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Sin-Eaters in the World of Darkness

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  • Sin-Eaters in the World of Darkness

    Does anyone here know about how common Sin-Eaters are in comparison to the other denizens of the World of Darkness? My storyteller gave me a bit of creative freedom for my character in regards to if he has any Sin-Eater contacts (non-merit) that he may know or be in association with.

    Admittedly, I had never considered that particular aspect during creation and didn't want to give the typical answer of "of course he knows another 2 or 3."

    My real question is other archetypes such as Werewolves, Vampires, Changelings, etc are bound to run into others after a while, but is it entirely possible for a Sin-Eater to live his life in an area and have no inkling other Sin-Eaters have ever been around?

    I was personally thinking that perhaps outside of Prometheans and possibly Mummies, there are fewer Sin-Eaters than pretty much anything else.

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    They are as common as you need them to be. Characters know as many as they need to make their story work.

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      Well, there are two factors into making a sin-eater, the geist and the "touched by death" mortal host.

      Honestly, either becoming a geist is really hard or a lot of geists don't give a shit about finding a host, because mortal "touched by death" hosts- from a pool of about 7 billion.

      Pool of dead people who might have become geists- 100 billion.

      Since the fluff is that a medium may or may not get an offer, and not every medium who gets a near death experience having to field multiple proposals. that suggests that having enough mediums or whatever isn't the issue.

      Which honestly sounds like a gag in a crackfic about geist. I'm now picturing a gameshow like the dating game. "Madame Olga, will you choose geist number 1, 2, or 3?'

      Anyway, it seems like the bottleneck is the number of geists, but we don't really have much in the way of concrete knowledge on how a ghost actually manages it.

      In second edition, it looks like geists are just ghosts who manage to earn some rank, but I don't recall hearing anything spoiled about how a ghost manages to gain rank.

      If you feel uncomfortable saying that your character knows some more sin-eaters, you could ask if the ST might allow you to know some non sin-eaters who might participate in the subculture- like mediums, thaumaturges of a necromantic tradition like voudoun (ie candidates for sin-eaters), or ghosts lucid enough to remember a conversation after the sin-eater leaves.
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        I think the core says they're somewhat rarer than most of the other supernatural beings. Though it felt to me like that was pretty much only to justify having a looser society for Sin-eaters.


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          In my New WoD games, Geist and otherwise, I play them as pretty rare compared to most of what is out there.

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            I've already decided that Sin-Eaters are going to be rare. I'm basing the story in my hometown and the nearest other Krewe will be in Philadelphia which is about an hour away, and I may make two for Philadelphia and one for Baltimore. I already have a vampire population of twenty or so and perhaps two werewolf packs.