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  • It’s time to confront Russ Turner about Lauren’s death. Unfortunately, an unstable Sin-Eater makes things complicated.

    As before, Natalie recaps, Sara discusses, so it might be easier to read Natalie first. Maybe I should give up and switch their places for the foreseeable.

    Session CLXXVII

    Sara’s Stories

    “You like ‘em dangerous and in wooden shoes, huh?”

    Tommy watched Sara smirk in response to her strawberry scented wife’s concerned teasing. He agreed with the crux of Natalie’s worry, wooden shoes notwithstanding. Even Doc’s healing ritual couldn’t leave Emily completely stable, not after having lived so long with the damage. Not to mention the sheer power she had - he was new to this, but the Dark Mother’s touch laid heavy on his love and her friends, and they were wowed by Emily’s power as well. She had even been able to keep Natalie from setting up her Boneyard, somehow.

    Still, Tommy was sure that if anyone could help Emily remain stable, it would be Sara. He hadn’t been happy when Sara had gone off with her and Russ, ostensibly to direct them from the restaurant to the firehouse church - Natalie had been even less so - but he did have to admit she’d managed to talk the Dutch Sin-Eater down from a full-blown episode to a mostly centered state. And the mutual attraction might even have helped.

    That mutual attraction was not quite enough to get Sara new company for the evening, however, so it was just Tommy, Coffee and the krewe in the van driving home. Natalie’s relief was clear, and everyone was pleased with how things had worked out, so the mood was high.

    Back at the House, Karen and Chandra were quick to greet them. As they stood around catching them up, Sara moved to stand close to Tommy. He put an arm around her shoulders and she reached up to tug gently on his earlobe. A familiar and comfortable gesture, it had more meaning since the night before. He glanced down at her and she smiled.

    Once they’d gone over the broad strokes, before they got too sidetracked by whether ‘the mood’ would be killed by having sticky hair, Sara suggested hot drinks and comfortable seating. When everyone agreed, she volunteered to get the drinks and Tommy quickly followed after her. “Not hungry anymore then?” she asked when they got to the kitchen.

    He shook his head. When she seemed to be waiting, he gathered his thoughts and elaborated. “He knows what he did was wrong. He has seen, truly seen, the harm he’s caused. And he knows what it is to be alone and afraid.”

    “He does.” There was a note of regret in her voice, but Sara always was the most forgiving of them. “I’m glad it worked out. I was worried we might have to drag it from him, word by word, and him seeming like he was usually an outgoing guy.” Sara raised an eyebrow at him as she pointed out where the trays were kept. He rather thought his use of Nightmares had saved them a lot of unnecessary bluster, but he didn’t say that out loud.

    “Perhaps he had some realization his daughter was around. He seemed terrified of her.”

    Sara made a considering noise. “Don’t lose yourself in bitterness, mo chroi.”

    Tommy thought for a moment, the silence between them still comfortable. “He does care for her. Theresa as well.”

    Sara gave him a brilliant smile. “He does. I think that may have turned the tide for Lauren as well, after Natalie bled on her.” At Tommy’s confused look, she explained. “The blood of a Sin-Eater can help ghosts focus... well, really, it helps them focus without fixating, in the way the dead often do.”

    “I thought you already had...?” The ritual had been quick, but the ghost had seemed to form by flowing from Sara’s self inflicted wound.

    The Sin-Eater shook her head. “I provided the Plasm, the death-stuff, for her to manipulate into a form to wear.” She sighed, pouring out the various drinks. “It felt nice getting back to giving the dead a voice. I’m hopeful that Lauren will be content with a proper burial and return to the cycle.”

    Tommy kissed the top of her head. “Very few can hold onto vengeance with you as an advocate for forgiveness.”

    “You do.”

    Her gaze was piercing but he held it, which surprised her into a brief frown. “You’ve never asked me to go against my nature.” When she opened her mouth to object, he shook his head. “I know you aren’t now either. Which is why I’m harder to... what did you call it before? Resolve?” She nodded, considering him thoughtfully. As they left, tray of drinks in hand, he spoke up again. “I do listen.”

    “I know.” Sara smiled up at him. “I will too. I promise.”

    Natalie’s Diary

    April 24th 2011

    Six Days Till Walpurgis

    Broad strides on dealing with the Redcrow case, but it was not without setbacks.

    Doc arrived this morning as we were planning where to meet Russ and Emily Turner. Alexia put forth a “real” Italian restaurant, i.e. not Olive Garden or Carrabba’s, though it was originally due to the whole idea of putting a breadstick in Doc’s mouth if he got threatening. Karen and Chandra agreed not to go to stay out of danger, but Catherine insisted; I was unsure at first but I really think it was to help rather than any jealousy thing with Chandra. I texted Emily to make the arrangements.

    Unfortunately, that was a setback. Emily responded in Dutch. While Babelfish translated, it was very stilted, but clearly she did not know who I was or why I wanted to see Russ. It started getting very paranoid so I backed off. I called Russ directly and made the arrangements. He was, to put it mildly, very wary. Emily contacted me again, still in Dutch, seeking information later in the afternoon. And Theresa Redcrow called later in the day to let me know her uncle had tried to contact her about it, but she dodged his calls. By the time we left we were very concerned that an unstable Sin-Eater would be hounding us there. Anyway, Catherine came too, to watch from a safe distance nearby.

    This was sort of the case. Russ seemed muted compared to what I expected, probably concerned about Emily. He was somewhat evasive at first, but seemed to realize quickly we knew what was going on. Somewhere during this time I noticed we were in a Boneyard; Emily was observing us. I signaled Catherine, who slipped out. Sara and I tried our best to change the subject from Emily, talking of Theresa some. I quickly found Russ cared a great deal about Theresa and Emily, but he was terrified of Emily, and knew she was supernatural somehow. This meant he was quicker to accept the idea of talking to Lauren’s ghost than I expected.

    The whole incest thing we left alone, but it was implied.

    As we left, Sara said something to Emily, and sure enough the Boneyard dropped and a few minutes later she came strolling up, smiling and looking adorably boyish. She pretended to remember us, but it was clearly cloudy. She had not fully “woken up” yet. She rode with Russ and of course Sara volunteered to go. Tommy was going to but Alexia interposed herself. Which is good; Tommy does not come back.

    We traveled to the Firehouse church, where I did a Ceremony, Distant Voices, to get Lauren’s attention. Sara followed this up with a Ceremony to make her visible and audible, but unable to harm Russ. Emily had “woken up” by this time. Russ’s affection for his daughters may have turned the tide; that and agreeing to recover her remains. That and some Sin-Eater blood from me to clear her head. She wanted him arrested, initially, which was understandable. Fortunately she was moved by how he watched out for Theresa and Emily, especially the damaged Emily.

    Lauren parted, and Sara spoke to Emily about her head. Doc wanted to try to fix her, as he had with James and Miranda. Emily clearly suffered from severe mental problems. Doc examined her, and she acquiesced due in no small part to Sara’s charms, no doubt. Doc was able to help her, but the damage to her brain was extensive. While she will hopefully suffer from fewer fugues…Emily does not have a stable mind. Her road through life will still be difficult.

    Less difficult, perhaps, since Sara walked her out, had a private moment with her, and Emily looked rather like she had been struck by lightning thereafter. I know that look well. Sara’s charms were insufficient to work her way into Emily’s bed, but that was a very smitten, very unstable woman who left our company. Sara is good. Not as good as I am, but good. Though she, at least, is more honest about it.

    We came home for talk n’ tea. There was far, far too much talk about messy hair being appealing or unappealing…this was used by Emily to bow out I think? She got alcohol poured on her head for Doc’s ritual. We kept it going much longer and with far more innuendo than necessary, which is always fun with this crowd. Some gentle teasing of Coffee too. I am really going to miss her when she moves on. I am not entirely convinced she should.

    At the end of the day, that decision is hers though. But I wonder if I can get her Christian name out of her first, at least.

    Speaking of Coffee, the typing has finished from the room, meaning Karen is done with her paper for tonight. I should see what they are up to.

    End Session CLXXVII

    Okay, Natalie used Distant Voices to contact Lauren, and she had made Emily an Anchor so she came. Sara used Plasmic Manifestation to give her a body, after some discussion of which ritual to use (Natalie and Sara both have Speaker of the Dead, Natalie has Faces in the Smoke and Lifting the Scales). Natalie could not beat Emily’s Boneyard successes so failed to make one to push Emily out.

    Russ had You are all alone Nightmare used on him by Tommy which is why is was somewhat quiescent at the dinner.

    Okay I want to talk just a moment about themes and decisions made at the table. Fixing Miranda, or James, or Emily with Mending the Mortal Coil was not something I planned in any case. James and Miranda were powerful (ish) dangerous damaged people. When MtMC came up, I thought about it. While it seemed an easy (ish) out, there was another side to it.

    Geist is a game of second chances. This is true thematically broadly and with Balance of Shadows. Sure, Doc, Gwen, Sara, Jasmine, Natalie, Alice, Alexia and Simon all got a second chance at life. But there was more. For Gwen it was a second chance to be a good person. For Jasmine, it was a second chance at love. For Alice, a second chance at redemption. And for Natalie, it was a second chance at taking her drug fueled Z list celebrity life and make it something to be proud of.

    So I said yes. Let that be an option. Letting them off easy? Sort of. James and Miranda are no longer so deeply damaged. But they are still strong psychics with difficult pasts; we have not heard the last of them. And Emily? That times ten. I was a little more prepared when they asked about healing Emily Turner. For that, there was a “yes, but…” and it was a big one. It did not make her fully stable or functional. It just made her…comparatively…stable and functional. Still, she has more of a shot at a normal (for a Sin-Eater) life than she had. Less fear of flipping out and drowning or incinerating a friend. But she is still damaged. I have not handwaved it. And they will likely have to deal with her issues again. But they helped her. The storm in her head is quieter than she remembers it being before. She has a second chance.

    Half my group are sick tonight, so no game. In two weeks I will be putting up current stats for anyone in the game whose current stats I can get a hold of. Alexia and Natalie at least. And hopefully in two weeks game. Regardless, see you then. Comments and Questions welcome.
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    • Thank you for sharing your decision-making process here. That insight is most appreciated. By chance can you post (or direct me to a previous post of) the Krewe and all the regular cast we see mentioned in these posts? I get most of them but a few I'm unsure on.

      Once again, my thanks to your players for very enjoyable write-ups.


      • The Krewe is entirely in the front page. Pictures and descriptions, though Sara and Alice are behind the spoiler box. I will try to put a little info on some of the regulars (Tavia, Karen, Tatum, Christina, Chandra, Coffee, Noriko) up next week when I do the filler for the missed session. Anyone else you want to see? Just like a name, maybe virtue/vice and a little info.

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        • There was no game last week as half the group was sick. I promised character stats (have them for Natalie and Alexia) and was asked for a brief description of some of their very close allies. Here we go.

          Tavia Fishborn: Simon Fishborn’s wife and first cousin, 19-20. Tavia started off as a Brute Slasher (if a subtle one), and wound up a Brineborn. The Fishborn family is complicated. She began transforming after she got pregnant, awakening her blood. Around the time of her periods she is compelled to paint horrific paintings that mess with vices and sometimes horrors come out of, though given the slow pace of the campaign this has not been a problem for some time with her pregnant. It is unknown if this will continue as a Brineborn. She is the high priestess of the fish god who lives under the house, the secret of Fishborn manor. Image is creepy chan. Tavia is straight.

          Karen Knight (nee Smith): Natalie Knight’s Domme and legal wife, and soon to be married to Natalie Knight and Sara Rowan on May 22nd . 20. Karen is a Ceremonial Magician trained by Doc, who she considers a close friend. She is a Goth, hard on the Traditional Goth side, and fanatically loyal to Natalie. Natalie has been involved with Karen since her 17th birthday. Her lesbianism was never accepted by her parents, and she moved out to be with Natalie. Her parents are still trying to get Natalie arrested. Karen controls the Knight’s finances and legal matters. She sometimes feels like something in the house is watching her. She was a little slow with the Polyamory thing but Sara helped her get over that.She is a student at AMU. Karen is a lesbian.

          Chandra Maharajapuram: Chandra is Alexia’s wife, and a Penanggalan. Her age is unknown (likely 40s chronologically) and as of recently she began associating with the Carthians. She runs “World of Wicker” an “all night Wicker shop” in the same parking area as Alexia’s shop. Chandra is cunning and powerful, often putting up a “clueless foreigner” demeanor she learned to be passed over and underestimated. She is in fact a very dangerous vampire. Alexia fell for her early on, and Jasmine initially encouraged her, leading to a friendship with Chandra, though that fell apart as Jasmine became suspicious of her. Often the driving force in her marriage, Chandra nonetheless seems benign though she has repeatedly stated her intent to find a way to turn Alexia into a vampire. Chandra has only shown romantic or sexual interest in women, but feeds on both sexes, so probably homoflexible.

          Noriko Oyamada: Noriko is a Leafeyes Colony. Age uncertain, in later 20s. She hunts by appearing as a sweet, vulnerable Japanese girl and murdering the living fuck out of people who try to hurt her. She has long been an ally of the Krewe, and also had something of a friendship with Jasmine, though while it grew distant she never had the falling out Chandra did. Chandra recently began a romance with Doc after his breakup with Natalie. Noriko has also slept with Natalie, Sara, Alice, and Alice’s girlfriend Eris while under the influence of the Bale Hound. Noriko is not what you call stable, but with Tavia around she seems a picture of mental health. She is very loyal to Doc. Noriko is bisexual. Noriko is often at the house but has a separate apartment.

          Elphaba: Elphaba is Natalie’s cat and familiar as per the rules in Second Sight. She is a jet black cat with green eyes and black fur. Essentially a Spirit in cat form, Elphaba is loyal to Natalie, if fairly lazy. She generally likes the group. Despite being Natalie’s cat she is most often found in Karen’s lap. Probably a power thing, you shouldn’t ask. Her favorite TV character is Doom Kitty, and she has not exhibited a sexual preference.

          Catherine Callahan: Catherine is a strong Psychic, with powers along the lines of Aura Reading, Telepathy, and Object Reading. She is Alexia and Chandra’s girlfriend and is in her mid 30s. Catherine is a caring soul, who makes less than she should helping people the police can’t seem to help. She is on the autism spectrum and leans heavily on her powers to understand people; this lead to Chandra eventually relenting and agreeing not to turn her into a vampire because she would be unable to cope without her powers. Originally living in Colorado and passing through, Catherine moved to New Haven to be with Alexia and Chandra, though she has an apartment also. Catherine wants to help but gets in over her head. It may cost her life someday. Catherine is bisexual, in the sense gender is mostly irrelevant to her in terms of who she is attracted to.

          Tatum Gillis: Natalie and Karen’s pet, Tatum is 21-22. She is not supernatural in any way. Tatum hoped to become a third with Natalie and Karen, and felt slighted by Sara’s rapid inclusion in their relationship. Tatum has been getting included more and more recently, as Natalie decided she had real feelings for her and Karen could always use another chew toy. A student at AMU like Karen, she manages Natalie’s club. Natalie and Sara try to keep her out of their adventures as much as possible. Tatum lives with her parents, and only occasionally sleeps in the manor. Tatum is bisexual, but particularly appealing to women, who constitute most of the people to have tried to pick her up in her life (to her mild frustration).

          Coffee: Coffee is a Sin-Eater, a Forgotten Pilgrim. Early 30s. Coffee travels from Krewe to Krewe working with them awhile to learn how to be the best Sin-Eater she can. Her time with the Middle Shadows has been enlightening. Coffee is from Georgia but talks very rapidly in a high voice. She is almost always drinking coffee and/or eating chocolate covered coffee beans. That and her copious amounts of energy and rapid speech have become trademarks that made her beloved by the Middle Shadows. Natalie and Sara seduced her soon after arrival, and she is frequently in their bedroom, which means Tatum only cares for her so much. Coffee is bisexual, her entire dating history before coming to the Manor being men. She is not the only person like that.

          Troy Donovan: Troy is a big, friendly Ghost. Appears to be in his 40s. Image is John Goodman’s character from Barton Fink. Troy helps the Krewe to make up for murders while under the control of a sinister Spirit at a hotel he often stopped at. He wields a mean axe. Still, he is easygoing, protective of women and children, with a strong sense of justice. He feels he must make up for his crimes before moving on. Troy is straight.

          Natalie Lousler: Natalie’s daughter. Natalie is a minor psychic. A precocious 17 year old, she wants more than anything else to run away to the big city and be with her real mom. Unfortunately, the moody teen is primed and ready to make every mistake her mother did, something Natalie sees very clearly but feels helpless to deal with. This is exacerbated by the younger Natalie trying to be as much like her mom as possible. Currently in New Haven, but soon to arrive ahead of the wedding. Natalie, like her mother at her age, is bisexual.

          Natalie Knight (Natalie Caroline Knight, Born Chastity Allison Lousler)
          Concept: Mistress of the Dead
          Aspirations: Make peace with my past (long term), Record enough music to release an album (short term), Integrate Tatum into my family (short term)
          Virtue: Hope
          Vice: Attention-Seeking
          Geist: The Laughing Lady
          Krewe: The Middle Shadows
          Threshold: The Silent, Death by Deprivation
          Archetype: Necromancer
          Magic Style: Hedge Witch
          Place of Birth: Ocracoke Island, North Carolina, USA

          Intelligence 3
          Wits 4
          Resolve 6

          Strength 2
          Dexterity 3
          Stamina 3

          Presence 6
          Manipulation 7
          Composure 4

          Academics 3 (Music)
          Computer 4 (Social Networking)
          Crafts 1
          Investigation 3 (Computer)
          Medicine: 1
          Occult 5
          Politics: 2 (Entertainment Industry) [Asset]
          Science: 2

          Athletics 3
          Brawl 0
          Drive 0
          Firearms 1
          Larceny 1
          Stealth 1
          Survival 0
          Weaponry 0

          Animal Ken 0
          Empathy 4
          Expression 4 (Piano) [Asset]
          Intimidation 1
          Persuasion 5 (Seduction)
          Socialize 4 (Parties) [Asset]
          Streetwise 3
          Subterfuge 4

          Cold-Wind Key
          Grave-Dirt Key
          Passion Key
          Stigmata Key
          Stillness Key
          Tear-Stained Key

          Boneyard 5
          Caul 5
          Marionette 5
          Oracle 5

          1: Cigarette Dawn
          Krewe Binding
          Speaker of the Dead
          2: Distant Voices
          Faces in the Smoke
          Lifting the Scales
          3: Dead Voices on Air
          Lemure’s Lure
          Warding Circle
          4: Bind Anchor
          Ghost Drinker
          Warding the Household
          5: Crash the Gates
          Fetter’s Binding
          Sepulchral Gateway
          Spectral Captivity

          Psyche 7
          Synergy 6
          Willpower 10
          Health 8
          Plasm 50
          Size 5
          Defense: 6
          Initiative: 7
          Speed: 10

          Contacts (Socialite) 2
          Fame 2
          Fighting Style: Social Maneuvers 4
          Inspiring 3
          Krewe Fate 5
          Language: English 3
          Language: German 2
          Language: Latin 2
          Mythologist 3
          Professional: Personality (Socialite) 5
          Pusher 1
          Resources 3
          Striking Looks 4
          Sympathetic 2
          Taste 1
          Vanitas 2

          See Spirits
          Visionary Trances
          Weather Control

          Keystone: Silent, Stigmata/Stillness, Socialize
          Deathmask: Stricken, Phantasm, Persuasion
          Charm: Music Box: Cold Wind
          Quote: “I knew things would get better if I died. And I was right.”

          Alexia Merryweather
          Geist: The Cracked Cook
          Threshold: The Stricken
          Archetype: Celebrant
          Concept: Pastry Chef on a Mission From Death

          Virtue: Hope
          Vice: Gluttony

          POB: New Haven, Connecticut, United States
          Height: 5’6”
          Bust: 34B
          Eyes: Brown
          Hair: Brown

          Intelligence 4
          Wits 4
          Resolve 4

          Strength 6
          Dexterity 6
          Stamina 6

          Presence 4
          Manipulation 4
          Composure 3

          Academics 1
          Crafts 5 (Cooking, Food Decorating)
          Investigation 5
          Medicine 1
          Occult 2
          Science 1 (Food Prep)

          Athletics 1
          Brawl 5
          Drive 1
          Firearms 1
          Larceny 3
          Stealth 2
          Survival 5 (Gardening)
          Weaponry 5 (Knives, Meat Cleavers)

          Empathy 4
          Expression 5 (Food Presentation)
          Intimidation 1
          Persuasion 5
          Socialize 3
          Subterfuge 1

          Professional: Chef 5
          Resources 3
          Taste 1

          Keystone (0) Meat Cleaver: Forgotten Threshold, Industrial, Phantasmal Keys, Intimidation Skill
          Deathmask (4) White Mask: Torn Threshold, Pyre-Flame Key, Firestarter Numina
          Charm (1) Nutcracker: Phantasmal Key

          Psyche 7
          Synergy 7
          Willpower 7
          Health 11

          Keys: Industrial Key, Phantasmal Key, Pyre-Flame Key

          Manifestations: Caul 5 Marionette 5 Oracle 5 Shroud 5

          Ceremonies: (1) Finding;

          Weapon of Choice: Bowie Knife
          Armor: None
          Defense: 3 Initiative: 6 Size: 5 Speed: 12

          Derangements: Phobia, Skeletons (Minor)

          Languages Spoken: English (3), French (2)

          Real journals next time. See you then. Comments and Questions welcome

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          • It’s time to check back in on the Middle Shadows. They are back and working on wrapping up the case. Doc’s player had to miss, still in the new baby times so spotty.

            Session CLXXVIII

            Sara’s Stories

            Tommy looked up from the front flowerbeds as a car drove up and Sara, Natalie, Karen and Coffee got out. He straightened up and nodded at Sara when she looked over at him. The dark haired girl kissed the others on the cheek, still laughing about something and let them walk on inside before going over to where Tommy was.

            “Don’t tell me you’ve been waiting up?” Sara put her hands on her hips, and looked up at him with a teasing expression.

            “No. Just doing a few things for Alexia. It feels good to do some work with my hands.” He gave her a quick smile. “Besides, it’s not like you spent the night in another predator’s lair.”

            Sara cocked her head at him. “You say that, but with much more approval than any of my other lovers have.”

            “Natalie recognizes a predator because she was prey once. Not Emily’s kind of prey, but still.” Tommy looked down at the bed, and raked a little bit of stray mulch back into place.

            “Whereas you feel a more direct kinship.” Tommy nodded. Sara looked at him closely. “It’s hard to imagine you burning down houses, and dragging your pare... dragging you mother into the Pit.”

            Tommy chuckled. “Only for you, mo chroi.” He shook his head. “If my Horror had found me when I was six, lost in the swamp where my father had left me to die, and not the troupe, I think I would have dealt with it much worse than Emily has. Not everyone had you and Grainne to help them.”

            Sara wrapped her arms around herself, her face sad. “I could wish for Grainne’s touch here. The poor darling’s been so hurt and so alone, locked away from human companionship by her own choice since she was ten and all. She’s terrified of speaking to her sister alone, for fear she’ll hurt her. I only hope Doc’s healing will make her stable enough to take the next step...”

            Tommy gave her a wry smile before looking back down at the flower bed. “I also know what it is like to have the greatest kindness be pity.”

            Sara frowned, biting the side of her lip and sighed. “She mentioned that, how humiliating it felt to know that we had to deem her ‘too crazy to deal with’ yesterday and work around her. I wish it were otherwise, love.” She looked over at him. “For both of you.”

            Tommy set the rake gently on the wall and stepped closer to Sara, putting an arm around her. “I know you do. And it is kindness, mo chroi, coming from you.” He held her for a moment before changing the subject. “Your Natalie, was she ever part of a touring group? She takes care of the performers better than most club owners...”

            “Not really.” Sara leaned into him a little more casually, relaxing somewhat. “She’s very much been in the scene, but I don’t think she ever did any touring.”

            “Ah.” They stood quietly for a moment. “It is a nice place. I...” He paused, and started over. “Speaking of places... there is a room, in the house, that resonated in the Primordial Dream. I... I made it part of my Lair.” Sara leaned back to look up at him and raised an eyebrow. “It will make it much easier to get to the Dream. Or for me to get here. From anywhere.”

            Sara smiled. “I like that. What did that involve, making it part of your Lair?”

            Tommy shrugged. “Raw use of power, mostly. Anyone could, just by being there, so long as they know what happened to make it resonate. And any Beast could read that, with enough... it helped that I had met Simon. And you. Oh, and something about the place has to mesh with the Lair - the mirages, in this case.”

            Sara looked questioningly at him. “That you’d met Simon? I don’t understand.”

            “Places resonate with the Dream when either a Beast calls upon it in a strong enough way, or when a human’s mental integrity is damaged by encountering the supernatural. Simon... killed two adults? His parents, I think, from the look of them. The vision was easier to find because I knew him.” Tommy ran his fingers over a smooth spot on his shoulder.

            “Oh. Right, I knew about that. It was awhile before I got here, a bit before any of the others got here either.” Sara gave him a tentative look, but there was no question in his face. “I’m glad you were able to make it part of your Lair. It sounds convenient.” She smiled up at him and took his arm and they started walking back to the house.

            Tommy nodded. When they had almost reached the door, he glanced down at her. “Oh, I meant to ask... what did Natalie mean when she said that Emily had given your geist an orgasm before she gave you one?”

            Sara gave him a brief, confused look then chuckled. “Ah, yes. My Geist, the spirit who brought me back, chose me because I had sacrificed my life to save my father. It’s kinda her thing, that sacrifices are how we get the gods’ attention and blessing. In fact, her name is the Virgin Sacrifice.” Tommy held back a snort. “Exactly. We had some disagreements about that, at first.”

            “How did that get resolved?” Tommy asked.

            “Now she just considers all of my partners to be potential sacrifices.” Sara smiled wryly. “Same as all my other relationships. She figures I need to do something to make up for not having many things to sacrifice.” She leaned against Tommy. “She applauded Emily calling her death a good thing, since it gave her the power to be Nemesis’ instrument, and how much Emily had sacrificed over the course of her life.”

            “And how does she feel about the fact that you are trying to make it so that she doesn’t keep making those sacrifices?”

            Sara sighed. “I’ll be trying to make it so she doesn’t have to make those sacrifices constantly. She knows that Emily will make the necessary sacrifices, at the appropriate times, and that I won’t stop her. Whatever hope I give her back will just be another fatted calf to call upon her goddess.” She looked up at Tommy. “It’s a lot easier when I’m the one making the sacrifices.”

            “Only for you, mo chroi.” Tommy kissed her forehead. “Only for you.”

            Natalie’s Diaries

            April 26th, 2011

            Yesterday was satisfactory.

            It was a Friday, and I decided to show Coffee and Tommy the 27 Club. Earlier, though, the plan was to meet Theresa. I arranged dinner, and we spent much of the afternoon planning a getaway to Sleeping Giant to train the Story Weavers with Alexia. Tommy explored the house. She had a long talk with Deirdre, and they managed a plan.

            Ah, I told the whole thing backwards. Post coke orgy head I guess.

            So Deirdre and Alexia had a long, slightly flirtatious conversation, then we gathered around the table to work out how to train them. Specifically, working on what to do to train their individual talents. Above all, Ildefanso will be talking to them about Spirits, and they may drag one or two out. Hopefully it will be a good experience. Yours truly will be there of course.

            Dinner was good. Bit awkward. We filled Theresa in, leaving out, well, too much. Her Dad, her Uncle. Emily. We confirmed the nightmares had stopped. She asked us if what happened to her parents was an accident. I lied and said yes. She believed me. That was the hardest part. She saw Emily outside her house, but she never came to the door. We confirmed whom she was, and that she may approach soon.

            Lying was hard. I hated it. Hated every moment of it. I hate lying to clients. She deserves the option on the truth, but she might be happier not knowing. Can’t take it back once said. And the ugly truth is I don’t know if Emily will hurt her. Sara talked to her later, while we were in the club. Calls herself Nemesis. I hope Theresa has not done anything to account for.

            We made arrangements; I gave her a list of LGBTQ charities. She gave me a donation quote. It was generous. I felt worse about lying.

            But then the 27 Club. Sara met Emily for a drink, and Karen, Tommy, Coffee, Alexia, Catherine, Chandra, and I were happy, Tatum took good care of us. Once again I tried to keep Karen from sexually harassing Tatum in front of her underlings. I forget she is twenty sometimes. Saw Multidimensional Murder Box with Occasional Quaaludes opening. Sara rejoined us, reported Emily was…sane. Hopefully so. Still has issues but getting through. Might want to join the Krewe. We will see.

            Afterwards, Coffee, Karen, Tatum, Sara and I retired to the Champaign room. God I love the Champaign Room. Comfy furniture, sex, drugs, and wine. Letting a whirlwind of sensation go round. Forget, for awhile, which of us I was, which bit of pretty pale flesh. Which hand, which arm, which leg, which fingers.. These times, five hearts beating as one heart. Then peace, silence, darkness.

            Back today, the five of us returned. Happy and hopeful. Ready for a new day.

            End Session CLXXVIII

            I don’t know firsthand, but I would guess post coke orgy head is a thing.

            Small side story: Simon’s player pretty much keeps a list of hilarious potential band names, so Sara’s player texed him in game to call some up for us. Wish he still lived around here.

            Tommy did add to his Lair in the house, as his story implied. Makes it easier for the character to come and go.

            I know we all miss Doc’s Log, but having a couple kids eats into the writing time, and work is not conducive to it anymore. We will see what the future holds. Doc will be back. Just Toddler + Baby time still.

            Okay well there we are. Comments and Questions welcome.

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            • It’s time to check in on the Middle Shadows. Only one journal this time, but that should not become the norm. Sara does a good job of covering things. Training in the park with the Underwater Story Weavers and laying Lauren to rest.

              Session CLXXIX

              Sara’s Stories

              Sasha -

              Well, that was certainly a nice weekend to lead up to the week before Walpurgis. The folks here have a tradition on that night and it feels good to have everything come to a close before we enter into that time, especially with it being such a satisfying conclusion.

              We did have to give Russ time to retrieve Lauren’s bones, so Alexia’s grand scheme went off as planned. Everyone showed up, bright eyed and bushy tailed. The lovely Ildefonso gave them a talk about how to stay safe in the rangers’ spheres of influence. It was very informative, and even those of us without the ‘student’ status managed to learn a thing or two.

              The group did very well at the scavenger hunt Alexia set up, only needing a small hint to finish things up at the very end. The team dynamic really made itself clear - Deanna gave them heart, Marie kept them on track, and the others had strong connections to their various idioms. They continued to work well together on their more mental second task, to reassemble three nearly identical pictures. The differences took a sharp eye - or the Sight - to see, but they got it done quickly.

              After that we split them up into their ‘usual’ pairs to give feedback. Tracey and Timothy went off with Coffee to discuss working in concert better. Alexia took Clarissa and Deanna off to discuss some rescue maneuvers - Clarissa is very cautious (when she’s not angry), a counter to Deanna’s recklessness, so being able to juggle and compromised between the two extremes is going to be important for them. It was easier to give Sarah and Marie more general advice (given they are Death Touched and a witch respectively, their milieu is right up Natalie’s alley) so she handled that conversation.

              Lastly, Alexia had the idea for a Test of Courage, to have them go through a dark cave to the end of the path and back, while we did what we could to spook them... and we’re really good at that. We split them up into different pairs, Tracey and Clarissa, Deanna and Sarah, and Tommy and Marie. The first two pairs were rather spooked, but kept it together. Tommy and Marie were entirely unphased. Now, Natalie was in charge of the spooking, and was pulling her punches a little, but still, she’s very good at it.

              It was a fun time - even Tommy enjoyed himself. He spent most of the time chatting with the rangers. Ildefonso is pretty good at drawing people out without prying and they were all curious. It’s been good having him here, particularly with this whole deal with Emily. They are their own people, and they have followed their fate differently, but their stories are yet very similar. I have some hope that they could be good for each other to know. For that and else besides, I hope Old Tommy isn’t too bad off without him - I think (and hope!) he’s here until the wedding at least.

              Speaking of out newest Touched foundling, Emily spent much of the evening at our house today. Nothing untoward happened, I assure you , largely because she has never felt comfortable in her own skin, and she needs to be able to take ownership of her body before she can share it. She’s a darling, and it’s been awhile since a sweet courtship was part of my relationships. It’s a different sort of nice.

              But I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. I invited her over, with Natalie’s blessing, after we helped Lauren move on. Emily had the excellent idea to have Lauren’s body found by the police, with its evidence of foul play (knowing someone with the Sight who regularly works with the police is handy!) so that people in general, and especially her family, will know what happened and get some closure. Russ’ promises, along with an eloquent speech from Natalie, helped Lauren let go of that which was holding her back from returning to the cycle.

              So, everything is going well. Lauren has found her rest, the Underwater Storyweavers are becoming a coherent team, Tommy is making friends, and Emily is much more stable. It is time for Witches’ Day indeed.


              End Session CLXXIX

              Not a great deal to add. The PCs carefully chose the obstacles for the Storyweavers, and they had to overcome them, which had the unique effect of the players giving the GM’s characters tasks to perform, a little role reversal.

              The Lauren scene was slightly tense but not bad, the PCs did a good job of talking to her, and Natalie rolled all the successes as she does on Social rolls, so it went well.

              We are skipping ahead to Walpurgis Night, when the group first did questing beginning of the game. And we are doing Walpurgis Night on Walpurgis Night; it is Walpurgis Night 2017 at this writing. So enjoy your Walpurgis Night reading about this and anticipating in game Walpurgis Night, and we will enjoy playing Walpurgis Night on Walpurgis Night (and possibly have Pimp My Ride flashbacks)

              Comments and Questions Welcome

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