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Paranorman: A Sin-Eater's Story [SPOILERS]

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  • Paranorman: A Sin-Eater's Story [SPOILERS]

    So it took me a while to see this movie, and hot damn was it good.

    While I was busy getting something in my eye, I realised that it's actually a very sweet Geist Story.

    You've got a young sensitive (let's just pretend he's a sin eater) who's isolated and alone due to his powers.

    Also get a good example of these powers being a serous burden on his day to day (which iirc the core book didn't spend as much time on).

    Skip forward a bit and the Big Bad Witch is a perfect Geist, down to the tragic story, years of twisting and resulting in a pretty strong Reaper.

    Just... gaaah, just such a lovely movie.

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    I love Troika to bits, and ParaNorman even topped Coraline for my favourite thing they've done.

    Gosh though, it is pretty damned dark. Not so much the ending, but what it says about the human condition between both the backstory of the Witch and how most of the adults behave during the film.


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      I also love how the adults are the most deformed and exaggerated looking models in the movie. Kids look more or less normal, and as age goes up, the fun house mirror gets more pronounced.

      There's a metaphor in there somewhere.


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        yeah, nice movie with a bit of meaning, which is rare in today's cartoons.