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Sources of inspiration for Geist.

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    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona
    Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
    The Darkness comic, and games
    Marvel Spiderman's Symbiot characters
    Bleach maybe? The swords have identities
    Soul Eater
    Shaman King

    nWoD Warhammer Fantasy RPG,
    WoD Wraith: The Oblivion
    and Infernum-style Demon: The Descent, Shadows of Abaddon -->,26.0.html


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      I came to this thread a few years ago to get inspiration for my first sin eater game and now, having created several long running storys that were well received by my players, I think the greatest inspirations for this gameline for me was horrific world news made sensible by the gallows humor of philosophers like Neitzsche and Seneca.


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        Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride seems very Geisty to me. Probably because its a lovely little ghost story. Perhaps the Land of the Dead is a bit too upbeat for a Dead Dominion, but there are arcane rules you have to follow even there. You could even see the Corpse Bride as a Geist who would have bonded with Victor had he finished the deadly wedding ritual.

        A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"


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          Abattoir works as an amazing story. I won't lay out any spoilers here, however, I have borrowed HEAVILY from this in an ongoing Geist game. The players seem to enjoy it a lot.