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    I MEAN IT!!!

    So I've created a Mysterious Place in my LARP that looks like a luxury train charging through a misty void. It is populated by five new geists (i.e. only one anchor has been swapped to the archetype) which makes them more seemingly human. Each wants to get out but only one can leave, the one that the players select and so they have a friendly rivalry going on.

    It includes the officpious train conductor (death by violence - killed by a guard dog in a train yard, very bureaucratic in outlook with wounds across arm and neck); the bartender (Death by Nature, he drunkenly steped out of a train that had stopped in the black out on a bridge, landed in a river and drowned); a mystical oracle (Death by Chance, she was electrocuted by an otherwise good plug hole, dresses garishly and can literally give a plot secret for a secret); his/her maid who died by deprivation (neglected suicide, desperate, sweet, mute, gestures wildly, tear-stained pale face and cuts on her arms); and the Physician who died on board a train of tuberculosis, coughing, blood, pale skull face, visible veins. There'll also be a floating skull they can chat to.

    They all wear clothes that are a mix of gothic, vintage and just plain garish.

    The PCs are vampires and will find that the place seems more comfortable than most and that the food is edible to them. There'll be real food stained to look a bit mouldy. There'll also be drinks (cordial and iced tea) to represent whiskey and the like. The place will be lit by candles and divided up to look like a set of train carriages with Halloween gear everywhere to add that touch of classlessness frequent to this type of creature.

    The aim is a mixture of weirdness, horror and dark fantasy, to shake things up a bit and because those are the player norms. I'm wondering what kind of ideas you'd have to add to the creep factor? I have access to a bedroom, library, living room (which can be divided up well) and a small courtyard that are all closed off and dark. I'm thinking the courtyard could potentially pass for the train platform, dragged along by the speeding train?

    I also figured that the Geists might appear to *kill* each other on occasion, and will definitely try to turn the PCs against their rivals.

    I'm wondering what kind of music might work as a mix of gothic, vintage and garish (need about four hours of music, just in case), what kind of traps or creepy effects could be fun, what kind of triggered events might work, anything really. Up for any and all ideas.

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