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  • Nietzsche's Cthonian

    I apologize in advance if I got my philosophy or Geist/Demon fluff wrong.

    The core Geist book mentions that one of the possible origins for Cthonians is the death of concepts. Nietzsche said that God is dead, that is, He is no longer credible as an absolute source of morality. So, if Nietzsche's view is correct in the NWOD, what would the Cthonian of God Himself be like? I have a couple of ideas:

    1) He would be sending out Signs and Miracles that urge people to return His credibility.

    2) He would be the ultimate vengeful phantom, seeking to undo all of Creation for killing him.

    3) He would be alien in the purest sense of the word, acting in ways that obey no pattern or principle at all.

    4) He would be some sort of Lynchian entity which alternates between crawling in the Underworld and walking on Earth.

    5) He is currently being used by the God-Machine as the main source of fuel, as if He were a normal ghost. However, the God-Machine does not control Him. The shard of The Most High is struggling to break free from a cage of very, very special Infrastructure. The right Unchained could free the shard and severely weaken the God-Machine. Thus, ironically enough, freeing Him only brings their vision of Hell closer to Earth.

    "Fate is a cruel jester with a finely developed sense of irony." - Sir Night as portrayed by Leliel, The Horror Recognition Guide

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    Hm. As far as I tend to see them, Chthonians when one is unfortunately found in the Underworld tend to care about nothing but feeding on ghosts. The Cthonic Beast in Mummy:the Curse is one of their number, that thing could push a ghost out of a mortal body and eat that if there were no ghosts about. If full they tend to be able to communicate with those they find as they take on aspects of the ghost they ate to sustain their corpus.

    Potentially if such a Chthonian came into being from that (I have my own thoughts and theories on how Chthonians sprang up), then the question is what aspects have survived past their 'death' in how it'd communicate when sated of it's thirst for ghosts. I'd personally see 2, 3 and 4 all mixed together as more believeable. When full and someone tries to talk to it, it may send out messages to do with 1 but they come across as a garbled mess of maddening visions and prophecies. If they died due to not being a credible source of morality anymore... They may communicate through corrupted fragments based around morality lessons.

    Chthonians can be one of or all kinds of things... They tend to generally do the same thing though, feed on other ghosts to sustain their existance. In my own eyes they are dead concepts not part of the reality they now find themselves in on the whole, something that was either neverborn or beyond human existance. They are what happens when things from outside reality die, IMO.

    Hope that helps with your thoughts.


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      It's a neat idea, but wander is right I think. By 'dead' concepts I think it means concepts that literally no longer exist at all and therefore make no sense to the Sin-eaters observing them. The concept of god still exists, it just lacks the weight it once had.


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        In my own head-canon, the Chthonians are both ghosts of the old Supernal deities and ghosts of demons from Inferno. Extra-dimensional things now dead and sealed into the lower depths of the Dead Domains.
        I have a krewe mythos idea linked to Greek mythology and the canon of nwod... The krewe believe in the Olympians as the gods over reality, that they truly overthrew the Titans and sealed them in Tartarus (the classical sin-eater term for the Dead Domains which this krewe sees the domain as), thats what they believe the Chthonians there are. This is linked to the myth of the Exarchs overthrowing the old Supernal gods (The Old Gods). There's more to it, but nothing really relevant past the conversation at hand.