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you die of an incurable dicease, can a Geist bring you back?

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  • you die of an incurable dicease, can a Geist bring you back?

    So I have a cuestion. If a character has lived a life full of supernatural hapenings and a Geist has been on the lookout on this character, but the character dies of an incurable dicease, say ALS, can the Geist then bring this character back even if there shouldnt be possible? since the musckes and all have failed and detorated.
    Can anyone answer this?

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    I think theres an example somewhere in the Geist core book, of a dude dying from cancer and being saved by a Geist, where upon the cancer immidiately goes into remission.
    I have no idea what ASL is, but I imagine if it works for cancer, it could work for anything. If you link, you could always have the character start at Synergy 6 or 5 with a reduction in max Synergy too, to illustrate how the Geist had to save him a few times, before the illness was effectively curbed.


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      The Stricken writeup suggests death by CJD among its examples. If a geist can resurrect someone from that, they can bring back someone with ALS.

      (The "After Life, not Undeath" section near the beginning of the core says geists can't regenerate limbs or regrow brain tissue, but then goes on to say that that shouldn't stop you playing a character who'd gone through a death that involved things like that, as people can recover from some incredible things, especially with a geist holding death at bay.)

      Scion 2E: What We Know - A wiki compiling info on second edition Scion.


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        Yep, it says in the Core that a Geist basically shunts off the death energy that would claim the potential Sin-Eater. They still may need to recover, though they won't die from what took them down to begin with. As said above, diseases and conditions will be recovered from and the Sin-Eater will be able to then carry on with their new life as a Bound.