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How much does Krewe mythos influence constituent Geister?

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  • How much does Krewe mythos influence constituent Geister?

    Just what it says on the box. Page 32 GtSE talks about how Geister become Aspects of the Krewe's mythology. Does this fundamentally change the nature of the Geist in question, and if so does that change persist after a sin-eater finally shuffles off the mortal coil for good?

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    I consider it a Schrodinger's Cat scenario. Does the krewe mythos change the Geist, or was the Geist always like that, and only now reveals it to the Bound? The answer? Both at once as long as you don't look at it. Once you look at it? The answer is whatever makes the most sense for the plot. Yes, from a meta-game stand point, you're adding things on to your geist. From an in-character perspective, though? Its not necessarily a change. It could just be a revelation after a test. Or something else entirely that I haven't considered. Much like Vampire, there's a million questions, and everyone has a different answer that no official material will ever definitively say one way or another.

    You also have to remember that each Geist that makes up the channel of the krewe has an effect on the mythos - either "changing it" or "revealing new aspects" of it. Its a two way street.

    I don't think you're going to get a hard answer, though, because the answer really depends on the need of the individual chronicle.
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      The book is pretty explicit that it's a deliberate ambiguity in the setting. Whether that apparent change persists though, I don't know.


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        The way I see it, it's a refinement. I view geists as basically fundamental, the aspects are just ways to view the basic truth of a geist- angel, demon, god, etc, just cosmetic lenses for a host to understand their geist.

        Humans need to label things after all.


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          Seeing as some Geists can be quite likely someone who was only dead in say the last century for arguments sake, look at the one NPC in Book of the Dead who is a ghost on the way to becoming a Geist... That they act as a channel for the mythos of a krewe, I think it's down to partly them giving a piece of their death knowledge to the krewe, adding something in and it's the mythos that changes the Geist, based on an aspect of death they inform the krewe on.

          For example, let's say a Geist knows of the G-M and informs the krewe of the Furies story. However that Geist used to be Average Bob that died 50 years ago before shifting into their Geist identity. Perhaps they shifted through fusing with a Death Spirit from the Shadow or something. They'll likely take on an aspect of biomechanical wings or something. However their constituent pieces have no real connection to the mythos, but perhaps the spirit side of them resonates (little r) with the mythos being formed and so the form changes.

          Thats how I see it anyway.