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    So, recently I became the admin of a Geist game on a site that I play on. Thing is, this is my first time running Geist (actually properly running Geist -- I tried another time but couldn't get the inspiration to write) and I wanted to give a certain structure/guideline to the game. I noted that other venues had 5 Origins (Thresholds, Paths, Clans, Auspices) and 5 Similar Political/Religious Beliefs that seem to centralize around a main core belief. I noticed that Krewes seem to hold a closer structure to Hunter the Vigil, where groups can band together to form small groups, more organized groups, and downright conspiracies which fit into the level most other venues fit. So what I decided to do, is to try to create a main Krewe for my Chronicle which is, in essence a single large Krewe divided into 5 'Divisions', with a main central belief, and a bit more specialized focus for each group. Instead of having one ban for the entire Krewe, I've given each Faction it's own ban. I'm not a hundred percent satisfied with my writeup however, as well, to be honest I'm not sure I like my bans (they don't actually feel like bans so much as 'a designated way of going about things' and need to be explained so...) , and I feel I could use a bit of fleshing out to make it better.

    I could really use some advice on how to make this better, and to give groups that seem a bit... thrown together to flow a bit better.

    The Orpheus Corporation

    The Orpheus Corporation is a rumor passed along the Twilight Network, mentioned by those who've supposedly interacted with them and lived to tell the tale, or those who've received 'invitations' but had the poor sense to turn them down. If it existed, it would be a third tier krewe spanning globally. Word on the street says they use a number of fronts within various cities with a major affinity to death and it's influence. Commonly these take the names of medical and thanatological research facilities, such as St. Augusts Research Facility, the American Institute of Health Care Professionals, and the American Academy of Grief Counseling, but they've also been noted to hold fronts in coronary services as well, and even had ghost hunting divisions that were a bit more overt. Many who believe these rumors also speculate they are connected to the individuals in New Orleans called the Krewe of Orpheus.

    Creation Mythos: Originally, it began with two beings who loved one another. They called them the Adversary, and God. They spent eternity, as we comprehend it, together, and it is through them that all things were created. They began with fire, and continued with explosions that humans see as the big bang. And the creations continued for an eternity.

    And then man was created in the Adversary's image. And, much like she loved the Adversary, God loved Man. She saw them as the most perfect creations in the universe, as close as any creation could come to God and the Adversary, with the potential to reach what they themselves were. As she showered Man with her affections, the Adversary began to grow cold, distant, and jealous. This lack of attention only spurred God to attend to Man more.

    Yearning for God's attention, the Adversary saw the need to rid himself of Man's presence, seeing them as a threat to his love for God. They argued for eternity while Man wandered, and finally the Adversary created something that would rid him of Man so that he could have his love returned to him: A concept-being, similar to the Pure Ones but born of the Darkness, which had the power to End Beginnings.

    But God refused to allow Death to serve it's purpose, for she loved Man with all her heart, as much as she loved the Adversary. She tried to find a way to reverse the Adversary's creation, but Death could only beget more Death. In defense of Man, she allowed Death to take her, reaping god.

    The Adversary Wept. The Adversary Cried. And in his suffering, he realized his folly. The memory of God pained him so much, that he buried her beneath their creation of the Earth, Along with Death, who would rule the realm which her body was. This corpse would come to be known as the Underworld, and the place where Death itself resides.

    In time, the Adversary would see that Man missed his mother, just as the Adversary missed his lover. Knowing he could never recreate God again, and knowing he could not create the wonders that he did with her, he looked to Man, and asked of a piece of him to work with. From him, he created a number of companions for Man, seeking to give him the solace that the Adversary could not. In the end, there would be two: Man, and Woman.

    And he allowed them paradise, but asked of only one thing of them: Not to bask in the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, for he did not wish to let Man know of the crime that he had committed. But of course, Man disobeyed this through the urging of Woman, and learned of the Adversary's crime. In his rage at his father, he opened up the gate to his mother, and unleashed Death upon the world. Death moved to erase Man from existence, but found ultimately that it could only remove what the Adversary had created: The Physical Shell with which it existed.

    Metaphysics: While a Ghost is, in essence, the part of the human, it is the part of the human that God created, and holds an immeasurable amount of resistance towards the Ending that is death. A Giest, then, is a step beyond that, an evolution of sorts between the Mother's part of Man and the Spiritual Entities which reside around man. They have been called Angels, Demons, and any number of things to the world, but the end result is that they are more of the Mother's creations and the evolution which occured after her death. God and the Adversary are known as beings called "The-Ones-Who-Came-Before" and while the general run of the mill Agent will not understand the significance of this, it is a believed fact that they are not the only ones who exist. (Though they may be the only ones in the Universe.)

    Founder Aspects: Lucifer, the Brightest of the Adversary. Orpheus, who willingly traveled to Deaths domain in an attempt to bring the Mother back. Pandora, who is the remnant of the First Woman, who gave of the Fruit to Man. The Red Masque of Death. The Anachronism, a being which exists in the past, present, and future, as both living and dead.

    Symbols: Actually sort of working on that. I figure that the Lyre will work for the overall Krewe, and each Division has their own symbols that are founder symbols.

    The Scarlet Masks
    The Red Division
    Founder: The Masque of the Red Death

    "And now was acknowledged the presence of the Red Death. He had come like a thief in the night. And one by one dropped the revellers in the blood-bedewed halls of their revel, and died each in the despairing posture of his fall. And the life of the ebony clock went out with that of the last of the gay. And the flames of the tripods expired. And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all." -- Edgar Allen Poe

    It should come as no surprise that, in a supernatural group devoted to humans possessed by creatures who reflect death itself, that within a Krewe as large as Orpheus there would be a militant faction within it. Sometimes, a person just needs to die. Sometimes, a ghost cannot be helped, and needs to be destroyed. Sometimes, an Abmortal lives too long defiling the very base acts of nature to continue its meager excuse for a life.

    That's when they send in the Red Division.

    The Red Division is not like other Sin Eaters. They do not simply -kill- their targets. When a person within Orpheus seems to display combat based facilities and a certain bloodthirst, they are moved over to the Red Division. A person is designated as a target for the Red Division, and they move. They move openly, or quietly, depending on the message that needs to be delivered. They kill their target, and leave no body -- only blood. They leave no ghost -- only red stains of death. They leave no memory -- only scars upon the soul which burn their way into witness's mind, forever bloodying the once innocent naivety of those who would gaze upon them.

    You might call them monsters. They would not disagree. But they would tell you they do what they do, because it needs to be done. Because someone needs to do it. Sometimes, a person just -needs- to die. Sometimes, a person just -needs- to suffer. Sometimes, a child needs to see the bloodied remains of the monster they called their father in order to understand why there is an error, and in order to understand there are bigger and badder monsters.

    The Red Division was created by one of the Founders who claims the Aspect of the Masque of Red Death as their Geist. They arm themselves to the teeth, and in any normal situation serve as simply muscle and arms to those around them, until they are called formally to their position. They investigate like others, but when they investigate they do so to learn how to kill or hurt. They delve into the underworld, but when they do so they do so to track down a target. They play at politics, but when they do so it is in the intent to clean up messes they could not otherwise clean up.

    Ban: Let no one see behind the Mask -- The members of Red Division don the mantle as the military might of Orpheus, but when they kill, they kill in the name of the Masque. What this means is that while others may note a particular members lethality, -they- do not. While others might expect them to feel shame, -they- do not. There is a difference between the person and the mask. The person is an individual, capable of feeling, capable of regret for the murders they've committed. The Masque is unfeeling, and kills without remorse. When Members make a kill, they tend to make an offering to the Founder, in the form of something red - to remember the Red Death for what it is.

    Mythic Avatar: Those who don the Mythic Avatar of the Red Geist begin to gather immense amounts of power to kill, moreso than they would otherwise. The Red Death coats their hands in ectoplasmic blood, and for a moment they can feel the rush of the gods power throughout their very being. This rush feels like rage and bloodlust, the need to hunt or kill, and can raise the weak to strong, and the strong to the power of gods. In game terms, this means that those who've taken the Mythic Avatar towards the Masque Founder gain a +2 to strength as their benefit.

    Keys of this Division: It is unknown at this time if the Masque of the Red Death has forged any Keys.

    The Returners
    The Purple Division
    Founder: Orpheus

    "The dead need guidance. Filled with grief over their own death, they refuse to face their fate. They yearn to live on, and resent those still alive. You see, they envy the living. And in time, that envy turns to anger, even hate. Should these souls remain, they become fiends that prey on the living. Sad, isn't it?" -- FFX, Lulu

    It's a true statement. While the White Division focuses more on the mortal side, on guiding the living to cope with the realities of death, those who follow the path laid by Orpheus take a more -personal- investment in the dead.

    Many would tell you of the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. But the Corporation has it's own tale, and it's told in many various mixes. The identity of Eurydice is often mixed, laced with symbolism and belief. Perhaps she was a woman, perhaps she was an analogy for the mother. Does the tale say that Orpheus married a woman, or his duty? Either way, the point is, that someone existed, that Orpheus loved.

    And Orpheus lost her. Refusing to accept death as the final answer to their love, Orpheus did what no other entity had before. With a single instrument, he while-still-alive entered the realm of the dead. He while still alive made the Kerberoi submit. He while-still-alive made them weep, and dance, and played them to the utter bone. All for one purpose: To defy death, to bring her back. And he was given a simple task -- to guide his wife, out of the underworld, and never to look back else she be locked there forever.

    Orpheus, breaking his word, and failing his faith, could not complete it. Those who follow him remember this, and remember his failure, but they also remember what he did: How close he got, how close he came to defeating Death itself and bringing back what mattered to him. Those who follow him know the simple truth: Only the living can defeat death, because the dead have already lost. Only the living can guide the dead to where they need to be. It all varies along perspective: Some believe Eurydice was a name of God, and so his duty he saw was to return her to the Adversary. Some still believe that she was a person, and that his duty was to help her pass on. Most choose to belief he attempted both tasks, and had he done so then, both would have been accomplished.

    Those of the Returners guide the dead. Through the underworld, through the modern world. To the next step and beyond. They seek to establish a connection, between themselves and the mother, and to one day bring about the rebirth of the mother. The how, they haven't quite figured out, but they'll keep digging until they find a way. They honor their Founder, and seek to surpass him, by succeeding where he had failed. The actual act, however, is harder than any could ever anticipate.

    Ban: Don't Look Back -- The members of the Returners remember Hade's sacred decree to the fullest of their abilities. They've already felt the sting of it's blow once before, a long while back, and hope they learn from the lessons which they can do. A member of the returners is tasked to never break the word that he makes with those who rule the great below, but more importantly, to never look back upon their actions. They must keep moving forward - for themselves, and those who follow them. They must strive to stay forward, as they have in the past, or otherwise they will lose those who follow them through the break in their faith.

    Mythic Avatar: Those who pull up the Mythic Avatar of Orpheus can feel his breath through them. They may speak to make grand speeches, tell stories, or sing the dead to sleep. They may lead through their voice, and the expression of their will. Orpheus touches those who follow him and fill him with the songs he used to traverse the underworld. Any individual who purchases the Mythic Avatar and chooses Orpheus as their founder gains the ability to spend Plasm for a bonus of 3 to expression rolls. They may choose to spend three plasm to make this bonus last the scene, or to make this bonus into a +5 bonus.

    Keys of this Division: It is rumored that Orpheus created a key known as the Requiem Key.

    The Morning Light
    The White Division
    Founder: Lucifer

    "Have you ever lost someone you love and wanted one more conversation, one more chance to make up for the time when you thought they would be here forever? If so, then you know you can go your whole life collecting days, and none will outweigh the one you wish you had back." - For One More Day, Mitch Albom

    What if you -could- have that one more conversation? What if you -could- have one more chance to make up for the time you thought they would be here forever? Would you take it, without a second thought? What would you pay, for just that moment, that one last chance to say goodbye, that one last echo they left behind, just for you?

    The Morning Light are willing to give that option, for a price. Operating both as the Guardian Angel to a Mourning Humanity, and the main source of income to the Krewe's wealth and influence, the White Division assumes it's role as the providers to both the Krewe and humanity. It is said that Lucifer was the one who told woman to eat the apple, to see the truth, and set the wheel truly in motion once more. So many dead, so many dying, and for what?

    That one second chance. That one moment, where you can say goodbye. That one moment, moving on to the beyond, where you can move on. And not just for Man, either, though this Division does not shy from reconnecting the living to the lost. For the Adversary as well. Look at the world around you. It's not miserable because of death. It's miserable, because the Adversary and God are separated.

    Man is the product of both the Adversary's Body, and God's Spirit. When together, they are as the Adversary and God -were-, for such a brief time. Death is the echo of the Adversary's failure, the pain he inflicted upon himself, and it's presence gives the same pain to loved ones that it gives to him, albeit a much weaker and more comprehensible pain.

    The Adversary needs to reconnect with God. And the White Division believes they can achieve that - through the Living. They believe, that if they can connect the living to the dead, and remove the fear of death, allow them to embrace it, that the Adversary can be made to follow in their example. Humans are the product of potential, after all, a beautiful experiment made in the adversary's image. If its seen that the can, the Adversary ever prideful will take the challenge to see if he can do it.

    The Morning Light are the face of the Orpheus Corporation to the mortal world. They are the Investors, the Brokers, the Directors, Priests, and gentle friends who help people get through their loss head on. It's a lucrative business, and the position grants them a measure of power within the mortal world -- one many think is far worth the price, even those who don't truly believe the philosophy behind the mask. They are the public relations when things get hot, and the people who ensure that man doesn't see how horrifying death can truly be in a Sin-Eater's world. After all - fear will only widen the gap.

    Ban: "Light the Morning" -- As a Guide and Acolyte to the Morning Star, you serve the brightest and the grandest. Lucifer was first among his angels, and so you are first among Sin-Eaters. You are the Face that people see, and must shine the brightest. Cover your dark and dirty little secrets behind the facade of a genteel smile. Cover the pain behind a mask of acceptance, for you are the brightest thing in this dark world.

    Mythic Avatar: Those who pull up the Mythic Avatar of Lucifer seem to almost -glow- with his power. This light, though ephemeral, hides all signs of imperfection or flaw. The Sin-Eater is filled with a raw aura of trust, of good, of compassion. His words tickle the hearts of those around him, and he feels safe and trustworthy. Mechanically, this means those who take the Mythic Avatar towards Lucifer can spend 1 plasm to add +2 to their manipulation for a single roll, or 3 plasm to add it for a scene, or to make it +3 instead.

    Keys: According to Rumor, Lucifer has created the Transcendence Key, the Dawning Light Key, and the Spacial Key. He's not taught anyone these, however, so this is not taken seriously. At least, it's not taken seriously behind his back.

    Inquirers of Chaos
    The Black Division
    Founder: Pandora

    "Only Hope was left within her unbreakable house, she remained under the lip of the jar, and did not fly away. Before [she could], Pandora replaced the lid of the jar. This was the will of aegis-bearing Zeus the Cloudgatherer." -- Pandora's box

    She was known as Eve to the Christians, and Pandora to the Greeks. She may have been Lilith, and she may have been Izanami, but it is widely accepted that she is the First Woman. It was her curiosity that sprang this, and her who took from the fruit of knowledge, or the jar of evils, or the box. History is so muddied, and she's never cleared this up, though the others often simply refer to it as a fruit.

    Regardless of the form, it is known that she unleashed the evils of the world out. From her they sprang free and abundant, pestilence, wrath, pain, death. And at the very last, was hope. And hope remained under the lip of the jar, and did not fly away, and Pandora held it within there. It is also known that this was Pandora's folly.

    The Black Division follows it's predecessor in the pursuit of knowledge. They believe, that while knowledge can lead to evils, and while learning inevitably will cause pain to the world around them, that only by remaining strong and accepting this challenge can hope be reached and the truth be known. They believe there -is- an answer to curing the world, there -is- an answer to bringing God back with the Adversary. They simple have not found it yet. And they will study, experiment, and inquire ruthlessly until they find it.

    Many believe (specifically the Reborn) that the Inquirer's follow a dangerous path. Some believe that hope was released from the Jar as a figurative term -- that, a single evil was left within the jar, so horrid and dark that the only thing one can do is hope that it never leaves, or hope that it is something no worse than the evils that came before it. The Inquirers cannot afford this train of logic - it works against their beliefs for one, and there is too much evidence to the contrary.

    You might say that the Inquirers are the R&D department of the Orpheus Corporation. They study the dead, the living, how death effects the world, how technology is affected by the dead, and of course the Underworld and it's Denizens. There is no greater study, however, than the study of the Geist's themselves, creatures which seem to hold the very power to return the dead to life, albeit with conditions.

    Ban: "Leave no Jar unopened" -- Hope is still out there, somewhere. An Inquirer is duty bound to never stop learning, to never stop investigating. The idea that there are things man was not meant to know is laughable at best, and pitiable at worst. An Inquirer may act with caution when investigating something, and certainly within the rules of the organization, but opting to actually not learn something, to fear the contents for such feeble fears such as madness is a crime to the Sin-Eater and to their Founder.

    Keys: It should come as no surprise that the Pandora Group has created keys before. Within their repetoire is the most known key, however: The Toxic Key, a key which applies the effect of poison and toxic effects into a horrifying and grizzly display.

    The Reborn
    The Pale Division
    Founder: The Anachronism

    "We wrap up our violent and mysterious world in a pretense of understanding. We paper over the voids of our comprehension with science and religion, and make believe that order has been imposed. And, for the most of it, the fiction works. We skim across the surfaces, heedless of the depths below. Dragonflies flitting over a lake, miles deep, pursuing erratic paths to pointless ends. Until that moment when something from the cold unknown reaches up to take us.

    The biggest lies we save for ourselves. We play a game in which we are gods, in which we make choices, and the current follows in our wake. We pretend a separation from the wild. Pretend that a man’s control runs deep, that civilization is more than a veneer, that reason will be our companion in dark places."
    -- Mark Lawrence, Prince of Thorns

    The Anachronism is a moniker, used by the ghost of a man who was never born. He existed a thousand years ago. He existed today. He existed tomorrow. The Anachronism is the combined spirits of every unborn child, every miscarriage, every fear of a future death, and yet he's an individual as well. He knows the past, he and he knows the future, but the present is a mystery to him. He's seen the Death of the Mother, and the Future that is to come, and he has but one commandment:

    Prepare, for they are coming.

    The Reborn do not focus on the rebirth of God. They believe that that is a matter beyond their control. What they are more concerned with, however, is a beginning before the beginning of the story that the Corporation tells, and the end -- the true end. You see, God and the Adversary were not the only ones of their kind -- just the only of their kind within this universe. They are what this Division calls the Pure Ones, the Ones-That-Came-Before, The Gods-Beyond, and the Originals. If the Underworld is the Corpse of God, all that remains of her, then the universe is the Adversary. And the Adversary. Killed. God.

    It stands to reason that one day, the Adversary will be punished. One day, the Pure-Ones will find themselves Manifest within this universe, from the Oblivion Beyond, and they shall punish the Adversary for the act of his creation, for Death, a concept which can bring low even the Pure-Ones. They will bring forth their own Alien creations, concepts man can't even begin to fathom. They will savage the Adversary, so that he learns his lesson.

    And this, the Reborn believe, will be what the human mind considers the apocalypse. For though it is merely pain to the Pure-One which created them, it is annihilation to the beings so weak and feeble beneath them. In this, Death is our release, our blessing, our savior, for Death ends pain, and pain is a creation of the Pure Ones. Death is unique.

    The End is Coming, and it's not long in it's coming. The humans know, and they feel it through their belief. The Dead know, and move on upon blissful realization that they are finally free. But what can a person do, to prepare themselves for the inevitable end to creation as they know it?

    The Reborn believe that the Apocalypse is inevitable -- however, they also believe that it is survivable, in a sense. Those who die, who traverse to the corpse of god, will inevitably be spared whatever fate exists because Death has already taken them. Those who still live, will be met with the fantastical and maddening creations of beings that think of them as little more than insects. This will last for an eternity, but it is possible to survive.

    If your prepared.

    So the Reborn train. They live. They learn how to survive, how to enjoy each second as though it is the last, because they know it's coming, just not when. They help the other members of Orpheus, not because they believe that the Pure Ones might not come if she is brought back, but because they need to be prepared to, and while they have hope, their actions prepare them for the inevitable end.

    Ban: "Prepare, for they are coming." - The End is coming, and the world needs to be prepared for this. The Anachronism is, however, very cryptic in how this preparation is to occur, and so many of the Reborn believe that to prepare is a spiritual thing, rather than a literal thing. One of the most common beliefs is that preparation involves moving as many ghosts to pass on, that way when the Pure -do- come there is less evidence in their eyes to the horrors which transpired. As a result, it is seen as a violation to destroy a ghost.

    Keys: The Anachronism has created a single key, known as the Decaying Key, which connects to the aspects of Death throughout time.

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