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    I recently discovered this really cool French tv show called The Returned (Les Revenants originally). It takes place in a small mountain town; one day a group of dead people wander back into the village, with no memories of the time between their deaths and the present. They don't sleep, they're constantly hungry (though not for brains, just generally hungry), but otherwise they seem more or less like they're completely alive again. They have to juggle keeping their existence a secret from the general townsfolk and dealing with the affairs they left behind. All the while a milieu of general weirdness descends upon the village: occasional inexplicable blackouts, the lake's water level gradually lowering, fatal injuries becoming less serious than they first appeared, or vice versa. I think the show is great inspiration for a game of Geist--the returned could be just another type of deathly oddness that Sin-Eaters might have to figure out and deal with, or one could see the protagonists as sorts of Sin-Eaters themselves, in which case the show gives plenty of answers as to why the Bound might not want to go public.

    It's on Netflix and I highly recommend it. Plus, the soundtrack is by Mogwai, so there's that.

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    There's an American version that's supposed to start airing soon as well.

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