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    I'm gonna guess and say that Gencon this year will give us an ETA. I'm just not expecting a quick turn around.


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      I'm cool if they take their time getting it right. I like OPP's production MO of a book being ready when it's ready. One of the benefits of the POD model: no arbitrary printer deadlines. I feel like a lot of the flaws with Geist 1.0 were a direct result of either a rushed production schedule or simply not having time to get all the bugs worked out.


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        OK. I too am now looking at going through and doing a fan 2E update. I'd love some input on where to go with this.

        My initial feelings on the abilities as written -
        1) Ceramonies are more or less fine
        2) Aspel's reading of synergy and stats does a fairly good job, although I'll probably build off of it and tweak that a little for my purposes
        3) I'm gonna avoid krewe channel for now as that feels like more of a thematic error than a mechanical one.
        4) Manifestations do a good job of capturing the theme of the setting - I'd like to keep the general feel of them for the rework
        5) Manifestations are not particularly balanced against eachother. There are two dot powers that completely outshine their five dot version, and some manifestations step on the toes of other manifestations.

        I'm gonna start with setting overall rules for manifestations and then I'll work my way through each individual combination and try to rework the ones that need reworking. I'd love feedback for anyone who either sees problems I do not or want to give ideas of ways to fix stuff.


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          Some updates already - Rage gets a small but meaningfull buff and shroud gets a large but reasonable nerf. I'd love feedback!


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            I did a handful of 2e-ish updates to Geist (really only modding things as-needed for the one sin-eater in our game), I worked out the basics of the Shroud taking a leaf from the draft of Mage 2e that I thumbed through at GenCon last year. In Mage, it seems, the exact effect of Mage Armor depends on how the Arcanum involved protects you. Using Forces, Death, or Prime actually impedes the incoming attacks, so it gives you Armor equal to half your Arcanum dots (rounded up). Using Time, Fate, or Mind makes you harder to hit in the first place, so it adds your full Arcanum dots to your Defense. So that's what I went with for Geist. Elemental Shrouds, for example, create an actual barrier, hence granting Armor equal to half your Shroud dots (rounded up, so 1/1/2/2/3). Something like the Passion Shroud, I interpret as messing with attackers' emotions so they can't fully commit to attacking you, hence adding Shroud dots to your Defense (so +1/+2/+3/+4/+5).