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Knocking a Sin-Eater out

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  • Knocking a Sin-Eater out

    Hey guys, as per "The Agony of life" in chapter 3 (I looked it up) - a SE cannot be knocked out. But other powers like the gravedirt Caul seem to imply that a SE can still be stunned and knocked out by what I assume are other means - what are these other means? How does one knock out a SE?

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    What I am writing now is based on 1e rules. Keep in mind this may be different in 2e.

    Anyway, the bit you're referring to specifically says "A Sin-Eater can never be incapacitated as a result of damage." Emphasis mine. In the 1e WoD corebook, the Knockout complication (page 168) reads "Knockout: A single blow delivered to the head (-3 penalty to hit) that equals or exceeds the target's Size in damage might knock him unconscious. A Stamina roll is made for the victim. If it succeeds, he behaves normally. If it fails, he is unconscious for a number of turns equal to the damage done."

    You may think that it's the damage that's causing him to be knocked out, but that's not the case. The result of the knockout is the character failing the Stamina roll. The damage is used as a way to determine the severity of the knockout and to mark a threshold for it to apply at all.

    Also, Sin-Eaters sleep. While administering narcotics to a Sin-Eater is difficult as he gains Psyche, it can still be successful in knocking them out for longer periods of time.

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      Thanks! I'd assumed there were other ways to knock out Sin-Eaters but wanted to clarify, since the grave dirt shroud looks infinitely more useful the way this reads.