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    Hey guys,

    I've mentioned that I will be starting my own game shortly and I figured it was worth following up (since I recently ran the first session/story/chapter in the chronicle) - I want to give an overview of what happened. No promises that I'll follow up with further overviews - we'll see if I keep this going. I'm trying to manage all the responsibilities that running this game puts on me and writing up summaries of the sessions isn't exactly high on the list. Still, I'm bored right now and others might be curious or find my take on things interesting, so why not?

    First: the players:

    Gretchen - a young black bartender from Detroit who likes to listen people. When push comes to shove, she prefers to manipulate peoples minds rather than beating their bodies...

    Henry - a war veteran with severe PTSD - he's the guy you called when you need something fixed.

    Sydney a.k.a. 'the midnight hobo' - a homeless man who lost his way in the housing bubble. Died of exposure and is back, although hes still figuring out why...

    Richard a.k.a. Doc Dick - An anthropology professor who died of lung cancer and now has the chance to study his favorite subject (the afterlife) up close and personal...

    Samantha (names have been changed to protect my memories' ego!) a young wiccan burned at the stake for her beliefs in New Mexico, here to find 'someone' - although she has yet to figure out who that is...

    Detective Simmons - A former detective who lost both his job and his life to Detroit's corrupt police force...

    The story so far: For varying reasons, each character has come looking for allies. The good news is they've each found hints of a Flesh fair held underneath Highland park area in Detroit: turns out there's a huge cavern left over from Detroit's salt mines that you can get access to through the storm drains. The bad news? Seems like this is a test by the locals to vet newcomers in the region, so actual directions through the sewers are next to impossible to find. So here the players are: each finding their own entrance into the storm drains.

    It's here that the players begin to meet each other as they try to navigate the man made tunnels. First Sydney and Detective Simmons have a fateful meeting, with the Detective doing his best to avoid the obviously homeless man who quickly picks up that the cop is out of his element and follows him. Likewise, in another area, Henry and Richard (and Richard's dog) run into eachother and spend a few minutes jimmying open a padlocked door to a supply closet they find. Inside, they find all manor of tools and equipment. Unfortunately, the two ladies (Gretchen and Samantha) turn out to be terrible at navigation. Gretchen stumbles into what turns out to be the den of a batch of territorial badgers while Samantha finds her self stuck in a section of tunnels that have partially collapsed. She manages to squeeze through, but not without picking up some scrapes and bruises.

    Eventually, Sydney and Detective Simmons meet up with Samantha in front of an impass in the tunnels. They've found a much bigger Storm drain with what appears to be a torrent of water rushing through. Stranger still, when they go to test the water, what appears to be an alligator jumps up and tries to bite him. This leaves the players scratching their heads since Sewer alligators are just an urban myth.

    Meanwhile, Henry and Richard come to their own impass and, as they try to figure out what to do, Gretchen happens upon them. Seems like the storm drain they were climbing to leads to a massive chamber filled with pipes. They're about 60' up with no way down. Looks like a catwalk used to run from their storm drain to another exit across the room, but the catwalk has long since rusted away leaving only a massive, slick, 2 meter wide pipe that provides a dangerous walkway across. With a little consideration, the group decides on a plan: Henry heads back to the supply closet and grabs a few safety harnesses and a tonne of rope and heads back. He ties off the rope and sets to work: climbing down from one edge of the room, swimming across and climbing up the other side. They fashion a zipline and ferry the other 2 people (and dog) to the other side.

    Back in Detective Simmons side, they do some investigation and determine that the water rushing in front of them is only quasi real - turns out its the work of a ghostr (or possibly a group of ghosts) - before long, they spot the culprit: a teenage troublemaker on the other side of the fake but dangerous ravine is keeping an eye on them. At first, attempts to communicate go badly but, with a little coaxing Sydney manages to bribe the ghost into letting the group pass. The Ghost takes the money, dismisses the phantasm and is on his way.

    (As a note: one of my players was a little upset that I didn't simply let him resist the illusion and go on his way. I should mention that it wasn't just an illusion as far as I'm concerned - a group of ghosts actually worked together using their anchors and numina to create a torrent of rushing water. The alligators were attack numina. It would have had interesting results if anyone had chosen to dive in and attempt to go toe to toe with an alligator)

    Finally, with obstacles overcome, the group makes it to the party itself and are met at the door by a surprised but pleasent Sin Eater named Andy. Andy points out the various Krewes in the room and answers some basic questions before asking to see keystones before letting the players enter. (Quick note: the players are still split into 2 groups at this point, although they find that the whole group sticks out like a sore thumb for being the newbies in the room.) Andy also explains tonight's main feature: aside from the free music, booze and food inside, they're also going to see two local krewes perform the 'right of conquest.' He simply smirks and doesn't provide any more details - and the players don't prod him.

    Inside, they find a massive cavern filled with people partying. About 5 different krewes plus a few select mortals (cultists if you will) make up a crowd of about 50 currently partying, dancing and drinking the night away inside. A DJ plays electronic music from one side of the room, Food, drink and booze in the middle and, in the far corner, two groups of people drop what looks like junk into a massive pit that's been dug into the ground. A large bonfire sits in the middle of the room - the smoke rising out and escaping through unseen holes in the roof.

    The group wastes no time grabbing food, gathering info on who's who and generally enjoying the scene. Gretchen in particular finds and introduces herself to one of the Gangland Krewes - a spanish thug named Gabriel is dancing and clearly high when she uses a bit of flirting to lure him away from the crowd long enough to introduce both Doc Dick and War Vet Henry to the defacto leader of the East Corpse Krewe.

    After a bit of time, eventually the music dies down and the DJ announces that it's time to watch the right of Conquest. The room heads over to get a good look inside the pit where two different Krewes have piled up massive heaps of junk: one appears to be all black religious symbols while the other piled up brass fittings and pipes. As the crowd watches, the groups begin chanting a ceremony and the piles of junk assemble into two massive golems and begin duking it out. The crowd is entertained by what is essentially a massive live boxing match.

    It's not long however before it all starts to go wrong. Just as the fight begins to get good, one of the golems goes out of control and morphs into what appears to be a massive, fur coated creature. As the Onyx brotherhood Krewe tries to get thier golem back in line, the Brass pipes Krewe has a struggle on their hands as they're fighting something far more powerful than they expected.

    And then shit really hits the fan.

    The floor itself seems to warp with huge pits full of ghostly ravers opening up around and between the party goers. Some people fall in and are ripped to shreds by the shades in short order - but the players mostly get away with a few minor scratches. To complicate matters, two powerful ghosts appear behind the crowd: what appear to be a pair of jaguars the size of elephants begin batting at anything that gets too close. The local krewes scramble to do something about it while the players just work on surviving. A battle ensues: the highlights of which were:

    Gretchen, attempting to scare off the ghosts with her manifestations.
    Sydney, heading towards the door while pick pocketing anyone he can get close to.
    Henry, who spots some gangster wannabes pulling out guns and preparing to shoot the golem in case the Krewe performing the ceremony can't. Henry decides the best course of action is to arm himself, but his PTSD kicks in and he ends up tackling one of the kids into the pit, killing him and ending up with a few bruises of his own. He prepares to face off against a giant angry golem with nothing but a hand gun as the golem is finally brought under control.
    Richard, who (along with his dog) does his best to head to the entrance
    Samantha, who spends the entire event trying to get to the other side of the room and falling into pits instead. She takes a lot of lethal damage in the process but more or less survives.
    and the Detective, who actually manages to make it to the entrance just in time to see a man moving soo fast that he appears to blink into and out of reality on his way out of the room.

    As Detective Simmons finally makes it to the entrance, he activates the boneyard and, using water, surpresses the two leopard ghost long enough for them to be fought off - which strangely ends with them simply winking out of existence to many people's surprise. Around this time, the Onyx Brotherhood krewe manages to get their golem back under control and the room returns to normal.

    People lick their wounds and try to figure out what the hell happened. At this point the Leader of the Onyx Brotherhood - one of the members who was performing the ritual - realizes that his keystone is missing and somehow he can't retrieve it. As the group exchanges numbers and leaves, I end the session.

    And thus ended my groups introduction to Detroit! Any thoughts? Suggestions? Questions? I'll answer anything my group has figured out...
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    What are the PC's Geister?



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      Without going into too much detail:

      Gretchen - The lonely mother - A Geist who's very focused on relationship abuse

      Henry - The tortured Tinker - A Geist who seems very interested in broken things - especially those related to Death

      Sydney a.k.a. 'the midnight hobo' - The Mastiff of the Grey - who seems intent on hunting something down.

      Richard a.k.a. Doc Dick - The Vile Donor - Who appears to be a cadavre that's been left carved open with shriveled, corrupted organs

      Samantha (names have been changed to protect my memories' ego!) - The Maiden of Torment - appears to be a shifting but beautiful woman who dislikes authority

      Detective Simmons - The Opium Madam - Who is still as of yet mostly unknown.

      Don't want to go into too much detail since my players don't have much to go on yet either.