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  • Movie night: Come Back To Me

    Alright, perhaps this has already been discussed, but tonight, I saw "Come Back To Me" on Netflix. I will say it takes a while to build up to the supernatural part, but when it does...

    I should also note it's based on a book, or so the credits say. But I'll continue after the bump:

    Unsure of how to use spoiler tags on this site, nach.


    So the villain of the piece is Dale, and, while the movie is pretty light and breezy, he looks cut and paste from the shadows of WoD. Since I interpret him as an Abmortal, that means his place is among the Bound, but he's an interesting and flexible character that can be deployed elsewhere.

    Since it's harder to think of these, I'll get the "Ally" hook out of the way:
    What happens when a Ghost doesn't want to be found? Whatever information that guy knows (and the Krewe needs) scared him so much that he killed himself and has fled into the Underworld. Sure, they could track him down, but that'd take time. If they could convince Dale, though, surely his power would unwillingly return the hesitant spirit. (Of course, it couldn't pull back from a Dead Domain - or can it? And would the Krewe be willing to suffer those consequences?)

    The "Enemy" hook is far simplest:
    He is simply an abomination, abusing Death in ways no one, not even a supernatural, should. Of course, as the movie defines him, he's pretty squishy, so it'd either be mostly chase, or he'd be touched from beyond in another way, as well.

    There's also opportunities for stories that aren't so head-on: say they catch sight of one of his victims. How would Bounds' Death Sight register that mess? Or would the power be crafting some form of tolerance to death that hits too close to home?

    A more ambitious story is that the movie plays out, and the Krewe is just as mystified as anyone else when the bodies suddenly appear. They can feel the tilt of the inappropriate death - but can they fix the balance without sacrificing all their Synergy?

    And, last but not least, the stinger of the sequel hook. A little cliched, yes, but what of that babies' fate? Perhaps they confronted it in a prelude (especially if the Krewe's "first" deaths were due to Dale's death) and perhaps the decision to not kill an innocent child tore the Krewe apart, leaving only the troupe with the obligation to watch over the child. Can they protect the innocence of the soul while fending off those who would exploit its power - all over the unhappy mutterings of their Geists?
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    Originally posted by DarthDoctor View Post
    I should also note it's based on a book, or so the credits say.
    The Resurrectionist, by Wrath James White.


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      Weird damn film.

      Don't be afraid of the dark by Guillermo del toro.

      WoD-Dark Eras!! (Backed for Viking Age Werewolf)


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        I figured Dale is a pretty interesting version of a Wretched, myself. He isn't bringing people back to further his life, though I see the ability to stave off death energy as an ability of a Geist, here one who is particularly nasty in attacking women and bringing them back to avoid responsibility of his crimes.

        The baby could perhaps appear as a child with a Supernatural Merit or so, perhaps much wanted by Ghosts to be possessed/claimed or by Geist to be Bound to them. Perhaps they'd be a naturally born Sin-Eater?

        But I'd play Dale as a Wretched myself.