm running up against, hoping for suggestions/stuff I missed in the books, and would the answers to these questions be different in 1st vs 2nd edition?

    1.) If a Sin Eater is in a hospital, and someone is dying on the gurney, at what point does the Ghost appear?
    Heart stops?
    Brain death?
    Some other undefined signal/moment?

    2.) If someone starts to die, what happens if they can shock someone's heart back into rhythm? Does it yank the ghost back in, making a 'Near Death Experience'?

    3.) If someone is dying on the operating table, can a Sin-Eater shove the ghost back into the body to keep it going longer for the medical staff to get them 'back to life'?

    4.) If someone is dying on the gurney, at what point can a Sin-Eater (with the appropriate powers) see the body's "cause of death"? If someone's heart stops, could they read the cause of death, and then shock their heart back into rhythm and then save their life with this new knowledge?


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    My answers for second edition:

    1.) Unknown. It might even vary from person to person. Knowing CofD, it's probably when it's the most symbolically or dramatically appropriate. It's also not certain that a ghost is formed at all.

    2.) Ghosts can form from near death experiences (NDEs). If they do, they continue to exist independently of the person. It also means multiple ghosts might form from the same person. These are called Doppelgänger.

    3.) No. While a Bound (aka Sin-Eater) can help shove a ghost back into its body (by slathering it with Plasm so that the ghost can immediately use an appropriate Manfestation), it wouldn't do anything to keep the body alive. A ghost is formed from the death (or sometimes near death) of a person, but it has no bearing on the person's life.

    4.) I don't know of any such power. If one exist (which it totally might do) then it should specify, or it would be up to the individual table. If it's early enough that the person could be resuscitated, then that knowledge could grant an appropriate bonus to the next roll to resuscitate them.

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      Think about the death ephemeral energies like clay or dough. When something strong enough related to death happens, the sheer emotional and metaphysical weight of it leaves an imprint in Twilight, ghosts.

      They are the echo of a soul, not the soul itself. The soul doesn't need to make a death scream to form one, it just needs to scream loud enough when confronted with death. When the fear or resistance of death is at its peak, that is the point in the scene where the ghost is formed.

      Unfortunately, because of that, forcing it back into a person will only create a possessed corpse. The Sin Eater would need to figure out some way to bind the soul to the living world before the person dies, restore the body to full operating order and then attach the soul back.

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