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    Second Verse, Same as the First! This isn't mine, same creator as Electric Chair, contact if you know, yada yada yada. Sadly, the only copy I was able to find was incomplete, so if you have a better one, or even just the rest of it, please contact me so I can put it up here. Anyway, let's here it for POISON CHALICE!

    The Poison-Chalice Key

    The Poison-Chalice key is only exhibited by Giests of the Torn, the Prey
    and the Stricken. Poison is a common method of execution in the United
    States of America and a favoured form of revenge killings and domestic
    killings across the globe, such a victim of poisoning may become a Torn
    Giest. Someone who dies of a natural poison may then become a Prey
    Giest, but in either case if the poison is a slow acting one the
    resulting Giest may be transformed by the lingering death to become a
    Stricken Giest. All activations of manifestations using the
    Poison-Chalice key that actually result in the target being poisoned by
    the Sin-Eater behave the same way regardless of the degree of toxicity.
    The first round the target rolls (Resolve + Stamina) and if successes
    scored exceed the toxins levels the damage is not taken. This repeats
    for a number of rounds equal to the level of dots the Sin-Eater has in
    the specific manifestation. Regardless of which manifestation poisoned
    the target a Sin-Eater using Poison-Chalice cannot then re-poison the
    target for the remainder of the scene regardless of how large the
    subsequent dose is.

    This Key can only be gained by a Sin-Eater bonding with a Giest who has the Key.

    The Poison-Chalice Boneyard

    Skill: Medicine

    the Poison-Chalice Boneyard causes the poison still within her own
    veins to resonate with other similar toxins granting the Sin-Eater
    knowledge of the location, concentration and toxicity of any poisonous
    substance within the Boneyard’s radius (including people already
    poisoned with a toxic substance.) While in the area covered by the
    Boneyard she can add her activation successes to her Medicine skill to
    administer or treat poisons in the body. As with all other
    Poison-Chalice manifestations each target can only ever be poisoned by
    the Sin-Eater once in a scene. At the end of the scene or when the
    Sin-Eater dismisses the Boneyard any remaining duration of poison in a
    target is negated instantly, as is any increase in toxicity in natural
    poisons he has caused.

    Poison-Chalice Boneyard
    ??: The Sin-Eater can raise or lower the toxicity rating of any single
    dose of poison within the Boneyard. The Sin-Eater’s player rolls
    (Manipulation + Medicine + activation successes,) successes on the roll
    may be used to raise or lower the toxicity of the targeted dose of
    poison a like number of points. This can lower the toxicity of a
    targeted poison to zero, effectively neutralizing it, but can never
    raise the toxicity of a targeted poison to more than double its original
    level. Multiple attempts are allowed if the level of toxicity does not
    reach the level the Sin-Eater wanted but they still cannot more than
    double to original toxicity. Activating this power costs 1 plasm.

    Poison-Chalice Boneyard
    ???: The Sin-Eater may target multiple doses of poison within the
    Boneyard with the preceding power at a cost of 1 plasm per dose to be
    affected. She may also target one specific type of poison and raise or
    lower all instances of the one type of poison as one by spending 2
    plasm, other types of poison are not affected at all.

    Poison-Chalice Boneyard
    ????: The Sin-Eater may target one potentially toxic substance within
    the Boneyard, such as uncooked chicken or an animal commonly thought to
    be poisonous that either is not usually or currently has no venom, and
    instil it with toxicity. The Sin-Eater’s player must roll (Presence +
    Medicine + activation successes) and adds a toxicity rating equal to
    successes to the targeted substance, object or creature. The level of
    toxicity instilled determines the plasm cost of the activation and the
    Sin-Eater can elect to have the toxicity at a lower level than the
    maximum rolled if they are unable or unwilling to pay the full cost. The
    method of delivery is still determined by what is made toxic.

    Plasm cost Toxicity Description

    1 1 Salmonella

    2 2-3 Ammonia, weak venom or weak alcohol abuse

    3 4-6 Bleach, strong venom or chronic alcohol abuse

    4 7-8 Cyanide, lethal venom or lethal alcohol abuse

    Poison-Chalice Boneyard
    ?????: The Sin-Eater may now cause any living target in the area to be
    affected by poison without any need for a vector of delivery. The
    Sin-Eater’s player must roll (Presence + Medicine + activation
    successes) opposed by result of the targets (Stamina + Resolve) roll.
    Net successes are used to determine the toxicity of the poisoning which
    the target then suffers as usual for a poison of that toxicity.

    The Poison-Chalice Caul

    Skill: Medicine

    Poison-Chalice Caul re-awakens the toxin that killed the Sin-Eater and
    infuses her flesh and blood with its deadly substance. This causes no
    harm to the Sin-Eater but makes her once more exhibit the physical
    appearance she had when she was originally poisoned, so a cyanide victim
    would exhibit blue lips and prominent veins while someone killed by a
    spider bite would bear inflamed skin around the wound and a flushed
    feverish appearance. When manifesting the Poison-Chalice Caul the
    Sin-Eater can spend one additional plasm per turn to exude a dose of
    poison. The poison has a toxicity level equal to activation successes up
    to a maximum of 8. As with all other Poison-Chalice manifestations each
    target can only ever be poisoned by the Sin-Eater once in a scene. At
    the end of the scene or if the Sin-Eater dismisses the Caul any
    remaining duration of poison in any targets is instantly negated.

    Poison-Chalice Caul
    ??: The method of transmission for the poison the Sin-Eater exudes is
    the same as the delivery method used to poison the Sin-Eater, so someone
    poisoned by ingestion of cyanide exudes cyanide that can only poison by
    ingestion. By spending 1 additional point of plasm when activating the
    Caul the Sin-Eater can also add another transmission method, so in the
    above example by spending 2 plasm to activate the Caul the Sin-Eater
    could have ingestion and inhalation as transmission methods. Inhalation
    poisons can be used offensively by the Sin-Eater rolling (Dexterity +
    Athletics + activation successes) opposed by the targets (Wits +
    Dexterity.) Any uncontested successes on the part of the Sin-Eater
    indicate she has breathed a dose of toxin directly into the face of her
    target. This ability can only be used in melee combat and the Sin-Eater
    must still pay one plasm to exude the poison unless she already has 5
    dots in Caul.

    Poison-Chalice Caul
    ???: The Sin-Eater may roll (Wits + Medicine + activation successes)
    opposed by the attackers (Wits + Dexterity) whenever they are subjected
    to an attack dealing more than 2 points of lethal or aggravated damage
    in order to charge the blood that they have just shed because of the
    attack with poison. They need not pay any plasm for this ability even if
    they do not yet have 5 dots in Caul. The blood is considered to
    automatically be coating the weapon and the weapons wielder. If the
    poison has a contact or inhalation transmission route it may take effect
    immediately. If the attacker is not aware the blood is poisoned they
    may unwittingly poison themselves at a later time by either suffering a
    point of lethal damage while still covered in the blood for injection
    transmission or by eating/drinking before they clean off the blood for

    Poison-Chalice Caul
    ????: The poison throbbing through the Sin-Eaters veins desensitises
    them to pain and prevents them from feeling the full brunt of any
    injuries they suffer. In affect the Sin-Eater ignores up to a -3 penalty
    due to wounds or from any attack that inflicts pain, such as Agonise.

    Poison-Chalice Caul
    ?????: At this level the Sin-Eater need not pay plasm to manifest a
    dose of poison as it literally seeps from all of her pores. If one of
    the poisons transmission routes is contact then anyone the Sin-Eater
    touches or who touches her is immediately afflicted with the poison. If
    one of the transmission routes is inhalation then the square in which
    the Sin-Eater is standing is considered poisoned and anyone entering it
    who breathes is immediately afflicted with the poison.

    The Poison-Chalice Curse

    Skill: Medicine

    Poison-Chalice Curse relies on the target having already succumbed to a
    poison of either natural or unnatural origin at some time in the past.
    This can be as recent as having just been touched by the Sin-Eater using
    the manifestation or as distant as a wasp sting they received years
    ago. The amount of time since the poisoning is immaterial as the Curse
    restores the poison to its original strength and places its effects on
    the targets body entirely at the Sin-Eaters discretion. No actual poison
    damage is taken by the target but it weakens the victim’s body as if
    they had suffered a relapse of the toxin. For the duration of the curse
    the victim takes a penalty to all Stamina based rolls equal to half,
    rounded down, of the activation successes.

    Poison-Chalice Curse
    ??: The weakness caused by the poison saps the victims energy so much
    that whenever they attempt and then fail a Stamina based roll they must
    then make an immediate unmodified (Stamina + Resolve) roll or fall
    asleep unless they spend a point of willpower to automatically negate
    the affect.

    Poison-Chalice Curse
    ???: The victim suffers actual physical degradation due to the weakness
    caused by the toxin. The Sin-Eater spends an extra point of plasm when
    activating the Curse but the victim loses a point of Stamina (to a
    minimum of one) for the duration of the Curse. This does not affect the
    existing penalty or the roll required for the two-dot power above but it
    does reduce the victim’s health by one point.

    Poison-Chalice Curse
    ????: The effects of poisoning also sap the victim’s physical strength
    reducing a once healthy body to the weakness of a mewling babe. The
    victim suffers a reduction in strength of 1 per two activation successes
    (to a minimum of 1.)

    Poison-Chalice Curse
    ?????: The poison has drained the victim so much they have lost not
    just the strength but also the will to fight. The victim must succeed at
    an unmodified (Resolve + Stamina) roll in order to attempt any Strength
    or Stamina based roll unless they spend a point of willpower to
    automatically negate the affect. This does not prevent them from having
    to make the two-dot roll to stay awake if they subsequently fail said

    The Poison-Chalice Marionette

    Skill: Medicine

    the effects of the Boneyard manifestation in altering the toxicity of a
    substance are negated by the ending of the Boneyard itself poisons
    altered by the Poison-Chalice marionette remain altered for a number of
    days equal to activation successes. The basic effect of this
    manifestation is to increase or decrease the toxicity of the existing
    poisonous substance by an amount equal to activation successes up to
    double the toxins original efficacy or down to a toxicity rating of
    zero. Unlike other Poison-Chalice manifestations the number of times the
    poison repeats is determined by the original substance

    Poison-Chalice Marionette
    ??: By also spending a point of Willpower when altering the toxicity of
    the substance the Sin-Eater can have its effect limited to only one
    target victim. For example this allows the Sin-Eater to poison a whole
    family meal and only have the toxin take effect in her intended target
    leaving the rest of the family completely unharmed.

    Poison-Chalice Marionette
    ???: Typically the original poison used will only have one or two
    methods of transmission which may not be ideal to the Sin-Eaters needs.
    For each point of additional plasm spent to activate the Marionette the
    Sin-Eater can remove or add one method of transmission from the
    following list; Contact, ingestion, inhalation and injection.

    Poison-Chalice Marionette
    ????: The Sin-Eater can cause a currently un-poisoned substance,
    object, plant or animal to carry a dose of poison with toxicity equal to
    successes on a (Manipulation + Medicine + Marionette rating) roll. This
    has the same basic rules and costs as the four-dot Poison-Chalice
    Boneyard power but lasts for a number of days equal to activation
    successes. Like the Boneyard power this causes a targeted plant or
    animal to exude the poison in a natural way and so does not poison the
    plant or animal itself. Poison created in this way repeats every round
    for a number of rounds equal to dots in this manifestation and can be
    combined with other lower or higher powers of this manifestation as if
    it were an existing toxin.

    Poison-Chalice Marionette
    ?????: By also spending a point of Willpower when activating this
    manifestation the Sin-Eater can instil the poison with a very specific
    triggering condition. As long as this triggering condition is met within
    the duration of the Marionettes activation period the poison takes
    effect at once. This trigger can be anything from a specific time and
    place to a certain word spoken only by the Sin-Eater.

    The Poison-Chalice Oracle

    Skill: Medicine

    Stillness Oracle allows a Sin-Eater to determine what killed a body
    that they are examining whereas the Poison-Chalice Oracle allows a
    Sin-Eater to see what is killing a currently living target. With the
    basic power of this Manifestation the Sin-Eater becomes preternaturally
    skilful at understanding what factors are responsible for the current
    sickness of an individual. After all there is no such thing as perfect
    health or no one would need to die. For the duration of the scene the
    Sin-Eater can add her activation successes to any mundane roll based on
    Investigation, Medicine or Occult to determine the current state of a
    targets health.

    Poison-Chalice Oracle
    ??: The Sin-Eater also gains the 9-again quality on all mundane
    Investigation, Medicine or Occult rolls to determine the current state
    of a targets health

    Poison-Chalice Oracle
    ???: The Sin-Eater can see any current health problems the target may
    be suffering from, even those of which they are not aware. The player
    spends 1 plasm and rolls (Wits + Medicine + activation successes) minus
    the targets Stamina. Success grants information on their current medical
    condition and reveals any lingering health problems they may have. One
    piece of information is gained per success and some examples of relevant
    information include; current health total, chronic smoking, liver
    disease, congenital heart defects and food poisoning.

    Poison-Chalice Oracle
    ????: Once the Sin-Eater has identified a current health issue using
    the two-dot power of Poison-Chalice Oracle they may then spend an
    additional point of plasm and make a second (Wits + Medicine +
    activation successes) roll minus the targets Stamina in order to predict
    the likely course of the condition if it is not arrested. Success
    indicates the Sin-Eater can determine whether or not the condition will
    subside on its own but further successes also reveal how a persistent
    condition will continue to degrade the targets health according to the
    table below.

    Successes Maximum timeline

    1 Determines whether or not condition will worsen

    2 Look forward one week

    3 Look forward one month

    4 Look forward one year

    5 Look forward till condition causes death

    Poison-Chalice Oracle
    ?????: By spending one point of Willpower when activating this ability
    the Sin-Eater is able to accurately predict the targets remaining
    lifespan based on their current state of health. In addition to gaining
    the information from the three-dot or four-dot level of this
    manifestation they also calculate the remaining natural lifespan of the
    target as depicted on the table below.

    Successes Accuracy of prediction

    1 Within 10 years

    2 Within 5 years

    3 Within 2 years

    4 Within 12 months

    5 Within 6 months

    The Poison-Chalice Rage

    Skill: Medicine

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    Yes, it cuts off right there. No, I don't have the rest, though if you do, I would be ever so greatful if you would contact me. Again, the "only if your geist has it" is weird, and something I'd probably shuck myself.