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    Does anyone know if there's a particular method to making a memento vehicle? Does one simply do the Create Charm ceremony, use a more specialized form of it, or do they just naturally form?

    This is something that I've found a frustratingly small amount of info on, and yet it intrigues me so. About the only thing I've found is that it makes traveling with the Sepulchral Gateway faster and or more convenient.

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    Different kinds of momentos have different origins, so you'll need to be a tad more specific, do you mean charm cars?

    Kennedy's limo is already memorabilia,

    Heck, in Midnight Roads it mentions the possibility of ghost or revenant cars.


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      Literally the only mentions I've found of a vehicle being a memento is in the Sepulchral Gateway ceremony and Kennedy's Limo as memorabilia. Are they just like any old memento then, simply mobile?


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        The plain Amelia Earhart went missing in would be a cool example, if you could get it fixed up and flying.

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          It's more for creating them, rather than ideas for them; I'm unsure if one just uses the same Dedicate Charm ceremony to make a more mundane charm, or if there's a more specialized method. It's due to a character of mine in a game I'm going to run transforming the Volkswagen Beetle that killed him (he returned as a Sin Eater) into a memento vehicle, and I want to make sure I'm doing things by the book, as it were. I just wish that the writers had thought to add "memento vehicle" to the glossary, because it's just vague enough I can't figure out whether it's unique or just a moving memento.
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            A memento vehicle is just a memento that happens to be a vehicle.

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              Yeah, I concur, a car charm/vanitas/fetter/memorabilia, I can't actually see a geist dying and creating a car for a deathmask, is just a charm/veritas/fetter/memorabilia that happens to be a car.


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                Thanks for letting me know guys; I kind of figured as such, but I just wanted to make sure. I imagine that the ceremony involving it would involve more success than standard though, given the size and effort to decorate the thing.