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  • [REPOST] The Electric Chair Key

    I figured, what with the old forums back up again, to celebrate by ensuring nothing can ever be lost again(EVER!). So, let's start small. Just in case it needed to be said, this is not mine. This was made by someone I believe bore the pseudonym Specutra. If he or she is known to you, contact them, so that if they are somehow opposed to this being posted agian, they may say so, and I will take it down. So, he we go, the Elemental Key of Lightning, ELECTRIC CHAIR!

    The Electric-Chair Key
    The Electric-Chair key is only exhibited by the Torn, the Prey and the
    Forgotten. In places where electrocution, whether legal or not, is
    commonly used as a form of execution a Torn Giest may arise with this
    key from someone killed in such a fashion. Victims of lightning strikes
    may fall into either the Prey or the Forgotten but a Forgotten Giest
    with this Key might also arise due to accidental electrocution.

    This Key can only be gained by a Sin-Eater bonding with a Giest who has the Key.

    The Electric-Chair Boneyard

    Skill: Occult

    Electric-Chair Boneyard draws upon the resonance of electricity and the
    light produced by it. If the Sin-Eater manifests an Electric-Chair
    Boneyard in an area of intense electrical activity, man-made or
    otherwise, or in an area where a large number of electrical devices such
    as coil globes, transformers or an electric fence are in use she may
    add her occult rating to the activation successes for purposes of
    determining the affected area.

    Electric-Chair Boneyard
    ??: The Sin-Eater can afflict any person in the area with a powerful
    feeling of raw, stripped nerves. The Sin-Eaters player must roll
    (Presence + Occult + activation successes), resisted by the targets
    Stamina. If the Sin-Eater is successful, the target suffers a dice
    penalty on all actions equal to the Sin-Eaters successes for as long as
    the Sin-Eater maintains concentration on him, as his nerves become
    hypersensitive to artificial stimuli. With an exceptional success, this
    dice penalty will persist for as long as the Boneyard does, even without
    the Sin-Eaters continued concentration. This power costs 1 plasm.

    Electric-Chair Boneyard
    ???: The Sin-Eater can inflict the previous penalty on multiple
    targets, each of whom becomes hypersensitive to stimuli as light sears
    the eyes and the hum of motors and electric cables becomes an
    intolerable whine. This power costs 1 plasm per target to be affected,
    and the effects last as long as the target remains within the Boneyard.
    Any target that rolls more success than the Sin-Eater on stamina is

    Electric-Chair Boneyard
    ????: The Sin-Eater can cause any conductive material or surface within
    a reasonable distance of a source of natural or man-made electricity to
    be charged with electrical energy. The Sin-Eaters player must roll
    (Resolve + Occult + activation successes). This roll may gain +1 to +5
    bonus dice if the distance from the source of power is particularly
    short and/or the material targeted is highly conductive, or it may
    suffer a -1 to -5 penalty if the source of power is distant of the
    material is not natural conductive to electricity. The Sin-Eater may not
    target any living being with this power but can target moving objects
    provided they are in continuous contact with a targeted conducting
    surface. This power costs a varying number of plasm points equal to the
    size of the area to be affected. Charging a door handle might cost 1
    plasm while electrifying an entire floor may cost 10.

    Plasm cost Size Description

    1 1 or smaller A doorknob

    2 2-3 A chair, a metal rail

    3 4-6 Roughly man size

    4 7-10 Up to the size of a small car

    5 11-15 Up to the size of a small truck

    Electric-Chair Boneyard ?????: The Sin-Eater may now
    inflict bashing electrical damage on any target within the Boneyard’s
    area. The Sin-Eater player must roll (Intelligence + Occult + activation
    successes). Defence does not apply to this roll, but it takes a few
    seconds for the electrical discharge to build up, allowing a quick
    witted target to avoid the blast by finding a non-conductive surface.
    Any target subjected to a successful use of this power may roll (Wits +
    Athletics) to avoid the electrical discharge. The targets successes on
    this roll are subtracted from those rolled by the Sin-Eater, with each
    remaining success inflicting one level of bashing damage. If successes
    exceed the targets size they are also knocked unconscious for a number
    of rounds equal to successes. Each attack made with this power costs 3

    The Electric-Chair Caul

    Skill: Occult

    Electric-Chair Caul charges the Sin-Eaters body with static force,
    infusing his nerves with argent lightning. His hair crackles with static
    discharge and his nervous system glows like a blue neon tracery through
    his skin. The Sin-eater gains a bonus to perception rolls, such as
    noticing fine details or hearing a stealthy approach, equal to
    activation successes.

    Electric-Chair Caul
    ??: The Sin-Eaters body is an electrical generator. Any attack made by
    the Sin-Eater that results in direct contact or contact through a
    conductive material counts as having the Stunning affect in addition to
    any other affects it might have.

    Electric-Chair Caul
    ???: The Sin-Eater is also counted as having the stunning effect when
    attacking objects that are susceptible to electrical damage. If he
    exceeds their size in damage through direct contact or through a
    conductive material they are rendered inoperable for a number of turns
    qual to successes rolled.

    Electric-Chair Caul
    ????: The Sin-Eater can spend 1 point of plasm per turn to discharge
    electricity through every inch of his skin. Anyone and anything in
    contact with the Sin-Eater directly or touching a conductive surface
    that is in continuous contact with the Sin-Eater takes bashing damage
    equal to activation successes at the start of each round this contact is
    maintained and the Sin-Eater continues to spend plasm. Targets affected
    by this power must roll strength as a reflexive action to break
    contact, failure means their muscles are locked and unable to move out
    of contact with the source of electricity.

    Electric-Chair Caul
    ?????: The character can transform his body into electrical energy and
    travel great distances through a conductive surface. As long as he is
    touching a conductive surface the character may spend 2 points of plasm
    and vanish in a flash of light. He may emerge from any other conductive
    surface in continuous contact with the origin point within an area equal
    to one mile per rank in Caul. If he chooses he may delay his exit from
    the conductive material for a number of turn’s equal to activation

    The Electric-Chair Curse

    Skill: Occult

    Electric-Chair curse flays raw the victims nerves, making every
    artificial light source a blinding incandescence and every man-made
    sound an intolerable scream. Initially this affect is only manifest when
    the victim is directly exposed to the source of sensation, so if the
    origin of the light or sound is in an adjacent room it has no more
    affect on her than it normally would. When in direct proximity to the
    source of sensation the victim takes a penalty to all rolls equal to
    half, rounded down, of the activation successes. Simply switching off a
    light is sufficient to remove the stimuli but more complex devices emit
    sound even when switched off and would need to be unplugged.

    Electric-Chair Curse
    ??: The Sin-Eater can imbed a theme or concept in the overstimulating
    effect by spending 1 point of plasm. If they wish they can restrict the
    effect to only certain kinds of artificial sources of light or sound,
    alternatively they can cause the victim to experience very specific
    effects from all sources; such as light that overstimulates their optic
    nerves appearing a certain colour or the sound from any machine
    whispering the same message over and over to the victim after a few
    minutes of exposure.

    Electric-Chair Curse
    ???: Initially this curse only affects the victims sight and hearing
    but a third rank curse also blasts open the victims sense of touch for
    an additional point of plasm. Any man made device with an active power
    source or that is currently plugged into an active power source is, to
    the victims psyche, dangerously charged with electricity. Whenever the
    victim attempts to physically interact with such a device they are
    subjected to bashing damage equal to activation successes minus the
    result of a successful resolve roll.

    Electric-Chair Curse
    ????: This power costs an extra point of plasm but at this level
    devices do not even need to be plugged in and powered to have the effect
    on the victim as, to the victim alone, they function continuously
    without seeming to need any kind of power source. The only way to
    prevent this is to destroy the device entirely.

    Electric-Chair Curse
    ?????: The victim’s hypersensitivity now extends outwards an additional
    10 yards per activation successes making the prospect of remaining
    within the bounds of civilized society an intolerable one.

    The Electric-Chair Marionette

    the other elemental marionettes Electric Chair creates a homunculus
    egg. In order to create the egg the Sin-Eater needs a handful of charred
    hair from a person who died of electrocution, either from a natural or
    manmade source. The mechanics of forging the material into an egg are
    the same as any other elemental marionette activation.

    Electric-Chair homunculus is bound permanently to all sources of
    electricity and cannot appear without access to such a source. It
    resembles the deceased from which it was forged only when projecting
    through an electrical device at which time it looks exactly like them
    just after their death but flickers with bursts of static. It can also
    form as an extension of electrical energy connected to a device and
    appears as a roughly human figure composed of a sheet of crackling
    blue-white electricity. This limitation means that an Electric-Chair
    homunculus must remain within a distance of one yard per dot the
    Sin-Eater has in marionette of an electrical source at all times.
    However the homunculus’ ephemeral nature means it can travel along
    wires, leads, cables etc connected from one electrical device to another
    at four times its speed. When the power of the device it is currently
    connected to is switched off and no other device is within its range the
    Electric-Chair homunculus returns to an egg. The egg of an
    Electric-Chair homunculus appears to be a random assortment of small
    electrical components roughly arranged into a ball. Closer inspection
    shows they appear to be wired together with human hair.

    The Electric-Chair Oracle

    order to unlock the astral projection power of the elemental oracle
    using the Electric-Chair key the Sin-Eater must electrocute themselves
    and suffer unconsciousness either through accumulated bashing damage or
    from the natural stunning effect of being electrocuted.

    The Electric-Chair Rage

    Skill: Occult

    Electric-Chair Rage sends electricity burning along the targets nerves
    causing excruciating pain. At lower levels this pain is just that, only
    pain with no visible effect or damage other than the victims thrashing.
    At higher levels the current in the victim is very real causing charring
    of the skin, burning hair and, eventually, arcs of electrical energy.
    In addition to damage the attack also has the stunning property meaning
    if the damage exceeds the targets size they are knocked unconscious. A
    person killed by the Electric-Chair Rage burns from the inside out
    leaving nothing but smoking black bones and a smear of grease.

    The Electric-Chair Shroud

    Skill: Occult

    Electric-Chair shroud surrounds the Sin-Eater with a haze of blue
    energy that manifests as motes of dancing ball lightning too small to
    see individually. In addition to providing armour equal to the
    activation successes the Electric-Chair Shroud also completely protects
    the Sin-Eater from electrocution. It also negates any manifestation
    based attacks which were unlocked using the Electric-Chair key unless
    the attacking Sin-Eater got more activation successes with that key than
    the defender did in unlocking the shroud.

    Electric-Chair Shroud
    ??: By spending 1 plasm the Sin-Eater can charge any currently
    unpowered electrical device whose size is less than his activation
    successes. The device behaves as it normally would with power supplied
    to it until the end of the scene or until the Sin-Eater deactivates the
    Shroud power, whichever comes first.

    Electric-Chair Shroud
    ???: The Sin-Eater can electrocute anyone who touches him or who he
    touches. This attack inflicts bashing damage dice equal to activation
    successes to anyone who touches him or who he touches while the shroud
    is active. Each time damage is inflicted the Sin-Eater must pay 1 plasm.
    A brawl roll may be needed to inflict this damage on a resisting target
    but it is not added as successes to a brawl based attack roll – the
    Sin-Eater may choose to either strike the target or electrocute them but
    not both.

    Electric-Chair Shroud
    ????: By spending 2 plasm the Sin-Eater can inflict electrical damage
    on any inanimate and/or mechanical device he touches. The Sin-Eaters
    player must roll (Resolve + Crafts + activation successes.) If the
    device is mechanical, apply durability as normal. If it is electronic or
    otherwise vulnerable to electrical damage, the attack bypasses

    Electric-Chair Shroud
    ?????: Like the three dot version except it has either the stunning
    property, and costs 2 plasm, or it is lethal damage and causes stunning,and costs 3 plasm.

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    So yeah, done! I'd personally scrap the "only if your Geist has it" thing, because it seems kind of weird and out of step with how most Keys work. Just remember, it's a Elemental Key, so if things seem a bit wonk, that's what's missing.