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  • Couple of ideas

    So i'm about to start a new chronicle with a new group and I have a few ideas I'm thinking a incorporating if we chose Geist.

    1. A part of the underworld where the cavern itself is the Kerobi that rules there.
    2. The characters will all have died as the result of a vice (7 deadly sins).
    3. The characters will go to Russia at some point and wind up in a shooting war that IN NO WAY involves Vladimir Putin or his government.
    4. Part of the Russian underworld has piles of belts due to to the importance of a belt in some Russian funeral rites.

    What do you think of those ideas? Sorry if they seem a bit random I've had a head cold these past few days and its left me loopy as Kim Kardashian if she got into Paula Abduls medicine cabinet.

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    If they spend some time in Russia, it might be fun for them to end up clashing with The Brothers Prizrakov.
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