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Phantasmal Marionette and stats

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  • Phantasmal Marionette and stats

    I was pondering on this for a while; the more one ranks up Phantasmal Marionette, the more points they can divy up into its attributes. However, say a character associates three dots into Strength, but they also grant their Phantasmal Marionette form three dots in strength as well. Does the Sin Eater need an anchor to access all six dots, or does the Marionette form simply add the dots on top of what stats are already there regardless, acting as a constant buff?

    Likewise, it mentions that players can associate dots with flying, with each dot multiplying the character's speed in flight. Wouldn't this mean that the Marionette would be better off constantly flying rather than running? I'm assuming that this method of flight is more like a Superman style of flight rather than, say, a plane's (where the flier needs a running start and can't just hover).