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  • A Bound Reaper

    Forgive me if I've asked this question before on a thread I've lost track of, but I really want to think on this idea enough to make a topic on it.

    As a major antagonist, what would the complications be of a Bound "Reaper"? A Bound who worships oblivion and wants to send all ghosts into the great below and to the cthonic gods, who thinks of himself as death incarnate, who wants to see all things including himself end?

    Could a like minded Geist exist, or would he have to turn Synergy to Tyranny?

    What Krewe would he fit into, Gatekeeper? He is this far flying solo, but if HE forms a krewe, what Archetype? Bring back Reaper from 1e?

    His Burden is Vengeful--but he wants everything to suffer and end. He has aligned with Shuanksen and Scelesti, and is creating a gang of ghosts that want to end their unlives but not before taking others with them. He has a deathmask he wears proudly, and gives others to ghosts to create more Reapers. He opposes the Kerberoi and Dominions, and even the Freighter and it's Admiral. He knows of Ammut, and seeks to let all things be infected.

    He only holds onto life so that he can be the living hand of an arm that extends beyond even the Leviathan's gaze.

    Is this possible?

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    Gatekeepers are absolutely Bound who act as Reapers. It is the go-to for a Reaper Krewe.

    The principle of Acting Like a Reaper is probably going to not sit well with a Geist, so it's reasonable to assume Gatekeepers are prone to Tyranny.

    And yeah, all of this is possible.

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