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    Hey all,

    So I have a Spotify playlist that I use for Geist games - not so much ambience as mood-setting. But I'm growing tired of it. Would be really cool to see if anyone else has ideas for what tunes make it into a decent Geist-themed playlist.


    The Noose - A Perfect Circle
    How's it Gonna End - Tom Waits
    Running Up That Hill - Placebo
    God's Gonna Cut You Down - Tom Waits
    Revelator - Camille O' Sullivan
    The Kill - Thirty Seconds to Mars
    The Bitter End - Placebo
    Paradise Circus - Massive Attack
    Something I Can Never Have - NIN
    Right Where it Belongs - NIN
    The Outsider - A Perfect Circle
    Pure as Snow - MONO
    The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash
    Ghosts - Ladytron
    O Death - Ralph Stanley
    Red Right Hand - Nick Cave
    Flesh and Blood Dance - Duke Spirit
    Came Back Haunted - NIN
    Dead and Lovely - Tom Waits
    Passenger - Deftones
    Digging My Own Grave - Thrice
    Over - Portishead
    Can't Pretend - Tom Odell
    Thousand Eyes - Of Monsters and Men

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    Bixby Canyon Bridge - Death Cab for Cutie
    I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie
    Dark Paradise - Lana Del Rey
    Ghost - Laura Marling
    Cross Your Fingers - Laura Marling
    I Came Around - Murder By Death
    Injection - Rise Against
    Eli, the Barrow Boy - Decemberists

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      Definitely check out Onyx Path's mood music list.

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        To me, Smaller God by Darling Violetta is more or less the ultimate Geist track. I like nine inch nails Ghosts albem for it too.

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