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  • Maelstroms

    So according to God's Own Country, rather than a ghost storm (E.G. a maelstrom) being conjured up from the depths of the underworld it is actually a result of the gates staying shut and the negative emotions of the dead being unable to flow properly into the great beyond. What do you guys think of this change from games like Orpheus to this one? Personally I found this to be a compelling concept. I've missed Maelstroms from the old WOD, so having some kind of rules for them at last is nice. And the thematic changes, having them be more like a clog because the underworld gates have been closed for too long....that's an excellent way to revamp the original concept. I hope therefore that the phenomena gets included in second edition.

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    I liked it and found it to be a cool shout out; while being tweaked enough to be Its own thing. Having said that, I never felt like there was a need for Maelstrom s, the Underworld being more immutable and cosmically uncaring in comparison to the Shadowlands of owod.