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Fan-Made Key: Iron Maiden (Elemental)

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  • Fan-Made Key: Iron Maiden (Elemental)

    Recently I cooked up two Elemental Keys intended to play closer to the Asian elements than the more western ones, thus replacing the element of Air with Wood and Metal; as I could not find Keys already touching on these, I went ahead and made them myself and now figure others might find use or help improve it, and I'm sure there are things in here I could've done better. Sufficed to say, for anyone who might want them or just want a template as they build their own Keys; I post this for your sake
    Due to maximum character limitation, I will post them separately.

    The Background of Wood and Metal
    In Ancient Chinese philosophy, there are five major elements that differ a tad from the four western ones: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water with two major cycles of each; the Generating cycle of creation, and the Overcoming cycle of destruction.
    In the Generating cycle, Wood feeds Fire, Fire creates Earth (ash), Earth bears Metal, Metal holds Water which nourishes Wood.
    In the Overcoming cycle, Wood parts Earth, Earth absorbs Water, Water quenches Fire, Fire melts Metal and Metal chops Wood.

    The Iron Maiden Key
    The Iron Maiden Key has two primary focuses depending on which cycle the Manifestation focuses on; some Asian Sin-Eaters consider it a difference between Yin and Yang which tempers the Key according to which of the two sides the Sin-Eater draw out in himself. While the Iron Maiden Key doesn't explicitly focus on cycles per say like the Wooden Coffin Key does, it does have a certain element to it based on the origin where the cycle is present in all elements.
    In its Generating cycle, the Iron Maiden Key focuses on creation, protection and persisting through whatever challenges it must endure; for even when metal is melted down, once it cools it will be hard again.
    In its Overcoming cycle, the focus flips and instead brings to bear the powers of destruction, metal's offensive capabilities often used in weaponry and the gruesome displays of death it all brings with it.

    The Iron Maiden Boneyard
    Skill: Crafts
    When unlocked with the Iron Maiden Key, the Boneyard manifests itself by making everything in the area feel eerily cold to the touch and become more difficult to break. It can only affect objects made of matter, so things like air, fire and water won't be affected; nor can advanced life forms like animals and people (or spiritual ones like Ghosts and Spirits) benefit directly from the Iron Maiden Boneyard. Trees and plant life can and will be affected alongside objects like doors, walls and furnitures, increasing their durability by the Sin-Eaters' Activation Successes while they remain in the area. Should the Sin-Eater wish it, he can exclude desired objects from benefitting from this effect.

    Iron Maiden Boneyard **: Sometimes, a Sin-Eater will want something in an area to remain where it is. It could be his anchor, it could be the anchor of a ghost ally (or servant), a object he wants to preserve where it stands for some personal reason; or maybe he just wants to fuck with public laborers. Whatever his reason; by spending a Plasm he can actively prevent any object within the Boneyard to be moved unless the mover can somehow out-strength the Sin-Eaters Activation Successes + Object's Size. Typically speaking, only other Supernatural beings can.

    Iron Maiden Boneyard ***: While the Iron Maiden Boneyard can strengthen and help things endure beyond their normal capacity; he can also choose to spend two Plasm to instead benefit from the cycle of Overcoming and weaken objects' endurance instead should he wish it. It works the same way as * but the Sin-Eaters' Activation Successes reduces the Durability of objects rather than increase them. Like *; it does not affect energy-based forces, nor advanced life forms or spiritual beings. It also won't be enough to, for example, collapse a house by weakening the pillars supporting it, but it's a tremendous help to the effort of making a house collapse as it becomes significantly easier to destroy the pillars.

    Iron Maiden Boneyard ****: This power allows the Sin-Eater to fight multiple targets at once by giving him the ability to shoot iron pikes from the ground in his Boneyard which can be brought forth as far as the Boneyard reaches. The pikes can have up to the Sin-Eater's Activation Successes in Size and Durability. They can also be used non-lethally to for example block someone's path (or just be used to hang your hat on), though they work poorly as a barricade without a significant investment of Plasm.
    The Sin-Eater spends a Plasm per pike and shoots the pike as an Instant Action up from the ground to impale (or impede) a target. The pikes' dicepool run on the Sin-Eater's Strength + Activation Successes and cause Lethal Damage when they impale someone. He can choose to strike at multiple targets at the same time with this power as long as they're within the Boneyard's radius, but he cannot strike at the same target twice in the same turn.

    Iron Maiden Boneyard *****: The ultimate power in the Iron Maiden Boneyard is the ability to create entirely new objects and even structures. The Sin-Eater needs to spend an equal amount of Plasm to the Structure (Size + Durability) of whatever object/building he wants to create, and the process can only be done within the Boneyard; but once completed, the object/building becomes independent of the Boneyard and can be used as the Sin-Eater sees fit. This allows for Sin-Eaters to eerily create completely new settings rapidly with minimum requirement beyond Plasm and time.
    The Sin-Eater needs to roll an extended roll with each roll representing 30 minutes, spending the Plasm in the process and score enough successes to finish manifesting and shaping the object/building in question. Objects the Size of 1-10 need to score an equal amount of successes to their Size, anything greater follows the chart below. Once the process is begun it must be carried on until completion or else the object/building will be left unfinished and remain unchangeable via the Boneyard's power. Whatever he creates, the thing is attuned to him; and should he wish he can collapse it to dust whenever he wishes by expending all of his Plasm in one go; this goes beyond the usual Max Plasm Per Turn limitation.
    Dramatic Failure: The object/building immediately crumbles to dust and all of the Sin-Eater's effort is lost and in vain.
    Failure: The object/building manifests, but it's incomplete and flawed, going only so far as the amount of successes the Sin-Eater scored in relation to the successes needed. For example, scoring 25 successes when trying to create a Mansion will create a mostly complete, but flawed Mansion that will require some additional small-to-medium scale work before it's completely finished; allowing the Sin-Eater to keep working on his effort despite the initial failure.
    Success: The object/building is completed and manifests according to the shape and size of the Sin-Eater's wish.
    Exceptional Success: The object/building gains the excess successes in bonus Structure.

    ================================================== ============================
    Building Size Successes Needed
    Trailer, medium basement-sized burrow 15
    Two-story house, small cavern 20
    Mansion 30
    Strip mall 40
    Skyscraper 50
    ================================================== ============================

    The Iron Maiden Caul
    Skill: Weaponry
    The Iron Maiden Caul is offensive in nature and primarily lets the Sin-Eater exploit his Key's connection to metal in order to shape his weapon against the opponent. At it's basic level, it allows the Sin-Eater to spend Plasm to adjust any weapons he carries that are made of metal, from steel pipes to swords to otherwise impossible ends; allowing him to alter the striking range of his weapon. When using the core power of the Caul, the Sin-Eater may strike at his target as if he was using thrown objects with his standard Strength + Weaponry pool; the target can still apply Defense the same way they can defend against throwing weapons.
    If the Sin-Eater picks up a new weapon, he must spend another Plasm to use this effect again.

    Iron Maiden Caul **: By spending Plasm equal to the amount of value of the weapon, the Sin-Eater can alter his weapon into a completely different one; allowing him to turn a sword into a scythe or a spear into an aluminium baseball bat. Any weapon he changes must be made from metal both before and after the change is made. Once the weapon is changed, the Sin-Eater gets to enjoy it's full potential both in terms of special rules and applying Specialty Skills that matches with the weapon he wields. He can not create Firearms using this ability.

    Iron Maiden Caul ***: Same as **, but the Sin-Eater can shape weapons through his very body, allowing him to create swords and spears from his very hand. He may also spend a Plasm less than the value of the weapon by turning an existing object, such as a wooden baseball bat, into the metal weapon he desires; using it's template and altering its material. The weapons he create are attached to the Sin-Eater's limb and cannot be thrown away. With this power, the Sin-Eater never goes unarmed.

    Iron Maiden Caul ****: In a very similar fashion to the Iron Maiden Boneyard, this allows the Sin-Eater to shoot iron pikes to injure his enemies. Unlike the Boneyard, he does not do so from the ground, but rather from his own body. The Sin-Eater needs to spend three Plasm to activate this power, and when he does he covers his body in metal pikes that stick out from beneath his skin; melee attackers need to reflexively roll Dexterity + Athletics when attacking or suffer Lethal Damage when they strike. In addition, Grappling attacks cause Activation Successes in bonus Lethal Damage.

    Iron Maiden Caul *****: Why choose a weapon when you can have them all? Much like *** the Sin-Eater can create weapons from his very body. Unlike ***, it's not restricted to two weapons maximum. The Sin-Eater still needs to spend Plasm equal to the value of the weapon in question; but he can create multiple weapon-limbs to let him fight on more than one front at a time; or else strike with multiple means. Each subsequent strike in the same turn suffer a -1 Penalty.

    The Iron Maiden Curse
    Skill: Crafts
    The Curse of the Iron Maiden is the denial of the gift of metal to the victim. At its core feature, it prevents the victim from working with iron. Ingots won't be melted, swords won't be shaped, nails won't sit well in a wall and so on which inflicts the Activation Successes in penalties for the victim to any Crafts rolls that work with metal.

    Iron Maiden Curse **: Same as *, but the Sin-Eater can spend Plasm to instead remove successes on any one Crafts roll or the Victim equal to his Activation Successes instead of penalizing it.

    Iron Maiden Curse ***: Combines * and **, letting the Sin-Eater use both effect by spending three Plasm to completely deny the victim the ability to work with metal.

    Iron Maiden Curse ****: By spending two Plasm, the Sin-Eater can deny the victim the protection of metal for a day. Any plate armor, chain mail, and even steel-reinforced keval will offer the victim no protection; fully denying him the use of (metal-based) armor for the duration of the curse.

    Iron Maiden Curse *****: Same as ****, but now extends to any metal object. Any metal wielded by the victim will nolonger benefit him; objects made of metal will break, weapons will melt in his hand, armor remains useless, even raw metal refuses to yield from the earth to the victim's hand. Cost is increased by double.

    The Iron Maiden Marionette
    Activation (Elemental Version)
    Cost: 1 plasm per dot of Size + 1 permanent Willpower
    Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Marionette rating. Generally, there is no opposition roll, but if the deceased person whose body is used as the basis for the homunculus egg exists as a ghost, she may resist the attempt to violate her remains with a reflexive Resistance + Power rating.
    Action: Instant
    Dramatic Failure: The attempt to create the egg fails. The ghost of the deceased used as the basis for the egg (regardless of whether the deceased was previously active as a ghost) is summoned to the area and immediately becomes hostile towards the Sin-Eater, who is treated as an anchor for the ghost for the duration of the scene.
    Failure: The attempt to create the homunculus egg fails.
    Success: The Sin-Eater fashions an egg that can be used to birth a homunculus with the characteristics outlined below. The egg endures for a time period equal to one month per activation success, at the end of which the Sin-Eater may spend another permanent Willpower to preserve it for another term of the same length.
    Exceptional Success: The Sin-Eater and homunculus are strongly connected. While the homunculus is active, the Sin-Eater can divert his attention away from directing its action for a number of turns equal to the activation successes, before it collapses back into its egg. During that time, the homunculus will continue to follow its last instruction.

    The Iron Maiden shapes its egg by converting the deceased body into what becomes the homunculus' egg. The egg is comparable to a large iron ingot in appearance, and upon hatching, the egg melts down to a puddle of liquid iron and from it emerges the homunculus with the puddle vanishing at the final formation of the feet, leaving no trace of the egg left.
    The homunculus have the appearance of a rusty iron golem and faithfully serves the Sin-Eater like a Frankenstein-esque servant. It gains the Sin-Eater's Marionette rating + Activation Successes in armor and can endure both heat and cold very efficiently. While in theory it can be melted down with enough heat, it's difficult to apply sufficient amounts to a target capable of moving and grasping at your throat. The homunculus can be shaped by the Sin-Eater to develop weapon-limbs much like the Sin-Eater's ability to manipulate his body via the Iron Maiden Caul, but any such deeds need to be made before the homunculus hatches; once it's out it will remain in the form it emerges in.

    The Iron Maiden Oracle
    Key Activation (Elemental Version)
    Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult + Oracle rating
    Action: Instant
    Dramatic Failure: The activation attempt fails. The Sin-Eater actually suffers whatever damage was inflicted on his body, and without assistance, he can not extricate himself from the elemental hazard in which he has placed himself. Worse, anyone who has been assigned to watch over his body suffers a -3 penalty on any roll to realize that the attempt has failed and that the Sin-Eater is actually dying.
    Failure: The activation attempt fails. The Sin-Eater suffers the damage inflicted on his body, but can extricate himself without taking any more damage. Anyone assigned to watch over him immediately realizes that the attempt has failed and that the Sin-Eater may need assistance.
    Success: The Sin-Eater falls into a death-like coma. Her astral form slips free from her body and may travel wherever she wishes while in a Twilight state. The astral form is intangible and invisible except to other Twilight beings and those capable of seeing and/or affecting Twilight beings. While the Sin-Eater's astral form roams, her body appears to be dead, save to other Sin-Eaters, who automatically realize she is astrally projecting.
    While astrally projecting, the Sin-Eater can use any Manifestations or other powers that do not require her to physically touch something in the material world. Instead of her normal traits, the Sin-Eater has a Power rating equal to the highest of her Intelligence, Presence, or Strength; a Finesse rating equal to the highest of her Wits, Manipulation, or Dexterity; and a Resistance rating equal to the highest of her Resolve, Composure, or Stamina.
    With Elemental Oracle 3, the Sin-Eater can fly in her astral form at a speed equal to her Elemental Oracle rating x 100 miles per hour. If the Sin-Eater interacts with ghosts while in this form, she gains a three-dice bonus if the ghosts' remains were interred in or disposed of within the element corresponding to her Key or Keys. That is, if the Sin-Eater interacts with a ghost whose body was buried underground, she may gain three dice if she possesses the Grave-Dirt Key. If the ghost's body was buried at sea, the Tear-Stained Key applies. If it was cremated or burned in a fire, the Pyre-Flame Key applies. Finally, if interacting with a ghost whose body was left to the elements, the Sin-Eater can draw on the Cold Wind Key.
    The Sin-Eater can maintain her astral form for a number of hours equal to the activation successes, plus one additional hour per extra plasm spent. At the end of that period, his astral form snaps back to his body, which then awakens free of all injury. This includes damage taken prior to the activation of this Manifestation, which means this power also presents a cheap (if somewhat reckless) means of fast healing. If the Sin-Eater was bound as part of his asphyxiation or drowning, his bonds break instantly. If he was buried in the earth, he bursts free from his grave. If his body was weighted down and dropped into a lake, he effortlessly bobs up to the surface. If he was trapped in a burning building, he walks out without so much as a scorch mark on his clothing.
    In addition to allowing for astral projection, this power, due to its reparative properties, is also quite useful for escaping from deadly situations. For example, if a Sin-Eater capable of unlocking the Grave-Dirt Oracle is buried alive by a cave-in, he can use this power to put his body into a protective trance and then astrally project to seek help, emerging unscathed once the cave-in is cleared. However, this immunity does not extend to harm coming from some other element or from a non-elemental source. If the aforementioned Sin-Eater were dug out of the cave-in and then set on fire (or simply shot with a pistol), the resulting damage would not be healed when the Manifestation ends. With Elemental Oracle 5, there is no time limit on how long the astral projection can last -- some legends speak of a Sin-Eater who ran afoul of the Mob in the 1920s and was buried alive in the foundation of a newly-constructed building. His astral form still wanders the world waiting for that building to be torn down so that his body might be freed at last.
    Upon a successful Wits + Composure + Oracle rating + activation successes roll, a Sin-Eater automatically knows if someone is tampering with her comatose body. Regardless of her normal speed, the Bound may cause her astral form to return to her body instantly and reflexively.
    Exceptional Success: The Sin-Eater's Power, Finesse, and Resistance are each considered to be 1 higher.

    The Iron Maiden Oracle benefits if any Ghost were buried in a coffin made out of metal, if they are encased in a metal cage or if the deceased died exclusively by metal (such as getting stabbed by a sword in combat); granting the Sin-Eater the same +3 bonus the other Elemental Keys gain if the conditions are met.
    The Sin-Eater may also use the Iron Maiden Oracle to sense metals in the ground, allowing him to scout panic room layouts, sense hidden passages behind a fake wall and sense valuable metals in the ground. Naturally, all of the above require metal being a prominent factor for the Sin-Eater to inspect it; if there is little metal or they're far between he will be limited in his reconnaissance ability.

    The Iron Maiden Rage
    Skill: Occult
    The core of the Iron Maiden Rage works not by directly striking at the victim's flesh, but by turning his flesh against him and solidifying his inner organs into the frozen state metal is in. It doesn't actually turn them into metal, mind, but it does cause the victim to feel (and be) heavier and have increasing difficulties with both movement and general comfort when, for example, their stomach constipates from being unable to work.
    The victim gains the Sin-Eater's Activation Successes in penalties to Dexterity and will be in mild physical pain as it torments the victim. They are also heavier and more likely to break unstable ground.

    Iron Maiden Rage **: This power expands upon * by clogging blood veins and increasing weight of organs which makes them hang lower than naturally inside the body. The Sin-Eater can spend a Plasm to deal his Activation Successes in Bashing Damage against the victim; who will be in notable physical pain from it.

    Iron Maiden Rage ***: The Iron Maiden Rage begins afflicting the target's weapons; if a victim is armed with a melee weapon; the Sin-Eater can spend a Plasm to give the weapon brief life and make it turn on its wielder and attack them instead. The weapon strikes with a dice pool consisting of its standard damage rating (if 0, it becomes a chance die) and causes its normal damage category.

    Iron Maiden Rage ****: The Sin-Eater pollutes the victim's body with mercury; turning their blood toxic. By spending three Plasm, the victim becomes afflicted with a Toxicity score of 5. The victim rolls Stamina reflexively against it once an hour for as long as the mercury remains in his blood with his successes subtracting the damage he takes from it. If he does not get emergency help, however, chances are he will die. Vampires are not affected by this power per say, but feeding Vitae to their Ghouls (or any living being) will have damaging effects.

    Iron Maiden Rage *****: This power works identical to its Shroud counterpart, only offensively as opposed to defensively. By spending two Plasm and a Willpower, the Sin-Eater encases the target in a metallic mantle that shuts around them like a protective case. Except the protective case is filled with spikes on the inside; and once wrapped around the victim it solidifies itself to prevent them from moving. The outer shell of the mantle has the Sin-Eater's Activation Successes in armor, making it difficult to break the victim out once encapsulated. It's the most direct, and perhaps most horrifying, powers of the Iron Maiden Rage; which is likely the cause for the Key's namesake.
    The spikes deal the Sin-Eater's Activation Successes in Lethal Damage on their own, and from there the victim's survival depends on how long they're left to bleed out. The mantle will last for an equal amount of turns to the Sin-Eater's Activation Successes, but if he wishes he may spend Plasm to increase it's duration by another turn on a 1:1 basis. If the target is larger than the average adult size (5), then the Sin-Eater must spend an extra Plasm per extra Size by default to increase the mantle's size accordingly as well.
    For example, he'd need to spend two Plasm to cover someone (or something) of Size 7.

    The Iron Maiden Shroud
    Skill: Occult
    The Iron Maiden Shroud wraps the Sin-Eater in a mantle of iron that grants him an outer casing of metal that protects him from harm. It has the standard effect of adding the Sin-Eater's Shroud rating as armor, but it can additionally add his Activation Successes ontop of that to increase the durability of the armor even further.

    Iron Maiden Shroud **: Same as *, but the Sin-Eater additionally adds his Health rating to his armor. This costs a Plasm and a Willpower to do.

    Iron Maiden Shroud ***: This ability grants the Sin-Eater the ability to forcefully extend the protection of their mantle to a wider area, protecting both the Sin-Eater and his allies from harm. Armor is reduced by 1 for every person wrapped in the mantle's protection.

    Iron Maiden Shroud ****: The Sin-Eater concentrates the power of his mantle to force it into the ground and manifest itself as a bunker around the Bound, encased in the earth and unmoving from any force that cannot move the earth itself. By spending three Plasm and remaining immobile, the Sin-Eater becomes the epitome of the Immovable Object; ramming the bunker with a truck would ruin the truck and the Sin-Eater would remain safely tuckered away still. The Sin-Eater however, as said, cannot move while exploiting this ability, and the ability is far from subtle.

    Iron Maiden Shroud *****: By spending two Plasm and a Willpower, the Sin-Eater can turn his body into liquid metal, allowing him to go through even the slightest of opening in a wall or door and reshape on the other side. He becomes immune to Bashing and Lethal Damage in this form, save against attacks based on fire or freezing; but he stands a poor chance against actively attacking as well as he moves slowly and doesn't have a stable enough form to pack a punch. He suffers a -5 Penalty to all mundane attacks. Even if he goes into his victim through the mouth, it would work to harm the victim, but it would also make the Sin-Eater stuck until they force their way through the victim's digestive system or else is puked up.

    The Iron Maiden Pit
    Skill: Occult
    The Pit as Manifested with the coating of the Iron Maiden Key creates chains, but not physical ones. Rather it creates ephemeral chains that binds the target to a specific area, object or person much like an anchor. Going further than the target's Resolve rating in meters ranges from taxing to impossible and the target must make a Resolve + Composure roll to try. Should the 'anchor' be destroyed, the target is free of it.

    Iron Maiden Pit **: Expands upon *, it makes the target increasingly unlikely to be able to depart from their 'anchor'. When they leave the radius of their anchor, they suffer an increasing amount of Penalties on any action except rolls involving Resolve. The target begins to literally fade out of the material world the further they go from the anchor.

    Iron Maiden Pit ***: By spending two Plasm, the Sin-Eater shields the 'anchor' of the target by creating a sort of feedback connection between it and the target. Whenever the 'anchor' takes any damage of any kind, the damage is translated onto the target as well; which forces them to protect their own chain if they want to live.

    Iron Maiden Pit ****: By spending two Plasm, the Sin-Eater forces both the target and/or their 'anchor' into Twilight, condemning living victims to a life of a Ghost, screaming, pleading and unable to interact with their surroundings with nonethewiser they're at all there and protecting unliving anchors from the reach of most hands; forcing the target to remain in a particular zone helplessly unable to move away from the area.

    Iron Maiden Pit *****: By spending three Plasm and a Willpower, the Sin-Eater opens the gates to the Underworld and sucks the target and their anchor into it. The Sin-Eater's Activation Successes determine how far down into the Underworld the victim goes; but whatever the results it's bound to be horrifying for the victim in question; especially as the local Kerberoi is guaranteed to be aware of such vulgar intrusions into its realm. Using this power conflicts with Synergy 10. The Iron Maiden Pit is a very good example for why the Pit Manifestation is considered damning and forbidden.