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How to combine Geist and Vampire?

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  • How to combine Geist and Vampire?

    I'm hoping to start a Geist/Vampire crossover game. All the players will be Sin-Eaters but the story will have them becoming embroiled in vampiric politics and agendas alongside more traditional Sin-Eater adventures. I'm hoping people will have some good ideas as to how best I can portray this. I'm going to be heavily using the stuff from WoD: Chicago and the vampires therein, but any advice on themes, story hooks, and anything that may come to mind would be much appreciated.

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    Well, I would recomment going about it in the most practical way possible. The Masquerade exists to keep the Kindred hidden so there should be a slow build up to the Troup's reveal that they walk among the Damned and the Restless Dead. Most likely the Sin-Eaters will run into the victims of Vampires first in the form of angry and confused Ghosts who seek revenge for being preyed upon and killed. That will inevitably lead to a conflict with the Kindred, at which point the Troup would need to decide whether or not to treat the Vampires as people or monsters.

    From there it's a give or take game about what one side can learn about the other. If they treat the Kindred as people they might learn that those Ghosts were the victims of criminal Vampires and that the Sin-Eaters actually did the Kindred a favor by tracking them down. Perhaps the Vampiric powers that be will try and recruit the Sin-Eaters as Daytime agents to hunt down their enemies with the aid of their specrtal powers, or perhaps the scholars of the Damned will seek the Sin-Eaters out to learn about the Great Below and what powers can be claimed from it. Perhaps they will even come to the Sin-Eaters with questions about Cthonian-like birds that possess the corpses of the dead like Ghosts, and raise more questions amongst the players than solve...

    That's all I've got anyways.


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      The Bhuta from Wicked Dead would be a natural way to integrate the two.

      In case you don't have wicked dead, bhuta are people claimed by ghosts with most of the rules the very same, except the process of claiming kills the host always and hence the bhuta can only heal through essence, and can only gain essence from drinking blood or eating flesh (human I think, I don't remember 100%).

      So Sin-Eaters would come in through the ghost connection, the bhuta might be leaving ghosts all around, and if they get close enough they'll find out it's a ghost.

      The vampires would be investigating because it's highly unlikely the bhuta is being very discreet, and vampires tend to hate it when vampire killers make the 11 o'clock news.