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Pyre-Flame Oracle and Pyre-Flame Shroud

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  • Pyre-Flame Oracle and Pyre-Flame Shroud

    So as I go rereading the Manifestations, I had a random thought: if you have to set yourself on fire and take two lethal with no effort to put out the fire, in order to astral project with the Pyre-Flame Oracle, and you had the Pyre-Flame Shroud at two dots (allowing you to ignore damage from normal fire and heat), does this basically make astral projecting impossible for you, or am I missing something?

    I am tracking the you can't use multiple Keys to unlock the same, single Manifestion. what about using the same Key to unlock multiple Manifestations?

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    It's probably not a good idea to activate them at the same time.

    You can use a given key to unlock as many manifestations as you want (not in the same turn), but cannot unlock the same one with multiple keys.

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      That was the conclusion I came up as well, thank you.