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Phantasmal Marionette = Reverse Possession?

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  • Phantasmal Marionette = Reverse Possession?

    Hey there; I'm just wondering about whether the Phantasmal Marionette manifestation could be considered a more advanced version of Reverse Possession. Just like reverse possession, the Sin Eater gains all of his powers in his Geist's body, they may materialize into the Twilight or into the mortal realm, but they don't have the same issues with controlling their physical body at the same time and they also have an improved statline after the first level is unlocked.

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    What you're suggesting isn't what's described in the rules as written. Reverse Possession is more a threading of your consciousness through your geist's eyes to focus on and interact with the Twilight world around you. While doing that, your body still occupies the same physical space as it would otherwise, and can be seen by and interacted with by physical things.
    The Marionette power, on the other hand, creates a corporeal phantasm in the shape of your geist somewhere other than where your body is. It takes all your concentration to operate it as it is functioning as a complete person, hence your body collapsing while you're doing this. Sure, you can discorporate it at will, but I don't think it has anything to do with the Twilight state.

    That all said, if you want to homebrew it to work in the way you described, go right ahead. Just discuss it with your group before you get your game started.

    Were I to tweak it, I'd have the phantasm wrap around and carry your body along for the ride. It seems a little weird to me that a combat-oriented power would just dump your body wherever it happened to be when the fight broke out. Also, since its just an external phantasm and not your body, I found myself wondering what would happen when your phantasm ran out of health. With the phantasm-as-shell version, you don't need a special Retainer to drag your body to safety and there are distinct consequences if you aren't careful in these combats.


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      I reworded it so you actually BECOME your Geist, transforming into it completely. Partly because I felt it was more appropriate, and partly for the Ghost Rider-themed Bound NPC I made.

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        I were wondering if phantasmal marionettes have marerialized bodies or they're immateral and can pass trough walls and solid objects?
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          I've generally played it so the bound spends a plasm to shift in and out of twilight, but either way, the manifestation cant pass through physical barriers. Twilight reflects the material world around it in stories I've played.