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Fan-Made Key: Wooden Coffin (Elemental)

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  • Fan-Made Key: Wooden Coffin (Elemental)

    Recently I cooked up two Elemental Keys intended to play closer to the Asian elements than the more western ones, thus replacing the element of Air with Wood and Metal; as I could not find Keys already touching on these, I went ahead and made them myself and now figure others might find use or help improve it, and I'm sure there are things in here I could've done better. Sufficed to say, for anyone who might want them or just want a template as they build their own Keys; I post this for your sake
    Due to maximum character limitation, I will post them separately.

    The Background of Wood and Metal
    In Ancient Chinese philosophy, there are five major elements that differ a tad from the four western ones: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water with two major cycles of each; the Generating cycle of creation, and the Overcoming cycle of destruction.
    In the Generating cycle, Wood feeds Fire, Fire creates Earth (ash), Earth bears Metal, Metal holds Water which nourishes Wood.
    In the Overcoming cycle, Wood parts Earth, Earth absorbs Water, Water quenches Fire, Fire melts Metal and Metal chops Wood.

    The Wooden Coffin Key
    The Wooden Coffin Key primarily deals with the concept of cycles with one cycle feeding into another only for it to start anew and continue eternally, giving it a certain time element to it as well. In this sense, the Wooden Coffin Key is one with a focus on stagnation and order.
    A tool for Sin-Eaters to fulfill their duties with time on their side, to manipulate the cycles of death and life according to their own judgement or in the worst of cases, even breaking it.

    The Wooden Coffin Boneyard
    Skill: Occult
    The Bound who call on the Wooden Coffin Boneyard use their powers to slow the passing of time in the immediate area; the world slows all around the Sin-Eater as he remains isolated in his own little world of unmoving stagnation, where everything is as it always has been. He may add his Occult rating to the activation successes for purposes of determining the maximum area. People entering the Boneyard typically do not notice that the Sin-Eater is moving at a different frequency than they are, and the Sin-Eater himself appears to possess a sort of unfocused blurr when he moves and in a calm demeanor he moves at a slightly quicker pace than a regular walking pace would normally suggest as he goes about whatever activities he's up to. In gameplay effects, the Sin-Eater makes extended rolls in half the time it would normally take to do whatever it is he's trying to do.
    Note that at this level, people around him can still acknowledge his presence; so a Sin-Eater trying to break into a store in the local mall can still attract the attention of a security guard on patrol.

    Wooden Coffin Boneyard **: Even with the Wooden Coffin Key activated, the world still continues to move; albeit slowly. Slowing down time is not always enough to finish a task in time, sometimes a Sin-Eater needs more time to complete something. By spending additional Plasm to the max of their maximum capacity (for example, a Sin-Eater with Psyche 2 can only spend up to 2 Plasm), the Sin-Eater can grant himself extra extended rolls without fear of intervention from outside forces. The world momentarily stops as he focuses on completing his task.

    Wooden Coffin Boneyard ***: By spending 1 Plasm; the Sin-Eater has a much easier time avoiding recognition and capture due to the intensified blurr and slowmo effect which grant him an easier time to consider his actions. He gains +1 Defense and targets around are at a -1 Penalty to recognize him.

    Wooden Coffin Boneyard ****: This level of the Wooden Coffin Boneyard works the same way as *** but allows the Sin-Eater to add the Activation Successes to the Defense bonus and recognition Penalty. The Sin-Eater becomes a ghostly unfocused grey blurr that seemingly jump from place to place like a hacky movie as he moves around and does what he does.

    Wooden Coffin Boneyard *****: Much like **, this power allows the Sin-Eater to stop the world for an equal amount of turns to the Plasm spent (maximum to their Psyche); but this power goes much further. It allows the Sin-Eater to stop time entirely without the need for him to focus on a special task. For all intents he can sit on a park bench and stop the time to have a look around his surroundings for a moment of meditation, or he can punch that really douchebaggy boss in the mouth before going back across the room with nonethewiser; or for that matter move someone out of (or into) the way of a speeding truck.
    Anyone touched while frozen will feel it when the Key ceases action; the boss will feel the pain from the punch out of nowhere, the annoying cheerleader will feel someone touching her hand before noticing her finger is suddenly up her nose in public and so on.

    The Wooden Coffin Caul
    Skill: Medicine
    The Wooden Coffin Caul runs the cycle of Generating and Overcoming backwards, allowing the Sin-Eater to heal himself when he would normally be damaged lasting a scene. However, the drawback is that while he begins in the cycle of Overcoming the injuries, he will move towards the cycle of Generating them; meaning that after the normal time spent where the injuries would've healed, he will instead acquire the injuries in question.
    For example, if a Sin-Eater is stabbed and take two Lethal, he will automatically heal two Lethal (or else don't take damage if uninjured); but after the first two days he will awaken having 1 Lethal manifested, and the second one two days after that.
    When the injuries manifest, they can be treated normally, either by spending Plasm to heal or by waiting for however long the type of injury requires to make them heal naturally. Sin-Eaters with the Quick Healer Merit will have their injuries manifest and heal at the normal rate for characters with this Merit; Bashing Damage will manifest after eight minutes, etc.

    Wooden Coffin Caul **: This expands upon the primary power by allowing the Sin-Eater to also turn the cycle of Generating and Overcoming backwards in regards to Willpower. When this power is activated, the Sin-Eater's Willpower pool is inverted, making every empty dot filled and every filled dot empty; for example turning a Sin-Eater whose max pool is 6 Willpower with 2 left around to possessing 4 Willpower.
    However, this is a short-term solution best reserved for emergencies; for every Willpower gained through this power is a Willpower that won't be regained the next time the Sin-Eater tries to acquire more until the same amount generated has been denied. In the above example, the Sin-Eater will not acquire the next 4 Willpower he would normally generate by, for example, acting in accordance with his Vice.

    Wooden Coffin Caul ***: Same as ** but it also allows you to optionally use it for Plasm instead of Willpower. Like **, any Plasm gained through this power will prevent the Sin-Eater from acquiring new Plasm until the same amount has been denied as was received.

    Wooden Coffin Caul ****: The power is expanded even further allowing the Sin-Eater to go as far as to invert the dots in Skills and Attributes; allowing for example someone who's never held a gun to become a master marksman for the duration of a scene.
    The drawback is the same as ever however; it inverts everything. Bad becomes good, and good becomes bad. A Sin-Eater who for example has Strength 4 and Investigation 1 will invert them to Strength 1 and Investigation 4 when this power is applied.

    Wooden Coffin Caul *****: The ultimate power in the Wooden Coffin Caul changes the cycle for the Sin-Eater's benefit by removing every downside of the earlier powers in the Manifestation and replaces it with another: normally every power has a long-term effect, but with this power the Sin-Eater can instead turn the normal downside to lowering the power's duration.
    * becomes able to turn damage into healing like normal, but instead of making the damage appear when it would normally been healed; the power only lasts for an equal amount of turns to the Plasm spent (maximum of the Sin-Eater's Psyche) after which the Sin-Eater takes damage as normal.
    ** & *** nolonger hold back the Sin-Eater from acquiring new Willpower/Plasm in the future, but the Willpower/Plasm gained through the Manifestation will disappear once the scene is overwith.
    And finally, **** nolonger turns good into bad, but the duration of the power becomes equal in turns to the amount of Plasm spent (maximum of the Sin-Eater's Psyche).

    The Wooden Coffin Curse
    Skill: Subterfuge
    The Curse of the Wooden Coffin denies the victim a basic truth about their being; the cycle of Generating. They become stuck in the present (which quickly becomes past) which makes it impossible for them to move on. Their mood will not change (for better or worse), they will be unable to learn new things, lifting will not grow their muscles and so on. And they while they typically acknowledge that they're having a really hard time with about everything but what they're the most familiar with, they can never really figure out why.
    The victim must roll Resolve + Power attribute best suiting to what they're trying to do (Intelligence for studying, Strength for lifting etc) + Supernatural Advantage without 10-Again. If the roll fails, they lose 10-Again on any Mental, Physical or Social roll for the rest of the scene, depending on which Power Attribute was used.

    Wooden Coffin Curse **: Same as the initial power, but the Sin-Eater can increase the curse to last for an equal amount of scenes to their Activation Successes by spending an extra Plasm.

    Wooden Coffin Curse ***: Same as the inital power, but the victim nolonger gets to roll to try and resist it; making them guaranteed to lose 10-Again on all rolls for as long as the curse persists.

    Wooden Coffin Curse ****: The Sin-Eater rolls Manipulation + Subterfuge + Activation Successes and if at least one success is gained, the target will become afflicted with a mental curse that prevents their brain from discarding any manner of information. On the bright side, this gives the target the Eidetic Memory Merit temporarily, if they don't already have it. On the more negative side however, the inability to discard any manner of information no matter how small will quickly overload the brain of the person in question as they constantly remember every little detail cramming their heads more and more.
    The victim can last the total of 10 minutes for every success of their Resolve + Composure - Intelligence before this power truly starts biting; once they've endured the curse long enough, it starts actively hurting them with the amount of useless information they have stored in their head and ever increases and bursts more and more with every moment they learn or make a new memory. From that moment on, they must roll an equal dice pool to whatever the Sin-Eater initially rolled when using this power and take the successes in Bashing Damage every hour for as long as the curse persists. The only way for the victim to reliably avoid suffering from this curse is by sleeping through it, an easy note to take for anyone who become so overwhelmed they pass out, though in a world with school, jobs, friend and what have you, that's often easier said than done. This power lasts for a day.

    Wooden Coffin Curse *****: This power, the most blatant of the Wooden Coffin Curses, makes the Sin-Eater capable of rolling Resolve + Occult - target's Stamina + Supernatural Advantage to try and move the victim either back or forward in their cycle, making them temporarily younger down to a child or older to an elderly person depending on the Bound's desire. Whichever they choose, the victim becomes less intelligent, weaker and far less imposing, which reduces their active rating in their Power Attributes by half. Needless to say, a victim turned into a child will also become smaller while an elderly simply becomes more fragile, whichever it is the ultimate result is that the victim loses a Health Box in this form (and a size for children).
    Children and Elderly people are immune to their respective part of the cycle, an Elderly person cannot be made older and a Child cannot be made younger. Vampires and Prometheans are also immune as their cycle is considered either ended or not begun respectively. Ghosts and Spirits are likewise immune and using it on any other supernatural will not remove the template or their memories of who they are; even a person turned back to the age of 8 will know who their girlfriend who they met in college is, and a person turned to 78 will not know of the existance of a future grandchild until they legitimately reach that point in time.

    The Wooden Coffin Marionette
    Activation (Elemental Version)
    Cost: 1 plasm per dot of Size + 1 permanent Willpower
    Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Marionette rating. Generally, there is no opposition roll, but if the deceased person whose body is used as the basis for the homunculus egg exists as a ghost, she may resist the attempt to violate her remains with a reflexive Resistance + Power rating.
    Action: Instant
    Dramatic Failure: The attempt to create the egg fails. The ghost of the deceased used as the basis for the egg (regardless of whether the deceased was previously active as a ghost) is summoned to the area and immediately becomes hostile towards the Sin-Eater, who is treated as an anchor for the ghost for the duration of the scene.
    Failure: The attempt to create the homunculus egg fails.
    Success: The Sin-Eater fashions an egg that can be used to birth a homunculus with the characteristics outlined below. The egg endures for a time period equal to one month per activation success, at the end of which the Sin-Eater may spend another permanent Willpower to preserve it for another term of the same length.
    Exceptional Success: The Sin-Eater and homunculus are strongly connected. While the homunculus is active, the Sin-Eater can divert his attention away from directing its action for a number of turns equal to the activation successes, before it collapses back into its egg. During that time, the homunculus will continue to follow its last instruction.

    A Wooden Coffin homunculus grows right out from the body, bursting out of the stomach into an ent-like being of dark wood with a size equal to the Sin-Eater's Activation Successes. Wooden Coffin homunculi are as strong and durable as Grave-Dirt homunculi, and they are completely immune to (indeed nourished by) water. However, they take Aggravated Damage from fire and are obviously very flammable, and their bark does not protect against Lethal damage caused by chopping; which makes them instinctively fear axes. The egg of a Wooden Coffin homunculus appears as a small tree in the process of growing, becoming larger and more sturdy the closer it gets to birth. Unlike other eggs, a Wooden Coffin homunculus egg cannot be moved but must be tended to where it's created until it "hatches."

    The Wooden Coffin Oracle
    Skill: Occult
    Key Activation (Elemental Version)
    Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult + Oracle rating
    Action: Instant
    Dramatic Failure: The activation attempt fails. The Sin-Eater actually suffers whatever damage was inflicted on his body, and without assistance, he can not extricate himself from the elemental hazard in which he has placed himself. Worse, anyone who has been assigned to watch over his body suffers a -3 penalty on any roll to realize that the attempt has failed and that the Sin-Eater is actually dying.
    Failure: The activation attempt fails. The Sin-Eater suffers the damage inflicted on his body, but can extricate himself without taking any more damage. Anyone assigned to watch over him immediately realizes that the attempt has failed and that the Sin-Eater may need assistance.
    Success: The Sin-Eater falls into a death-like coma. Her astral form slips free from her body and may travel wherever she wishes while in a Twilight state. The astral form is intangible and invisible except to other Twilight beings and those capable of seeing and/or affecting Twilight beings. While the Sin-Eater's astral form roams, her body appears to be dead, save to other Sin-Eaters, who automatically realize she is astrally projecting.
    While astrally projecting, the Sin-Eater can use any Manifestations or other powers that do not require her to physically touch something in the material world. Instead of her normal traits, the Sin-Eater has a Power rating equal to the highest of her Intelligence, Presence, or Strength; a Finesse rating equal to the highest of her Wits, Manipulation, or Dexterity; and a Resistance rating equal to the highest of her Resolve, Composure, or Stamina.
    With Elemental Oracle 3, the Sin-Eater can fly in her astral form at a speed equal to her Elemental Oracle rating x 100 miles per hour. If the Sin-Eater interacts with ghosts while in this form, she gains a three-dice bonus if the ghosts' remains were interred in or disposed of within the element corresponding to her Key or Keys. That is, if the Sin-Eater interacts with a ghost whose body was buried underground, she may gain three dice if she possesses the Grave-Dirt Key. If the ghost's body was buried at sea, the Tear-Stained Key applies. If it was cremated or burned in a fire, the Pyre-Flame Key applies. Finally, if interacting with a ghost whose body was left to the elements, the Sin-Eater can draw on the Cold Wind Key.
    The Sin-Eater can maintain her astral form for a number of hours equal to the activation successes, plus one additional hour per extra plasm spent. At the end of that period, his astral form snaps back to his body, which then awakens free of all injury. This includes damage taken prior to the activation of this Manifestation, which means this power also presents a cheap (if somewhat reckless) means of fast healing. If the Sin-Eater was bound as part of his asphyxiation or drowning, his bonds break instantly. If he was buried in the earth, he bursts free from his grave. If his body was weighted down and dropped into a lake, he effortlessly bobs up to the surface. If he was trapped in a burning building, he walks out without so much as a scorch mark on his clothing.
    In addition to allowing for astral projection, this power, due to its reparative properties, is also quite useful for escaping from deadly situations. For example, if a Sin-Eater capable of unlocking the Grave-Dirt Oracle is buried alive by a cave-in, he can use this power to put his body into a protective trance and then astrally project to seek help, emerging unscathed once the cave-in is cleared. However, this immunity does not extend to harm coming from some other element or from a non-elemental source. If the aforementioned Sin-Eater were dug out of the cave-in and then set on fire (or simply shot with a pistol), the resulting damage would not be healed when the Manifestation ends. With Elemental Oracle 5, there is no time limit on how long the astral projection can last -- some legends speak of a Sin-Eater who ran afoul of the Mob in the 1920s and was buried alive in the foundation of a newly-constructed building. His astral form still wanders the world waiting for that building to be torn down so that his body might be freed at last.
    Upon a successful Wits + Composure + Oracle rating + activation successes roll, a Sin-Eater automatically knows if someone is tampering with her comatose body. Regardless of her normal speed, the Bound may cause her astral form to return to her body instantly and reflexively.
    Exceptional Success: The Sin-Eater's Power, Finesse, and Resistance are each considered to be 1 higher.

    The Sin-Eater using Wooden Coffin Oracle benefits from the Key if any Ghost were buried in a coffin made out of wood, if they have a wooden grave-momentum (like a cross of wood) or if they were buried by a tree; granting the Sin-Eater the same +3 bonus the other Elemental Keys gain if the conditions are met.
    The Sin-Eater may also use Wooden Coffin Oracle to use the roots of any tree as a mode of transportation, for example allowing himself to move up and down a tree at a rapid pace without the need of climbing it. He may also pass through wooden material.

    The Wooden Coffin Rage
    Skill: Occult
    The Wooden Coffin Rage gives the Sin-Eater the ability to spend a Plasm in order to conjure and shoot sharp sticks and leaves at the target, requiring a roll of Dexterity + Athletics + Activation Successes which deals Lethal Damage. If the Sin-Eater is in an area with sticks and/or leaves laying around, whether a forest or a backyard, he won't need to spend Plasm to conjure forth the attacking material.

    Wooden Coffin Rage **: This power makes the target as stale and incapable of movement and resistance as a tree; no matter the abuse they suffer. The Sin-Eater's Activation Successes reduces the target's effective Defense; if the Sin-Eater scores more successes than the target's Defense, it becomes negated completely.

    Wooden Coffin Rage ***: Same as **, but now also affects the target's capacity of attacking in melee, whether armed or unarmed. Firearms suffer half the Activation Successes rounded down in penalties.

    Wooden Coffin Rage ****: By spending two Plasm, the Sin-Eater can make ** (and ***) last for a number of turns equal to the Activation Successes rather than just one.

    Wooden Coffin Rage *****: By spending three Plasm, the Sin-Eater pits his Psyche + Activation Successes vs. the target's Resolve + Supernatural Resistance. If he succeeds, the target will turn into a tree-version of him or herself, unable to move, speak, see or hear anything. They can still feel and breathe (albeit differently than normal on the latter); but they cannot do anything else while in this form; they're left completely alone and isolated from the outside world, capable only of breathing and feeling any pain inflicted upon them such as stabbing. They also have Structure rather than Health in this form, and if they turn back then they will not carry over any Structure damage taken. This power lasts for an equal amount of scenes to the Sin-Eater's Activation Successes; if the Sin-Eater spend an additional extra Plasm, he can increase the duration to a full day.

    The Wooden Coffin Shroud
    Skill: Occult
    In addition to providing Armor equal to the Sin-Eater's Shroud rating, the Wooden Coffin Shroud also grants the same bonus to Defense.

    Wooden Coffin Shroud **: The Sin-Eater can spend a Plasm to grow huge, granting him up to his Shroud rating in Size; with all the Temporary Health Boxes that come with it. Lasts for an equal amount of turns to his Activation Successes.

    Wooden Coffin Shroud ***: Same as **, but the Sin-Eater also adds his Size rating to his Physical Attributes, going beyond the normal 5-dot limit.

    Wooden Coffin Shroud ****: By spending two Plasm per attack, the Sin-Eater can invoke the cycle and "skip" the attack by moving himself beyond it. Basically editing himself into the immediate future when the attack is over and thus negating it that turn. Note that this only affects one attack at a time; if two people attack in the same turn, the Sin-Eater would need to spend 4 Plasm to negate both of them. It can also negate Supernatural powers; both directly offensive like a Mage using Forces and more subtle like a Vampire using Dominate. Note that the Sin-Eater needs to be aware of the threat in the latter scenario for him to use the Shroud to negate it.

    Wooden Coffin Shroud *****: By spending three Plasm, the Sin-Eater can momentairly break the cycle of Generating and Overcoming for an equal amount of turns to his Activation Successes + additional Plasm spent beyond the minimum required. During this time when the cycle is broken, it's impossible for the Sin-Eater to receive damage from any source; however he cannot deal any damage to anyone either from any source.

    The Wooden Coffin Pit
    Skill: Occult
    The Wooden Coffin Pit is very unbalanced in that it leans heavily towards the cycle of Overcoming while nearly having no cycle of Generating at all. Unlocking the Wooden Coffin Pit will turn the Sin-Eater's target unable to indulge the cycle of Generating for a scene. Wounds don't heal, Willpower does not restore, even Supernatural fuel stats like Mana and Vitae won't fill. The Sin-Eater must touch the target to invoke this Manifestation.

    Wooden Coffin Pit **: Same as * but the Sin-Eater can spend 2 Plasm to make it last a day.

    Wooden Coffin Pit ***: Same as * but instead of simply denying the victim the cycle of Generating, the Sin-Eater can spend a Plasm to steal it and take what would otherwise be the target's. If the target for examples fulfills a Vice when afflicted by the Wooden Coffin Pit, the Sin-Eater gains the Willpower instead of the target and the target is still counted as having fulfilled their Vice. The Sin-Eater must touch the target to invoke this Manifestation.

    Wooden Coffin Pit ****: When the Sin-Eater touches a target, he can spend a Plasm to mark the person (or object) in question. By doing this, he gains the ability to begin an extended roll of Resolve + Occult + Pit Rating vs. Stamina + Supernatural Advantage and spend additional Plasm per roll in order to try and create and grow a seed inside the target into a full-fledged tree, causing the foreign object to intrude further and further upon the victim and causing Lethal Damage as it begins pushing itself against and forcing its way past/through inner organs as it grows larger and larger. The results of every roll causes the Successes in Lethal Damage on the target in question, and the Sin-Eater can roll for as long as he continues to spend Plasm per roll, as long as nothing interrupt him from continuing his efforts. The tree within will eventually disperse after the Sin-Eater's Pit rating in turns once he nolonger supplies it with Plasm.

    Wooden Coffin Pit *****: Same as ****, but the Sin-Eater spends three Plasm instead which makes the damage Aggravated instead. The Sin-Eater also adds his Activation Successes to the tree's duration once he stops supplying it with Plasm; which while it has no notable gameplay effect per say might allow him to use it before it vanishes or otherwise keep a living enemy down for a while longer out of pain and/or inability to move effectively with a tree in their guts.