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    So I've been going over Primeval Oracle, over and over a bit. And to be honest, I think it could definitely be better. The first dot isn't all that bad, but the second dot doesn't really seem to give it much more oomph. The third dot is just a joke IMO (it mimics a level 1 merit, Direction Sense but its weaker than that merit phenomenally due to being unable to be used anywhere besides outdoors. ) . Four and 5 just seem like they could be better as well (9 again to the wits to observe your surroundings, meaning your hoping for more successes rather than increasing the chance of noticing something, seems a bit high) and the fifth level... I COULD be misreading the caul, but doesn't the Primeval Caul do the exact same thing at level 1?

    So I thought about a new revision.
    Through the Primeval Oracle, the Sin-Eater can attune her senses with the natural world, drawing upon her geist's latent savagery to gain insight into her surroundings. While the Primeval Oracle remains unlocked, the Sin-Eater may add her activation successes as a dice bonus to all her Wits-based perception rolls. She may also add her activation successes to all mundane Animal Ken and Survival rolls.

    2 Dots - The character now gains the ability to discern a characters biological and emotional state through senses that are otherwise ignored by mortals. They can smell when their lover is pregnant or has been with another man, if a person is on drugs , they can feel when the air shifts in a social engagement, and can taste when a drink has trace bits of cyanide in it. The Sin-Eater adds his activation successes to all mundane empathy rolls, perception based medicine rolls, and to their initiative modifier.

    3 Dots - It's said that animals can tell when a disaster is about to strike. With this manifestation unlocked, now you do as well. This power mimicks the danger sense power while active, adding the character's activation successes to any attempt to ambush or trap him. Furthermore, if the character is [exceptionally] successful on this roll to determine it, he learns in time to actually turn the tables on his opponent, and attempt his own counter ambush (allowing him a free action, and the potential for lost defense).

    4 Dots - The Character is now able to understand things through pantomime and physical expression, and to express pantomime to those who can understand it. This power works on both mortals and animals, allowing the character to understand and communicate with animals, but also allowing a character to read another character through social cues and physical distress. This functions similar to telepathy, allowing the character to 'guess' at the target's thoughts with a Wits + Animal Ken + Activation roll vs the character's composure. This does not work on beings which have no unconscious expressions. (A note: For vampires, penalize the roll by 10-humanity).

    5 Dots - At this level, the Sin-Eater's senses have gone beyond the realms of superhuman. He may now choose to see the world as animals do. He may feel the heart within a person, granting him infrared vision. He may smell where they've been and a target's blood in the air, granting him the ability to track. He may hear the waves of sound bouncing around him, granting him echolocation. He may taste the world around him, to the point that he can tell how good something is without ever touching it (and not have to drink poison to know its coming). He is never considered blind and may follow even people who do not leave a foot trail. Any wits based perception rolls made by the character now gains 8-again quality. [On top of that, only 3 successes are needed for an Exceptional Success instead of the usual 5, and Exceptional Successes are truly exceptional, as described above.]

    I also considered the merits of being able to project your senses into animals, particularly animals associated with death, such as Snakes, Crows, Owls, etcetera. Reason I didn't is because you can do that with Stillness Marionette at level 2 with a dead animal, so I wasn't sure how that'd all go with this or where would be best to place that.

    Thoughts? Recommendations? Improvements?
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    I like your recommendations. I think the "Furthermore" bit of the 3-dot version should be for an exceptional success on the roll to notice the ambush.

    It seems like the actual mechanism you're proposing for the 5-dot part is 8-again on Wits-base perception rolls. Perhaps you should reword that to "All Wits-based perception rolls made by the character gain the 8-again quality. On top of that, only 3 successes are needed for an Exceptional Success instead of the usual 5, and Exceptional Successes are truly exceptional, as described above."


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      Huh, good call... I never noticed how weaksauce Primeval Oracle actually is, plus Primeval Caul actually is the same as Primeval Oracle 5, with Primeval Caul 1 also adding a bonus to Survival rolls with it... @__@


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        Yeah I wasn't too impressed with it either. The thing is, I personally think the -concept- of predatory senses is awesome, but poorly delivered in the core book. I will probably forever eyeball their original level 3 power and go on a tangent every time it's brought up. X_X

        Thanks, TerraBen! Added the recommendations, and appreciate the input!


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          I'm glad I could help.
          Just now I cross checked some of the other 3-dot Oracle effects, just because I was curious about the power baseline. The Elemental ones let you fly at 300mph, Industrial grants you Psycometry (3-dot supernatural merit) and Passions grants Aura Reading (3-dot supernatural merit). I think your suggestion of supplementing the power of Primeval up from a nerfed 1-dot Mental merit is entirely warranted.