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How do Krewes recover plasm?

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  • How do Krewes recover plasm?

    In the section about ways to recover plasm it mentions Krewes performing their ritual or something of that nature. I have search all through the book and I cannot seem to find any kind of information about this. Can anyone tell me specifically where in the book this information is or just tell me the relevant info? Thank you in advance to anyone who can help.
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    The Cenote Merit, which has the Krewe tag and must be tied to a Safe Place Merit (which all krewes get at one dot for free to represent their place of worship), generates its rating in Plasm per chapter.

    The Bestow Regalia Ceremony, which every krewe has at least the theoretical capacity to perform (though before Esotery 3 the available ritualists are limited to Sin-Eaters and any celebrant who's invested in learning the Ceremony on their own, and before Esotery 2 a krewe has no Regalia to bestow), may grant a Regalia Condition that gives temporary access to a Key, which Sin-Eaters may use to gain Plasm within a scene.

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      I don't think that's what the writers intended. Gaining plasm from the Regalia condition is only going to happen if the Krewe chooses the Power effect as their one effect for the condition.

      The books states on page 96:

      "Rites: A krewe’s religious rites (p. 177) draw Plasm
      forth from the Underworld, in a form suitable for the
      Sin-Eaters of the krewe to ingest."

      The three Regalia effects only have Power, which mentions the key, and tangentially allows access to plasm. The way it is written on page 96 suggests that the ceremony itself draws plasm from the Underworld suitable for the Sin-Eaters (multiple) of the krewe to ingest.

      There seem to be several places in the book where the writers intended to introduce content and failed to, or removed it for another reason like balance, and failed to retool the writing.