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    Well, sorry for the break, but I had exams. So, let's continue on, this time with two Keys created by an old forum user who went by Darkflame14. If you know him or her, make sure they know about this and don't want me to not post it. Any-who, let's have us some Spiritus!

    The Spiritus Key

    The Geists of the Underworld are far beyond just ghosts. Taking on some elements of Spirits, they have become an embodiment of a form of death, making them kin to many of the death spirits in the shadow world. With this key, a Geist can draw upon their Spirit half to interact with the shadow and its entities. A powerful enough Geist with this key can gardener great respect among the spirit courts and within the shadow can be a force to be reckoned with.

    Primary Skill: Occult

    Spiritus Boneyard
    Effect: Allows the Geist to examine the Gauntlet and at higher levels manipulate it.

    * At the fundamental level, this allows a Geist to add his activation successes in any effort to sense awakened spirits in an area and rolls to identify them. This also allows the Sin-Eater to see spirits across the gauntlet, but not to interact with them.

    ** At this level, a Geist can force a spirit of their choice that they can sense to be forced into twilight. Roll Wits+Occult+Activation successes. If the spirit is unwilling, they can use their Resistance trait to prevent this. Each success forces the spirit to remain in Twilight for one turn. While in twilight, the Geist can interact with it like a ghost.

    *** At this stage, a Geist can go further than bringing a spirit across into twilight. They can force them to manifest in the area of their Boneyard. This requires a similar roll to the Level 2 version of this power. A manifested spirit can me interacted with physically, but likewise can interact physically with the Geist and can be a dangerous foe if angered. Like the Level 2 version, an unwilling spirit can roll resistance to avoid being summoned. This aspect costs 1 Plasm to activate. Alternatively, by spending 1 plasm, a Geist can make his Boneyard a temporary locus. However this reaks with death essence and thus generally is more useful to spirits related to death.

    **** At this level, the Geist can influence a summoned spirit (By the LV 2 or LV 3 versions) to perform actions for them. Generally its a good idea to bargain with the Spirit to avoid any ill will, but the spirit can be forced to comply with a Wits+Occult+Activation successes VS the Spirits resistance and a cost of 2 plasm. The spirit a number of turns equal to the successes must obey the Geist, but it will not perform actions that are potentially suicidal. A spirit may be commanded to attack someone within the radius of the Boneyard, inflicting damage appropriate to the spirit in question.

    ***** A Geist with mastery in the Spiritus Boneyard can tear down the gauntlet, turning the location of his Boneyard into a verge. Spirits can freely manifest in the zone, but will not harm the Geist unless she attacks them first. This costs 3 plasm to activate. The Geist is seen by spirits as the head spirit of the region and thus the Geist may add their activation successes to any rolls to interact with the spirit. She may also command multiple spirits like the Level 4 power, giving her potential access to a venerable spirit army, although she will need to spend the plasm for each Spirit she wishes to force into her service. Of course, this power has its risks as many werewolves don't look to highly on unauthorized Verges or those who create them.

    The Spiritus Caul
    Skill: Occult

    The Spiritus Caul allows a Geist to take on aspects like spirits. Her form takes on a hazy silhouette much like a manifested spirit and and gains more spirit-like features.

    * At the fundamental level, this allows the Geist to see across the gauntlet as well as add her activation successes to any rolls rolls to perceive and communicate with spirits. Spirits start to see her as one of their own and thus are more likely to be friendly to her.

    ** At this level, her spiritual form becomes visible on both sides of the gauntlet. This allows her to speak and interact with spirits as well as the real world at the same time. She still requires a Locus or Verge to cross into the shadow at this stage however.

    *** At this stage, the Geist has the ability to physically enter the shadow without using a Locus or a Verge. Each trip however costs 1 plasm in order to force one's way through the gauntlet. This can also be useful to avoid physical attacks on either side of the gauntlet, but requires concentration, thus the Geist must take a full defense action to "React" to an oncoming attack. When an attack is declared, the Geist may spend 1 Plasm to completely avoid the attack and transfer from one realm to another. The attack is automatically treated as a miss, unless the attack can cross the gauntlet on its own.

    **** The Geist gains access to Spirit Numina related to death, allowing her to literally draw upon the conceptual powers of death. She gains access to one Numia per success on the activation roll. Any costs in Essence have an equivalent cost in Plasm to activate. She also gains influence over the Death equal to her dots in the Spiritus Caul, but must spend 1 plasm per use of this influence. When deciding the dice pool for Numia, Roll Wits+Occult+Caul as a dice pool when using Numia and influence.

    ***** At the highest stage of the Spiritus Caul, the Geist can physically take the form of a spirit, gaining all the advantages of such a form. Take the highest attributes related to Power, Finesse and Resistance and use these as the base levels of Power, Finesse and Resistance (use her normal health levels however). She may then distribute any successes when activating this Caul as dots to add to Power, Finesse and Resistance at a one for one basis. The transformation costs 2 plasm. While in Spirit form, her attacks do lethal damage and use Power+Finesse as their dice pool, but may not use any equipment other than her keystone as a weapon while in this form. She may reflexively spend plasm to add +2 dice to her attack pool per plasm spent. She may also heal herself by spending Plasm, healing any wound (Bashing, Lethal or Aggravated) at a 1 for 1 basis. Her appearance becomes like her Geist while in Spirit form and most Spirits will perceive her as a death spirit. When using Numina, you may use Power+Finesse+Caul as a die pool instead of Wits+Occult+Caul, but use the higher of the two.

    The Spiritus Curse
    Skill: Occult

    The Spiritus Curse causing the spirits to act against one who is cursed by this power. At lower levels this causes only minor misfortune, but at higher levels spirits become malicious, even harmful to the afflicted character.

    * At the fundamental level, the Spiritus Curse makes using objects more difficult as the spirits within the items become resistant to the user. Any rolls involving the use of objects lose the 10 again rule.

    ** Rather than the spirits just being resistant, they now actively try and thwart the user. Devices break down, devices malfunction more often and the life of the person becomes more difficult. On any roll to use a device, 1's on the dice subtract from successes.

    *** The spirits now hound the character constantly as using tools now becomes a risky venture for the person. If more 1's than successes are rolled in any dice pool involving using a device, it automatically counts as a dramatic failure.

    **** At this stage, devices refuse to function at all for the wielder. All rolls to use a device now are reduced to a chance die. This can hamper a character much as cars refuse to start, computers shut down and guns refuse to fire.

    ***** The spirits now actively attack the cursed individual. When the person is exposed to a potentially dangerous device, roll your activation successes as an attack pool against the target. This usually manifests as some terrible malfunction, such as an electric lamp shocking the target, a microwave exploding or some other dangerous event. This inflicts bashing or lethal depending on the nature of the attack

    The Spiritus Marionette
    Primary Skill: Occult

    The Spiritus Marionette allows a Sin-Eater to exert influence over individual spirits. While this power may only affect one spirit at a time, it can exert powerful control over it, at higher levels turning it into a puppet that can be controlled by the Sin Eater.

    * at the fundamental level, the Spiritus Marionette allows two aspects. First it allows a Geist to sense and communicate with a Spirit in twilight or across the gauntlet (although she cannot see it unless it manifests or she has crossed into the shadow herself). It also allows them to offer "Essence" to a spirit as a potential Bribe to a spirit to coax its willful assistance. As Plasm however isn't exactly the same thing as real essence, it costs 2 Plasm to gift an entity with 1 essence in order to transform the essence of the dead into a nourishing form for the spirit in question.

    ** At this level, the Sin-Eater can manipulate the urges of a spirit, forcing it to indulge in behavior akin to its baser nature immediately. This costs 1 plasm to do. This can be useful at times to force a spirit which might be threatening to revert back to its normal routine, or to serve a purpose that would aid the Geist. A spirit can chose to resist by rolling its resistance versus the sin eaters wits+occult+activation successes. One benefit of this power is that because the spirit becomes more industrious towards its concept, the Geist may add her activation successes to any die roll to use an object with the spirit inhabits. For instance, a computer spirit affected by this power would cause the machine to work effectively, adding the activation successes to rolls using that computer.

    *** The Sin eater now can start pulling on the strings of a spirit, forcing it to perform actions outside its baser nature, but not in complete opposition to its concept. This power costs 2 plasm to activate. This works much like the LV 2 power, but now the Sin Eater can define a set of behaviors for the spirit to follow and then force it to act on this newly defined nature. This can allow a spirit to do things outside its preview, but actions that are in utter opposition to its concept automatically fail (A Death Spirit cannot be forced to save lives for instance). Another use of this power is that the Geist can cause devices to malfunction so long as she manipulates the proper spirit. Those using an affected device LOSE a number of dice equal to the activation successes, as the devices malfunction and do not operate efficiently.

    **** At this level a Sin Eater can take full and utter control of a Spirit, forcing it to perform any actions she tells it to do. This costs 2 plasm to activate. In addition, the power of this level of Marionette allows the Sin Eater to force the spirit to manifest in twilight or across the gauntlet at the whim of the sin eater. The Spirit may be forced to perform any actions defined by the Sin Eater, even if it might be in opposition to her nature. A Spirit may resit with their Resistance like the lower level powers, but gains a half-again bonus to their resistance (rounded down) to their resistance roll if they're being forced to do something utterly against their concept. The spirit is controlled for a number of hours equal to the successes rolled.

    ***** A master of Marionette can now Trans-Possess a spirit much like she can Trans-Possess her own Geist. When this is done, her body enters a comatose state and possessing her own Geist, she merges with the spirit in question. This costs 3 plasm to do and the spirit in question can resist the possession much like the other levels of this power. While trans-possessing a spirit however, the merger causes the spirit to take a form of an amalgam of the spirit and the geist, thus it appears like something utterly different than the spirit that it was. While possessing the spirit, the Geist has full control of it, able to use her keys and manifestations as well as any numina and influences the spirit possesses. She may use the spirits own essence to fuel numina, but must use plasm to fuel any manifestations. As this merger strengthens a spirit, the user may add her activation successes to the spirits power, finesse and resistance attributes (at a 1 for 1 basis) for the duration of the power. The power lasts a number of hours equal to the successes rolled. If her human body is killed during this time, the possession immediately ends. This power can be dangerous as it can leave a spirit with quite a grudge as most spirits do not like being controlled in such a fashion.

    The Spiritus Oracle
    Key Skill: Occult

    The Spiritus Oracle allows the Sin Eater to draw upon knowledge of the Spirit world, gaining insight far beyond that akin to mortal beings. At fundamental levels it provides excellent perception of spiritual activity, but later can reveal the most important aspects of a spirit, such as its Ban.

    * At the fundamental level, the Spiritus Oracle allows the user to add her activation successes to any Occult rolls identifying with spirits and spiritual activity. She may also see spirits that are in twilight at this stage and add her successes to any perception rolls to spot a spirit that may be hiding itself.

    ** The Sin Eater now has a vision of both worlds at once. She can perceive the shadow and the real world both at the same time, able to see Spirits across the gauntlet. Spirits however cannot perceive her unless they enter twilight, thus cannot be communicated with at this level of the power. Like the level one power, she may add her activation successes to any roll to locate a spirit that may be hiding itself.

    *** At this stage, the Sin Eater through examining the results of spiritual activity, can track a spirit to its point of origin. This requires the Sin Eater to examine an area where the spirit has exerted its influence and a Wits+Occult+Activation successes to track the spirit. In addition, at this stage the Sin Eater can communicate with Spirits across the gauntlet, allowing her voice to be heard by the spirit (But not physically perceived unless the spirit crosses into twilight). In addition, by examining the area of the spirit activity, the Sin Eater may identify the nature of the spirit in question, with a successful roll.

    **** The Sin Eater now gains powerful insight into Spirits. By spending 1 Plasm, a Sin Eater can draw upon her Geist's knowledge of the spirit world, allowing her to identify a spirit's exact function without an occult roll to identify the spirit. With this knowledge she adds her activation successes to social rolls dealing with that spirit for the rest of the scene.

    ***** A master of Oracle allows a Sin Eater to delve into the deepest secrets of a spirit and identify its greatest weakness, its Ban. This requires 2 plasm and a Wits+Occult+Activation Successes roll VS the spirits Resistance trait. If successful, the Sin Eater learns the Ban that the spirit must follow. Armed with this knowledge, the Sin Eater may add her activation successes to any roll used to manipulate the spirit's ban to their advantage.

    Spiritus Rage
    Key Skill: Occult

    The Spiritus Rage draws upon the raw essence of death as a physical attack. This malign power allows a Sin-Eater to literally snuff out the life of a target by infusing it with death essence, the very embodiment of entropy. The viable affect of this power is a black shroud that surrounds the victim.

    * At the fundamental level, the Sin Eater can cause a victim of her rage to feel the very breath being drawn from their lungs. This causes bashing damage and forces the affected target (If living) to make a stamina roll or lose her next action as she tries to catch her breath.

    ** At this level, the death essence starts to snuff out the life force of the victim. The character in addition to the previous effect, must pass a Resolve+Composure roll or be consumed by the fear of death, losing 2 dice on all die pools. In addition at this stage, the power inflicts lethal damage.

    *** The shroud of death can now bind a victim in the enrapture of death. By spending 2 plasm and rolling a Wits+Occult+Rage - Targets Strength, she can have the death energy wrap around the target and immobilize her. This lasts a number of turns equal to the successes rolled or until the victim escapes. To escape, the victim must roll Strength+Athletics and gain a number of successes equal to the activation roll.

    **** Through binding a victim with the previous power, the Sin Eater can now cause the shroud to suffocate a target, choking him into unconsciousness, for a cost of 1 additional plasm per attempt. When this happens the victim must make a stamina+supernatural resistance roll. If this fails, the target immediately falls unconscious, even if her health track is not completely full as the shroud sucks all the air out of the target's lungs. This does not work on Ghosts, Undead, Vampires and Spirits as they do not need breathe to survive.

    ***** The Sin Eater now can inflict aggravated damage on a target with her Rage. The target is infused with the undiluted essence of death that causes utter destruction to all things. This costs an additional plasm and a point of willpower however to accomplish. The target may not apply their stamina to resist this damage (But may add their supernatural resistance trait or bonuses for a supernatural resistance like Resilience.

    The Spiritus Shroud
    Key Skill: Occult

    The Spiritus Shroud surrounds the Geist in a protective barrier of Corpus that provides defense against spiritual attacks and Numina as well as offensive methods that can be used to battle spirits on equal terms.

    * At the fundamental level, the Spiritus Shroud provides a number of levels of armor against attacks of a supernatural nature equal to one's shroud rating. Unlike other shrouds, this does not provide armor against purely mundane attacks such as being stabbed with a knife. So while normal numina and pure magical attacks can be deflected, a spirit that uses a physical object against the sin eater can ignore this power.

    ** At this level, the Sin Eater can reach across the gauntlet and attack spirits as though she were physically there. She however must have a means of perceiving a spirit in order to attack it, either by crossing into the shadow or using another Spiritus power to perceive the spirit. The spirit cannot retaliate unless they are in the same realm as the attacker.

    *** At this level a Sin Eater can actively oppose offensive numina used against her or her allies. By sacrificing her action, she may spend 1 plasm and roll a Wits+Occult+Activation Successes against a numina that she can perceive. Each success cancels one success on the numina attempt. If this equals or exceeds the successes of the numina, the numina is dispelled without an affect. This can also be used to dispel ongoing numina as well so long as she can perceive it.

    **** The Sin Eater can now home her body to match the preternatural reflexes of a spirit in combat. By spending 1 plasm, the spirit can apply only the LOWER of her power or finesse versus the attacks of the Sin Eater. This is because the sin eater is able to predict the spirit's movements in combat and adjust her posture accordingly to attack the spirit's weaker defense.

    ***** The Sin Eater can now consume a defeated spirit much like a ghost, gaining the ability to permanently slay even the most immortal of spirits. This requires the Sin Eater to reduce the spirit's corpus to zero and then consume the remaining essence of the spirit (rolling Wits+Occult+Shroud as a die pool, consuming 1 essence per success). She gains 1 plasm per 2 dots of essence consumed and if the spirit is reduced to 0 essence it is destroyed. Doing this however is a synergy violation equal to killing a ghost so may require a Synergy roll. Consuming a spirit has a benefit and a drawback.

    Benefit: For a number of days equal to the spirit's power trait, the sin eater gets a 2 die bonus to any skill rolls relating to the spirit's influences.

    Drawback: Eating the essence of a spirit causes the Sin Eater to take on temporally take on the mantle of the spirit she has consumed. She suffers from a compulsion derangement to act out the spirits nature for a number of days equal to the spirits's power. When a chance comes to indulge in such behaviors, the Sin Eater must roll a Resolve+Composure to resist giving into the urges.

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    So, yeah, interesting idea. Might be interesting to see how this might be revamped to work with the new GMC rules.


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      I like this Key - I used it as the cornerstone for a tier-3 krewe, but they called it "Reibai Key," and they were started (and still operated by) Yagyu Jubei.