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    So, yeah, second verse, same as first. Not mine, written by Darkflame14, contact him/her if you can, sorry this isn't finished. Anyway, here comes Corpse-Flesh!

    The Corpse-Flesh Key

    Flesh and soul are inadvertently linked. Just as the soul shapes the body, the body shapes the soul, and thus even after death, the flesh is linked to the realms of the dead. A Sin Eater with the corpse-flesh key can manipulate the link between death and the flesh, allowing them to gain control over flesh, both living and dead.

    The Corpse-Flesh Boneyard
    Key Skill: Survival

    The Corpse-Flesh boneyard gains control over the dead in a region. This key is most effective in places where a great amount of corpses lay dead and burried. An old battlefield with a mass grave, a graveyard or places where the dead have been left to decay and be claimed by the elements. When used in such places, the Boneyard gets a +1 die bonus to the activation roll. In addition the Sin Eater can sense any flesh creatures within the radius of her boneyard.

    * At the initial stage, the Corpse-Flesh Boneyard allows the Sin Eater to get an idea of what lies dead and burried within the region of her boneyard. She can sense the corpses of the dead (Be it animal or human, or even dead trees), so long as they have physical remains burred within the earth.

    ** Gaining more control over the flesh, by locating a body in the boneyard, the Sin Eater can force the earth to expell its remains so long as it is in the boneyard. This costs a point of plasm to do, but can remove the remains even if they are buried deep in the ground or in coffins. The body is expelled in an intact state, inflicting no damage on the corpse itself in the process.

    *** The Sin Eater can now cause the dead to animate in minor ways and thrash out at those she chooses to within her bone-yard. Dead trees can be commanded to grapple targets with their roots and corpses can be commanded to reach out from the ground and grapple targets. At this stage the boneyard causes no damage, instead the Sin Eater spends 1 plasm and rolls a Wits+Survival+Activation Successes minus the target's defense, making a grapple attempt on the target. To escape the person must either destroy the source grabbing them or roll a Strength+Athletics and gain a number of successes equal to the activation successes to break out of the grab. This power DOES require there to be dead in the area that can facilitate the grapple however.

    **** At this stage, the Sin Eater does not require actual corpses to attack those in her boneyard. Instead, she calls shades from the underworld who take on the embodiment of zombies who can facilitate the grapple. In addition, at this stage, the Sin Eater can have the dead cause physical damage to a target. By spending 1 plasm and rolling Wits+Survival+Activation successes minus the target's defense, she can have the dead strike out at a target, inflicting bashing damage on the target. She may also affect multiple targets with her attacks. In this case, spend 2 plasm roll a wits+survival+activation successes versus the highest defense of the group, and subtract 1 die for every person beyond the first. Apply ALL successes to each target. All targets still must roll a strength+athletics vs the activation successes to break the grapple.

    ***** A master of the Corpse-Flesh boneyard can now animate the dead to attack targets, or embody ghosts from the underworld to do so. Each corpse requires a point of plasm to animate (Or two if it is an embodied Ghost). There is no limit to the number of corpses that the Sin Eater can animate other than the amount of Plasm she has available to spend. The Corpses are under full control of the Sin Eater and can be made to attack people within the boneyard, but cannot pass beyond the bounds of the boneyard. The corpses remain animated until the boneyard is deactivated, whereas they remain for one more scene before passing on. Follow the normal rules for Zombies for these creatures, but distribute any successes on the activation roll for their attributes.

    The Corpse-Flesh Caul
    Key Skill: Medicine

    The Corpse-Flesh Caul allows the Sin Eater to reshape the flesh in his body, allowing her to do alterations to her appearance at lower levels to bizzare changes to her form at higher levels.

    * At the fundamental level, the Corpse-Flesh Caul allows the Sin Eater to change her superficial features. She can change the colour of her skin, hair and eyes by altering their pigmentation. She may add her successes on her Caul to skill checks to disguise herself.

    ** More drastic changes can be accomplished at this level. She can alter her height and weight within a number of inches equal to the successes on the check. She may also alter her features in an attempt to impersonate a person of their own gender, but will usually require a frame of reference to do so (Like a picture) and a Wits+Composure roll to do the proper alterations.

    *** At this stage, the Sin Eater can perform drastic alterations to her body, strengthening it with the power of her plasm. By spending a willpower point she may add her activation successes to her physical attributes at a 1 for 1 basis for the scene. This can affect derived attributes such as health. In addition she can reshape her bones to form claws, bone spurs, fangs or other natural weapons allowing her to inflict lethal damage with her natural attacks. All weapons formed by this power are considered +1.

    **** By eating the flesh of a human being (Living or Dead) and spending 1 plasm she can now reshape her body into an exact duplicate of the person she consumed the flesh of. This is a physical change so can even fool supernatural senses, although blood tests and similar checks will still show the user who he really is. This is a perfect physical simulation regardless of race or gender, but must be a human being. Even her voice matches that of the person. This power however does not impart any knowledge on how to act the part. and thus impersonation is best done by someone who has been researched.

    ***** A master of the corpse flesh shroud can use their plasm to make their skin and body tough against most forms of physical trauma. When she is hit by an attack, she may spend 2 plasm as a reflexive action reduce an attack dealing bashing or lethal damage to a single point of bashing damage, regardless of the successes rolled. Aggravated damage however is inflicted as normal.

    The Corpse-Flesh Curse
    Key Skill: Medicine

    The Corpse-Flesh curse afflicts a horrific illness upon the victim. This causes their flesh and organs to fail, inflicting a crippling and at times even fatal effect on a target.

    * At the initial level, the target suffers some odd aches and pains of unknown causes. The target suffers a -1 die penalty to all physical actions fur the duration of the curse.

    ** The character now starts to feel a growing nausea within her akin to a flu or other minor disease. This weakens the character, causing her to vomit on occasion and suffer growing illness. She suffers a -2 penalty on all actions while under the thrall of the curse.

    *** By spending 1 plasm, the target's body now no longer recovers by natural means. Any natural healing during the curse is halted, thus the character does not heal from bashing, lethal or aggravated wounds in the duration. External healing sources (Such magic or goblin fruits) still work. Werewolves afflicted with this curse heal more sluggishly, healing only 1 level of bashing a minute and require 1 hour to heal Lethal damage. Vampires require double the amount of blood to heal damage.

    **** By spending 2 plasm the target is afflicted with a dangerous medical condition causing their body and organs start to fail. Unless she undergoes constant medical treatment, she suffers 1 level of bashing damage per hour. The character suffers a penalty to actions equal to half the number of successes on the activation roll rounded down (minimum 1). Damage inflicted by this curse cannot be healed until the curse runs its course or is dispelled (Except by magic or goblin fruits).

    ***** A master of the Corpse-Flesh curse can cause the target's very cells to rebel against the body, afflicting them with a malignant form of Cancer. As this is a supernatural disease, even vampires can be affected by this power. It costs 3 plasm to afflict a target with this disease. The target suffers 1 lethal damage per hour until the cancer kills them and consumes their body. Even if the curse is dispelled, the cancer still remains (although can be healed normally at this stage and does not inflict lethal damage). With prompt surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, one might be cured by this, but it requires a Intelligence+Medicine roll with a number of successes equal to the activation successes to successfully remove the Cancer before it kills the target. Even then long-term affects of the treatment still are in effect.

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    Yeah, he or she didn't get to finish it, apparently. For the record, what was supposed to come next was:
    The Corpse-Flesh Marionette: Allows the creation of a homunculus from the flesh of a corpse

    The Corpse-Flesh Oracle: Allows the character to see the inner workings of a body, determining illnesses, physical defects and other conditions that may threaten their life.

    The Corpse-Flesh Rage: Causes a target's body to break down, inflicting physical damage and penalties to physical actions.

    The Corpse-Flesh Shroud: Protects the character from physical attacks as well as gives their flesh extended resilience versus attacks.

    If it turns out they did, just contact me so I can fix this up. Anyway, here's the Thresehold these were made for:

    Name: The Corrupted

    Form of Death: Death By Supernatural Means
    Nicknames: The Veil-Torn, The Unclean, The Fear-Slain
    Horseman: Chosen Of The Shadow Horseman

    The Corrupted are the rarest of all Thresholds among the Sin-Eaters. They are born from rare deaths from purely unnatural means. Some forms of death might include being killed by magic, slain by attacks from spirits, a botched arcane ritual resulting in death and other strange means. This might also include deaths resulting from supernatural fear or attributed to being controlled by a supernatural power (Such as being mind-controlled into taking your own life). Pure supernatural deaths are rare, but they do happen and these attract the unclean spirits, who bear the taint of supernatural corruption and thus one of the corrupted is born. The Corrupted are chosen by the mysterious Sixth horseman, known as the "Shadow Horseman". Like a shadow he lurks unseen and unknown, seen only like a shadow at the corner of the eye. Due to their strong connection to the supernatural world, the Corrupted possess two unique keys. Spiritus, a key that allows a Geist to draw on their spiritual half to influence the shadow world and Corpse-Flesh, which allows a Geist to draw upon the connection between death and the flesh.